Thursday, January 26, 2006

Anderson will be back on 360 tonight.

Well Anderfans were wrong again, no need to set those recorders, AC was not on Oprah. Why doesn't he just get a blog of his own so we know what he's up to? Or better yet call me and tell me what he's doing with every minute of his time? Oh, I guess then he'd be a husband and I already have one of those. Well the good news is John King said he'd be back tonight, so the Anderdrought is over for now.

Rumors are running wild and speculation is high that Anderson might be one of the journalists on Oprah's panel tomorrow to discuss "A Million Little Pieces". After all he does fit the 'leading journalist with strong opinion' category. Is this just an Anderfan's wishful thinking or could it be true? Thursday's Oprah is live from Chicago at 9 AM and according to John King Anderson is back in the studio Thursday night, after 2 nights off, to do 360. Oprah should be an interesting show tomorrow, even if Anderson isn't on the panel.

From January 26, 2006
"The headlines. The controversy. A Million Little Pieces. Now Oprah, like many of you, has a million little questions. Author James Frey, his publisher, and leading journalists-who've had strong opinions-all join us for the hour."

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