Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Great start to a new week.

Well if you missed Monday night's show slap yourself upside the head right now! It was one of the better of the new, expanded 360s. We had Rob in a snow storm, Dr. Sanjay doing 2 segments and a live, very angry Michael Ware in Iraq. Only thing missing was the lovely Ms. Hill.
First things first, Anderson did not get a haircut over the weekend, as I predicted he would. He just loves to prove me wrong. He looked very GQ in pinstripes with a white shirt and a lavender tie. Hard to concentrate on the news with all that Anderbeauty going on. But I managed and here's my take on the night.
John King did the New Orleans update with AC tonight. It is clear that Kathleen Blanco is in so over her head, why beat a dead horse? She has neither the ability nor the resources to save her state and nothing short of replacing her (and we know that is not going to happen until the next election) is going to fix the problem. Since AC is so frustrated that she won't do anymore interviews with him, I've got an idea. Anderson should do what Leno used to do with Clinton. Show a pic of Blanco with a 360 staffer's mouth superimposed. AC could then ask questions till the cows come home and everyone would be happy (especially Blanco, since he'd get off her back). {Eww, really ugly visual just popped into my head}
Sanjay provided the medical expertise in two segments last night. First on the barbed thread facelifts. So interesting, so something I'd do when the time is right. Second segment was the face transplant lady. This was a bit of a stretch, Dr. G was worrying about the skin graft not taking based on discoloration as shown in a photograph from the front page of the newspaper?
Two wonderful segments on sexual orientation issues. First was a young lesbian who was outed to her parents by her school principal. She's suing and being represented by the ACLU. The second segment was about an intersexual who's being featured in an HBO show this week. Interesting stuff.
Lastly, we have the laughing dog piece done by Jeannie Moos. Jeannie's segments are always off beat and highly enjoyable. She seems a little underappreciated AC, show her some Anderlove. And of course Anderson revealed that Molly does indeed laugh. But of course, if I were his dog I'd be laughing too.
Anderword of the night "huggle". If only.......

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