Saturday, December 03, 2005

Where's the snark?

Where is the snark? A few years ago, ok probably more than a few, a fast food chain ran a campaign with a little old lady asking 'where's the beef'? Taking my cue from that, I'd like to print some picket signs, recruit some fellow Anderfans and march up and down the sidewalk in front of CNN asking 'where's the snark'? Snark is one of those intangibles that draws me to just about anyone. It is especially palatable when combined with news ie. Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert (ok pseudo news) and Keith Olbermann. Newsmen are a dime a dozen but a newsman with brains, good looks and snark now that's what I'm looking for. Anderson had snark, he was oozing in it, but it appears to have disappeared along with Aaron Brown. Was it part of Aaron's severance package? There are some recent, rare Andersnark sightings, almost always in Miss Hill's presence. It must still be there, I need it to still be there. Please Anderson show us your snark.
On to more tangible issues. Last nights show was another delve into the weird, wacky world of Scientology. There was an interview with a sheriff who had visited the underground Scientology site and provided some firsthand information. Nothing earth shattering, but interesting. Then there was the segment on the face transplant. CNN said they couldn't show the women's face because of privacy issues. I switched over to my local news and there she was, stitches and all, looking really good. CNN scooped by an affiliate, how odd. In keeping them honest Anderson interviewed a lady who, thanks to CNN's intervention, finally received an insurance settlement for her NO property. Maybe Anderson and CNN should just solve one Katrina victim's problems every night, it might be faster than relying on our government.
In last night's show Anderson mentioned 3 different people or organizations that didn't respond to his requests for interviews. It's the same 3 that have been avoiding him as often as possible, Mayor Ray Nagin, Governor Kathleen Blanco and Scientology. I sense Anderson's new approach to establishing a dialog with uncooperative sources is to be tenacious in exposing them to his viewers. I'm not sure if this approach will force them to cooperate but it sure is fun to know who Anderson is pissed off at on any given night. He closed the show by wishing all a good weekend. Right back at you Mr. Cooper.


limetea said...

I suppose that if Anderson had one or two different Katrina survivors on each night with their government/insurance gripes and each person's problem was resolved as quickly as that womans than at least it would guarantee him being on for what????....another ten years at least???....hopefully it does not come down to cnn coverage for these people to see results...and i like your site...all things Anderson are wonderful

limetea said... were asking where i was from....we get lots of snow just keeps coming and coming....

Unknown said...

I miss the snark too! Get snarky with it, Anderson!! LOL

Limetea, I was thinking that Anderson should start a new segment where people could come on and bitch about their insurance company or other things like that and that'll put the pressure on them! I love seeing big companies get theirs... I think that a segement like that would be great!