Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Anderson on Oprah

Anderson's appearance on Oprah today was much to brief for this Anderfan. It focused on Africa and its poverty, an interest that he and Oprah are both passionate about. We were also treated to some old footage from his Channel One days. Oprah commented on how Anderson looked about 15 (he was 23). I had not seen this footage previously. It showed a very naive

Anderson, in a war zone,trying to protect himself from crossfire so he could get a little sleep. He did admit to being scared and it's no wonder. I think we've all heard him joke about how he got his start in television news but until I saw these reports I never realized how young he really was, how scared he was or how dangerous it was. The clips really gave an insight into how much he sacrificed to get where he is today. I wonder if Gloria has ever seen that footage? It's enough to give any mother a heart attack.

screencaps courtesy of jld119

Anderson on the border.

screencap by bcfraggle

There are lots of good things to be said about 360 when it takes to the road. Especially, if Anderson is safe and not in a war zone. Tonight, we had Anderson and crew covering border security, Mexican sex trade, drug smuggling and the international news. But the best thing about Anderson on the road is ........Levis!

Don't forget tomorrow's Oprah with Anderson and Lisa Ling. The show deals with dangers of the press covering military actions in foreign countries. It's a timely topic considering what happened to Bob Woodruff and his photographer in Iraq this weekend.

Don't forget Anderson's coverage of The State of the Union Address tomorrow night with my state Senator, John McCain.

And one final note. As of midday today CNN has added a blog to the 360 website. Anderson had the first entry and there is also one by Gary Tuchman. Here's the link.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Gangster Anderson!

Athena Troy (aka Cooperite Hideaway Admin) made my Monday morning with this very hot Anderson picture. Little did I know that under the fancy suits and French cuff shirts was gangsta Anderson. As Anderfan PsyRI noted, it looks like AC has been spending to much time in Hollenbeck with KiKi.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Set Your Recorders, AC is on Oprah Tuesday

For 10 days now I've been reporting that Anderson is going to be doing another Oprah. Mind you these predictions were not based on fact, just on a disturbance in the Andersphere. First, there was the night in the studio where everything was different, Wednesday, January 11th (check previous posts). I thought for sure he was taping an Oprah segment but we never got any information on why he wasn't on the 360 set. Then there were the 2 days he was off this week. Gawker reported seeing him in NYC on Tuesday evening, but do we believe everything we read in Gawker?
Finally today Oprah announced Anderson would be one of her guests on Tuesday's show, along with his old Channel One buddy Lisa Ling. The show has obviously been taped already so maybe, just maybe, when I felt so foolish about predicting he was in Chicago I was possibly right. I know it's no big deal to the universe but it is to me.
Tuesday night Anderson will be anchoring CNN's post State of the Union coverage from Washington, DC. The broadcast is expected to start around 10:30 EST.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Getting to the Truth.

screencap by bcfraggle
It was wonderful to have Anderson back on 360 tonight and it's always a pleasure to watch him dissect a story that gets his juices flowing. Again the staff failed to screen calls properly, I wish they would just give it up if they can't get it right. Although I must admit I did enjoy Anderson's "..Brueller...Brueller". If you missed it sorry, you just had to be there.

Something occurred to me tonight as I watched Anderson present the information he had gleaned from watching Oprah crucify James Frey this morning. I was raised in a small town, outside Pittsburgh, and like all small towns there was always gossip. Typical small minded stuff like who was sleeping with whom, which family had skeletons in their closet, so and so's child being gay, etc. Then one day a neighbor wrote a book about our town and all its inside slime and called it fiction. The names were different but everybody recognized Joe was really the Chief of Police and oh, you get the picture. The town was outraged, the author chastised and eventually driven away. I remember my mother bought the book and hid it while she read it, not wanting to be considered a traitor, but enjoying every juicy detail. I don't know which is worse, telling the ugly truth with lightly veiled identities and calling it fiction or writing almost truths with embellishments, as James Frey did, and calling it a memoir. I just don't know.
I do know that Anderson is no stranger to being stung by the written word. He mentioned how hurtful (and inaccurate) he found the press to be in reporting his brother Carter's death. Maybe that's why he is so indignant about this whole Frey situation. Truth is the standard he uses to judge and obviously James Frey falls far short. If I remember correctly, Truman Capote also wrote some very ugly things about Anderson's parents. We'll never know how much of those writings were truth or fiction but they were written by a very mean spitited author. Trying to even a score does not usually stand up in the bright light of truth. Truth is a high standard to set but an admirable one. But then Anderson doesn't do much that I don't admire.

