Thursday, October 25, 2018

"We Are Not Afraid" - Anderson Cooper

From Wednesday night's AC360 ~

Anderson's opening :

And after the first commercial break, further discussion of how the current president doesn't seem to practice the civility he called for earlier in the day :

And a couple of photos of Anderson broadcasting outside the Time Warner Center via Twitter ~

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Pragya said...


I hate people

judy said...

While CNN has declared its innocence as a news outlet, when they promote election day viewing and say: "The stakes could not be higher," they are just as culpable
if anything disruptive should occur.
Win or lose we all know that the House is at stake. We needn't be reminded repeatedly.
For CNN it is all about ratings, not keeping us informed.

Unknown said...

anderson looked so defeated today it hurt my heart

Pragya said...


what are you talking about?

judy said...

Of course Trump and his supporters will distance themselves from the Synagogue shooting, but many Jews will hold him accountable. Hope he knows he has lost the majority of the Jewish vote
come election day.

Pragya said...

Have you guys seen the bomber's social media? He specifically attacked Anderson multiple times. Even the town hall that Tapper conducted was blamed on Anderson. This is typical of Trump supporters. They ALL target Anderson the MOST.

I have talked about this here before, but there has been a disinformation campaign against Anderson from Trump supporters on twitter for the last 2 years. Every day there is some fake news spread about Anderson. And no one challenges it. Anderson doesn't have fans who defend him and defuse these theories, unlike Maddow. And I don't know if his team realizes how serious it is.

It is terrifying to me. I don't know why they are after Anderson. He is not even the liberal darling anymore. The qanon crazies are even worse. The kind of stuff they say about Anderson and Gloria ... I don't know what to do to help stop the madness.

judy said...

@Pragya: I have nothing to do with twitter. I never was big on social media. It can and will be used for the wrong purposes, as we have seen. Perhaps you should follow Anderson less on twitter and worry about the state of the world more, when you refer to "madness."