Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Anderson on the border.

screencap by bcfraggle

There are lots of good things to be said about 360 when it takes to the road. Especially, if Anderson is safe and not in a war zone. Tonight, we had Anderson and crew covering border security, Mexican sex trade, drug smuggling and the international news. But the best thing about Anderson on the road is ........Levis!

Don't forget tomorrow's Oprah with Anderson and Lisa Ling. The show deals with dangers of the press covering military actions in foreign countries. It's a timely topic considering what happened to Bob Woodruff and his photographer in Iraq this weekend.

Don't forget Anderson's coverage of The State of the Union Address tomorrow night with my state Senator, John McCain.

And one final note. As of midday today CNN has added a blog to the 360 website. Anderson had the first entry and there is also one by Gary Tuchman. Here's the link.

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