Anderson will be back on 360 tonight.

Well Anderfans were wrong again, no need to set those recorders, AC was not on Oprah. Why doesn't he just get a blog of his own so we know what he's up to? Or better yet call me and tell me what he's doing with every minute of his time? Oh, I guess then he'd be a husband and I already have one of those. Well the good news is John King said he'd be back tonight, so the Anderdrought is over for now.

Rumors are running wild and speculation is high that Anderson might be one of the journalists on Oprah's panel tomorrow to discuss "A Million Little Pieces". After all he does fit the 'leading journalist with strong opinion' category. Is this just an Anderfan's wishful thinking or could it be true? Thursday's Oprah is live from Chicago at 9 AM and according to John King Anderson is back in the studio Thursday night, after 2 nights off, to do 360. Oprah should be an interesting show tomorrow, even if Anderson isn't on the panel.

From Oprah.com January 26, 2006 http://www2.oprah.com/index.jhtml
"The headlines. The controversy. A Million Little Pieces. Now Oprah, like many of you, has a million little questions. Author James Frey, his publisher, and leading journalists-who've had strong opinions-all join us for the hour."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Everybody deserves a night off!

Since Mr. Cooper took the night off I thought I'd do the same. Here are some Anderpics to enjoy in his absence.

Monday, January 23, 2006


This is the second in a series of recasting classic movies, television or stage productions with the talented staff of CNN. If you missed the recasting of The Wizard of Oz it's in previous posts on January 10th.

The role of family patriarch Jed Clampett will be played by Gary Tuchman,a man with down home charm and appeal.

Most networks, including CNN, don't have older women in front of the camera. This is a problem when trying to cast Granny. Because of body type and age I think Mr. King will make a believable Granny.

I've cast John King in the part of Jethro. It will be a challenge for Mr. King to portray the dim witted Jethro but he does have the rugged good looks and boyish charm.

Kristi Paul will be our Ellie Mae. Kristi's got brains and beauty so it will take some acting skills for her to become the IQ challenged daughter of Jeb.

The parts of Mr. and Mrs. Drysdale are being played by veteran newswoman Ms. Candy Crowley and Aaron Brown. Mr. Brown welcomed this chance to reunite with old friends at CNN.

And last but certainly not least we have cast the wonderful field reporter Randi Kaye as the lovable Miss Jane Hathaway.

Hoped you enjoyed the fictional remake of The Beverly Hillbillies. If you have ideas for future recastings please put it in your comments or emails.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Enjoy the view!

It's rare for an Anderfan to come across a picture of Anderson Cooper, on the internet, that no one has posted before. That rare event happened on Saturday when an Anderfan found this beautiful photo among a website full of equally beautiful photos of celebrities and athletes. This photo and the artists portfolio can be found on photographer Eric Ogden's website at http://www.ericogden.com/main03.html.
The Russian in the lighted sign translates to 'the boiling water' and Sooz in the City says the setting is PRAVDA! on Lafayette Street in New York City.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cruising with Anderson & his posse

Sure do wish I was in New Orleans with all the men of CNN. Tonight Anderson broadcast AC360 from a ship anchored in St. Barnard Parish and he brought his posse with him. Guess if you're going somewhere expecting a fight you'd better bring backup. The boys that had AC's back were John King, Rob Marciano and Rick Sanchez . Bring on Nagin these guys are ready to rumble!

screencaps courtesy of jld119 & bcfraggle

Watch Out Nagin, Hurricane Anderson Is Headed Your Way!

