Friday, December 09, 2005


Anderson was on air for 3 hours or so tonight anchoring the coverage of the Midway plane accident. Since he was only on screen for a few seconds I missed seeing those baby blues so here are a few pictures of Anderson.

One of my favorites, from The Mole season 1

Taken December 2004 during AC's tsunami coverage in Thailand.

This picture is from Esquire February 2004

This was done by gizmotc21 at Live
Text is from Lord Byron's 'Don Juan'


limetea said...

Mmmmmm...yeah....i missed seeing him last night also....just a few quick snatches....but it was nice listening to i was able to concentrate on the book i was reading a little Anderson face distractions...

Unknown said...

Anyone see a trend with the last three pictures you posted Phebe? He REALLY likes to sit like that doesn't! ;)