Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's warm up with Anderson.'s cold here in Phoenix, Arizona. OK, the high today will be 65 or so, but play along. Since most of you across the country are freezing I thought I'd post a favorite Anderson 'nth degree' segment on cold winter weather.

"You know, it's colder outside than Dick Cheney's smile.
It's even colder than Howard Dean's smile.
It's so cold Al Roker has been named an enemy combatant.
It's so cold the mercury is harder to find than WMDs.
It's so cold Al Gore is now in favor of global warming.
It's so cold even rich people are cold. It's so cold -- I like that one.
It's so cold Pete Rose is betting the under on the windchill factor.
It's so cold it only takes a second for your tongue to stick to Madonna.
It's so cold Christine Aguilera put on a shirt.
It's so cold we're going to start calling it AC -360.
"I'm Anderson Cooper, and I'm stuck to my desk.
Thanks for letting me get that out of my system. I appreciate your warmth."

So to warm you up, and make my day, here are a
few pictures of the very hot Mr. Anderson Cooper.


AngiePho said...

Just curious--where did the photo spreads come from?

Unknown said...

It's from a magazine called 25 hours. I've never seen the actual magazine so Im' not sure where it's published?

Christian said...

OH! I like the last one. Stay warm, it's cold here where I live in FL too!!

AngiePho said...

Thanks--I thought it was from 25 Hours (published as part of the NY Daily News).