Saturday, January 14, 2006

Erica out snarked Anderson Friday night!

screencaps by jld119 at Anderloads

An excellent episode of 360 on Friday night. I particularly loved Erica's teasing Anderson. Here's the transcript:

HILL:" You know, speaking of peanut butter, I heard you talking about peanut butter earlier today on your little stint on "Live with -- forget Regis -- Live with Anderson and Kelly," which I really enjoyed. I didn't know you were going to be on. "

"I got to the gym and who's on the TV to motivate me on the treadmill, but my good buddy, A.C. And, you know, as I was running there, I learned a few things about you. We'll get to the peanut butter part in a moment, but, see I made a list of some of the things that I learned about Anderson Cooper today. Are you ready? "

COOPER: "Yes."


HILL: "First of all, I learned that your hair was brown. I honestly pictured for a blond guy. Maybe it's the baby blues.

Also, you're not a fan of the hot liquid; however, you do indulge in the espresso because you like the tiny little cups. I'm a little confused by that one, but that's cool. "

COOPER: "I'm a man of mystery, what can I say?"

HILL: "You are. And you seem to be a huge fan of '24'."

COOPER: "I like the '24.' I do. Sure."

HILL: "It's a good show. I'll totally back you up on that one."

"Now, back to the peanut butter -- that came up, of course, when you talked about the mice you once had in your apartment. I had them too. "

COOPER: "Oh, there was a peanut butter reference. I thought you had totally made that up. You're right. "

HILL: "No, no, yes, but what was interesting to me is the mice that I had in my apartment in college in Boston, didn't come through the front door, but apparently yours did. "

COOPER: "They came under the front door, yes they did. There you go. "

HILL: "Good stuff. Good stuff. You did a fine job. I enjoyed it."

COOPER: "Thank you, Erica. Thanks very much. You threw me. I don't know where we're going with this. Oh yes, we're talking about New Orleans now. Thank you, Erica."

"There's -- this is the last time she's on this program. "

A big thank you to a very talented legionpossessed at Anderloads for the caps and gennia at Anderloads for the photoshopped blonde and brown haired Anderson.

And in what I choose to see as a conciliatory move to appease his restless fans who miss the snark, the cheeky videos, the nth degree Anderson gave us about 10 seconds of the Japanese Seaman video and a celebration to the end of Friday the 13th . All in all an excellent way to end the week.
I would also like to add a thank you to TV Newser for the kind mention.


limetea said...

After looking at those i must admit that i prefer the silver locks on his head....

Unknown said...

Also, let us not forget that Erica did say she loved him! Awwww.

Grey hair is so much better on him! He knows how to work it!

Linda Lee said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today. And thanks for the pictures. I loved the dancing CNN staff celebrating Friday the 13th, too!