Friday, December 02, 2005

The much anticipated Bill Clinton interview.

The more I anticipate something the more I am usually disappointed. This proved true again with last night's 360. First, the small plaid of Anderson's shirt made crazy color striations on my TV screen all night. He should know better then to wear small plaid, after all isn't TV what he does for a living? But the main reason I'm cranky is I fell asleep and missed most to the much anticipated interview with former President Clinton. I never fall asleep during 360 but I think the 1st hour has been slowed down or dummied up (damn those demographics) to the point that my sorry ADHD ass can't stay focused. The only thing that got me through the first 15 minutes was the bitch fight among the attorneys that AC refereed. By the way, he seemed entirely too interested in the attractive attorney who was in the studio with him. Smart and beautiful, guess that gets his juices flowing. Hummmm, maybe if I showed off my intelligence in a blog he'd notice.....oh yea, I've tried that. Anyway to get back to Mr. Clinton I did watch the interview on tape later and I found it fairly disappointing (do you see a pattern here?). The former President really seems to be in lock step with George W. on how we should exit Iraq. No highly hoped for pot shots here, probably because he knows how it feels to be a President that's being kicked when he's down. One last very random observation, Mr. Clinton's upper lip area didn't move when he talked, sort of looked like he's been shot up with Botox. Say it isn't so , Bill. Still he's one fine look'in man.

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