Sunday, March 17, 2019

Monaco: Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes

Anderson Cooper was in Monaco in May of 2018.  Tonight, Sunday March 17, 2019, his report aired on 60 Minutes.

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Inside Monaco:  The Ultimate Playground for the Rich ~

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noonwyn said...

I kind of wonder what the point of that report was... especially if it was filmed almost a year ago!! But I suppose 60minutes needs some fluff pieces in between serious ones.
And it is nice to think that AC had to land at "my" airport (Nice)to go to Monaco

Funny that, in a piece trying to prove that "shady people" are gone from Monaco, they interview Flavio Briatore !!!! check wikipedia if u do not know the guy ;);)
And it is a small detail but there efinitely are nice beaches in Monaco public and private.

Pragya said...

Guys, did you see the pic of Big Bird hugging Anderson because it will soothe your soul