Breaking Andernews:according to BayouBuzz.com Anderson will interview Mayor Nagin on Friday's 360 live from New Olreans.
After being stood up by New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin on Tuesday night's show,I felt that we had not heard the last of Anderson Cooper's relentless pursuit for truth from Nagin. What I didn't suspect was Anderson would take action so soon. He announced at the end of Wednesday night's show that he was on his way to New Orleans and would be broadcasting live from there on Thursday. Now this could just be a continuation of his "Keeping Them Honest Campaign" but Anderfans doubt it. They are predicting an Anderson smackdown of Mayor Nagin. I'm not sure what all that entails but it does sound like fun to watch. So stayed tuned and enjoy some screencaps from tonight's excellent West Virginia show.

screencap by legionpossesses

screencap by bcfraggle

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuesday Night's No-Show

screencap courtesy of bcfraggle

I wonder if Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, ever had any intention of appearing on AC360 on Tuesday night? I think it's entirely possible that he never intended to show up. What did he have to loose? He already looked like an asshole to the world for his 'Chocolate City' comments on MLK day. How could he possibly defend his remarks? He knew he couldn't, so he backed out of 360 at the last minute, sighting an emergency. Thus, once again, sticking it to Mr. Cooper. Not quite ready to admit defeat CNN had Sean Callebs track Nagin to the French Quarter, where he was having dinner upstairs at Bourbon House Restaurant. Anderson asked Sean "to your knowledge is any emergency happening in Bourbon House?" The only emergency, as far as I could tell, was Mayor Nagin has no balls. Don't expect Mr. Cooper to let this go, he's pissed and he will be tenacious. Anderson and the assembled panel did provide thought provoking discussion, that was probably more interesting without Nagin participating. I have only one complaint. Why, oh why, can't CNN hire someone who knows how to screen viewer calls? Either that or quit taking them. It was wasted time and embarrassing to listen to.
Tuesday night's show was a smart, fast paced 2 hour 360 that I thoroughly enjoyed. The Jeannie Moos piece on 'Sex in the Bedroom' was a good substitute for the nth degree. As LFG, an Anderfan, noted on the segment "Anderson, TV stays, watching you on 360 IS my sex in the bedroom"!
And on a personal note thank you Mr. Cooper for wearing my favorite tie tonight. You looked exceptionally handsome. I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed. "I think we have to start planning for the possibility that he's getting increasingly better looking and soon we'll have to view thru filters to keep from going blind." said one Anderfan. Well, I guess that can mean only one thing....he'll be going to the barber and day now.
screencap courtesy of legionpossessed

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What's in you wallet, Mr. Cooper?

When it comes to Anderson Cooper, I'm observant. So, when it was brought to my attention that I had missed something on Thursday's show it bothered me. Bothered me because in addition to being observant, I'm curious. My husband actually doesn't think this is one of my best qualities, I think he refers to it as nebby, but he's not observant so how would he know? Anyway, I went in search of a screencap to show what I had missed. It didn't take long...I'm not the only nebby errr....curious Anderfan. A carefully placed inquiry got lots of attention and very quickly, too. So here is my question and a few of the very snarky answers, hope you enjoy.

"On Tuesday night's show I was told that Anderson had his wallet laying by his laptop, possibly ordering something on line. Did anyone else catch this? I have already taped over the episode so I can't go back to check. I was also told that the wallet looked kinda fat!"

1st response: "How nice it is to know that Anderson has something fat in his pants "

2nd response: "Is that your wallet or are you just glad to see me?"

3rd response: "I've seen him pick it up quite a few times at the end of the show. I've always assumed he took it out so as not to mess with the lines of his suit, since it was quite fat. "

4th response: "Yeah, it was his wallet. Shiny black Alligator skin perhaps. Quite thick. Also may have one of those picture sleeves, hard to tell. I suppose it was too big to fit in his pants or he didn't want to sit on it in that hard chair. "

5th response: "I suppose it was too big to fit in his pants"

6th response: "I would imagine he doesn't wear it in his pocket when being filmed, since it's bigger than the rest of his scrawny butt!"

7th response: "Sorry, I can't resist! What's In Your Wallet!?!"

And finally from my hero, legionpossessed, a screencap of the fat Anderwallet, far right side of the picture, beside the laptop.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's warm up with Anderson.

Brrrr...it's cold here in Phoenix, Arizona. OK, the high today will be 65 or so, but play along. Since most of you across the country are freezing I thought I'd post a favorite Anderson 'nth degree' segment on cold winter weather.

