Thursday, December 29, 2005

2006 Anderson Cooper Calendar

Well he's back and better than ever! Even with just an hour live last night I'm still smiling this morning. We were treated to most of the regulars Erica, Chad, Sanjay and Gary. Anderson must have realized how long the Anderdraught has been for us, his loyal followers. Besides some excellent news we also got some information on the lineup for New Year's Eve. We'll be treated to John Mayer, Bare Naked Ladies, Brooks and Dunn, James Brown and Harry Connick, Jr.
BTW the screen cap is courtesy of still life over at Anderloads. I need to be better about giving credit. Apologies all around to those who give us the Anderbeauty and don't get any praise. You know who you are and how much we love you.

I've had some time to get creative over the holiday break and so I have a little gift for all of you. I've uploaded an Anderson 2006 calendar. The file is 34 MB so it will take a while to download but IMHO it is worth it. Hope you enjoy and have a Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

linked to u

Unknown said...

Thanks again for the calendar,Phebe, its' really sweet! :)