Friday, December 30, 2005

Another Great Night of 360

Another wonderful show. Maybe it's because Anderson has had some time off or because he's only doing one hour, who knows, but the last two shows are beginning to remind me of the good old days. There were several hard hitting news stories that were both well written and presented. Sanjay's piece on Pakistan was so heartbreaking. Pakistan is a beautiful country with gentle people and Sanjay brought that across beautifully. And Anderson's New Orleans piece about 2 men finding their mother, after 4 months of government inaction, was incredible. How can the greatest nation in the world abandon their own people?
Add to that some cute banter with Erika, a little self deprecating humor and a recap of the year's best internet music videos and it was an enjoyable evening. Here's the link to the website for some of the videos. Huma huma is on there and many more that didn't make 360.
Oh yea, and it was haircut day for Anderson. As usual a little tight on the sides. Got to love him!

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limetea said...

I tried downloading the calender....and then my husband decided he wanted the computer...and he does not understand my fixation with our man i shall try again....its quite large...i'm sure its worth the two hours or so that it will take to download....