"You know, it's colder outside than Dick Cheney's smile.
It's even colder than Howard Dean's smile.
It's so cold Al Roker has been named an enemy combatant.
It's so cold the mercury is harder to find than WMDs.
It's so cold Al Gore is now in favor of global warming.
It's so cold even rich people are cold. It's so cold -- I like that one.
It's so cold Pete Rose is betting the under on the windchill factor.
It's so cold it only takes a second for your tongue to stick to Madonna.
It's so cold Christine Aguilera put on a shirt.
It's so cold we're going to start calling it AC -360.
"I'm Anderson Cooper, and I'm stuck to my desk.
Thanks for letting me get that out of my system. I appreciate your warmth."

So to warm you up, and make my day, here are a
few pictures of the very hot Mr. Anderson Cooper.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Erica out snarked Anderson Friday night!

screencaps by jld119 at Anderloads

An excellent episode of 360 on Friday night. I particularly loved Erica's teasing Anderson. Here's the transcript:

HILL:" You know, speaking of peanut butter, I heard you talking about peanut butter earlier today on your little stint on "Live with -- forget Regis -- Live with Anderson and Kelly," which I really enjoyed. I didn't know you were going to be on. "

"I got to the gym and who's on the TV to motivate me on the treadmill, but my good buddy, A.C. And, you know, as I was running there, I learned a few things about you. We'll get to the peanut butter part in a moment, but, see I made a list of some of the things that I learned about Anderson Cooper today. Are you ready? "

COOPER: "Yes."


HILL: "First of all, I learned that your hair was brown. I honestly pictured for a blond guy. Maybe it's the baby blues.

Also, you're not a fan of the hot liquid; however, you do indulge in the espresso because you like the tiny little cups. I'm a little confused by that one, but that's cool. "

COOPER: "I'm a man of mystery, what can I say?"

HILL: "You are. And you seem to be a huge fan of '24'."

COOPER: "I like the '24.' I do. Sure."

HILL: "It's a good show. I'll totally back you up on that one."

"Now, back to the peanut butter -- that came up, of course, when you talked about the mice you once had in your apartment. I had them too. "

COOPER: "Oh, there was a peanut butter reference. I thought you had totally made that up. You're right. "

HILL: "No, no, yes, but what was interesting to me is the mice that I had in my apartment in college in Boston, didn't come through the front door, but apparently yours did. "

COOPER: "They came under the front door, yes they did. There you go. "

HILL: "Good stuff. Good stuff. You did a fine job. I enjoyed it."

COOPER: "Thank you, Erica. Thanks very much. You threw me. I don't know where we're going with this. Oh yes, we're talking about New Orleans now. Thank you, Erica."

"There's -- this is the last time she's on this program. "

A big thank you to a very talented legionpossessed at Anderloads for the caps and gennia at Anderloads for the photoshopped blonde and brown haired Anderson.

And in what I choose to see as a conciliatory move to appease his restless fans who miss the snark, the cheeky videos, the nth degree Anderson gave us about 10 seconds of the Japanese Seaman video and a celebration to the end of Friday the 13th . All in all an excellent way to end the week.
I would also like to add a thank you to TV Newser for the kind mention. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/cnn/anderson_cooper_has_mice_30846.asp

Friday, January 13, 2006

Anderson at his finest!

screencaps by bcfraggle at Anderloads

Anderson was a joy to watch this morning as he co-hosted on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'. He gave us some insight into his private life and answered some long debated questions for Anderfans. First he doesn't consider soup a hot drink, so it doesn't fall into his 'I don't drink hot beverages' category. He does drink coffee and tea, but only if iced. (This morning his coffee cup held diet Coke.) Glad we got that one settled. Anderson also showed Kiefer Sutherland he's a serious fan of 24. AC reveled that he spent Christmas weekend watching season 2 of the series on DVD. Anderson also mentioned that he is living in a rental while his new apartment is decorated (a job I'm eminently qualified to do and would do for FREE if anyone who knows anyone is listening). Also his new space has mice, but what apartment in NYC doesn't? And one final tidbit that I have in common with Anderson, he's claustrophobic. Who knew? He also revealed that's why he avoids saunas but does enjoy the hot shower. Need someone to scrub your back, Anderson?
All in all this morning was so enjoyable. I adore Anderson Cooper (you might not have know that reading last night's entry) and the Andergiggles made my day.