Sunday, January 22, 2006

Enjoy the view!

It's rare for an Anderfan to come across a picture of Anderson Cooper, on the internet, that no one has posted before. That rare event happened on Saturday when an Anderfan found this beautiful photo among a website full of equally beautiful photos of celebrities and athletes. This photo and the artists portfolio can be found on photographer Eric Ogden's website at
The Russian in the lighted sign translates to 'the boiling water' and Sooz in the City says the setting is PRAVDA! on Lafayette Street in New York City.

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AngiePho said...

The photos on this site are gorgeous--not the normal headshots and paparazzi photos you normally see of celebs! This one looks to be part of what was used in O Magazine for "what's on Anderson Cooper's bookshelf" ...... beautiful, beautiful imagery!