Saturday, December 17, 2005

November 3, 2002 The Nth degree

This Nth degree was broadcast the night after the Presidential election.

Tonight taking fatigue to the Nth Degree. So are you punchy? We're punchy, everybody we know is punchy. Very little sleep. Strange dreams. I feel as if I spent the night standing up in front of weird wallpaper that kept changing trying to make sense of a lot numbers. Something about electing a president. I heard disembodied voices in my ears every few minutes and Wolf Blitzer kept appearing before my eyes without any warning at all. Yours too? Scary. Remember seeing people up against plate glass, a lot of people at first, politically enthusiastic seeming people, and then fewer and fewer the later it got. And not so much politically enthusiastic as just people hanging out way too late banging on a window. What does that mean, do you suppose? And something must have gone really wrong with the telephones because everybody kept saying too close to call, too close to call. Maybe only long distance was working and you couldn't get through to the guy right next to you. So too close to call. You stay awake through the whole thing? I believe I recall Wolf shutting the lights saying out of air or off the air or need some air, I don't know, something like that. And then it was morning. Of course none of that actually happened, but, boy, I could have sworn. Thanks for watching 360. I'm Anderson Cooper.

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