Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Anderson on Oprah

Anderson's appearance on Oprah today was much to brief for this Anderfan. It focused on Africa and its poverty, an interest that he and Oprah are both passionate about. We were also treated to some old footage from his Channel One days. Oprah commented on how Anderson looked about 15 (he was 23). I had not seen this footage previously. It showed a very naive

Anderson, in a war zone,trying to protect himself from crossfire so he could get a little sleep. He did admit to being scared and it's no wonder. I think we've all heard him joke about how he got his start in television news but until I saw these reports I never realized how young he really was, how scared he was or how dangerous it was. The clips really gave an insight into how much he sacrificed to get where he is today. I wonder if Gloria has ever seen that footage? It's enough to give any mother a heart attack.

screencaps courtesy of jld119


Maydyn said...

Anderson's appearance on Oprah was SO GREAT. Loved the old Channel One footage of him. He was so young and fresh.

Unknown said...

He was adorable and his voice just cracked me up!