Sunday, December 11, 2005

September 17, 2004 The Nth degree

Tonight, risk taking to "The Nth Degree." You know that phrase throwing caution to the winds. Well, the phrase suddenly makes a whole lot more sense to me, because that's exactly what my CNN and other TV colleague's and I did for about 24 hours, throwing caution to the winds. There we were, the lot of us, ignoring our own very good advice to everyone else to flee or take shelter. Talk about not having sense enough to come in out of the rain.See, trying to do the best live TV you can, and genuinely inform people about storm conditions, sometimes involves undertaking things that are, well, let's not say stupid, let's just say, the opposite of smart. But I did learn a lesson, up against a great wind, you might as well be candy wrappers. Even weeds are better equipped than we are to deal with hurricanes, they have roots, whereas we, on the other hand are just very lightly set down on the crust of the Earth, flat-footed and teetering, and easy to blow away. It's a miracle we mostly aren't.Standing out in a hurricane is a bad idea, but good for the humility. It makes you wonder why human beings spend so much time strutting their stuff the planet Earth as if we're such substantial creatures. Tell you what, we're not.

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