Monday, January 23, 2006


This is the second in a series of recasting classic movies, television or stage productions with the talented staff of CNN. If you missed the recasting of The Wizard of Oz it's in previous posts on January 10th.

The role of family patriarch Jed Clampett will be played by Gary Tuchman,a man with down home charm and appeal.

Most networks, including CNN, don't have older women in front of the camera. This is a problem when trying to cast Granny. Because of body type and age I think Mr. King will make a believable Granny.

I've cast John King in the part of Jethro. It will be a challenge for Mr. King to portray the dim witted Jethro but he does have the rugged good looks and boyish charm.

Kristi Paul will be our Ellie Mae. Kristi's got brains and beauty so it will take some acting skills for her to become the IQ challenged daughter of Jeb.

The parts of Mr. and Mrs. Drysdale are being played by veteran newswoman Ms. Candy Crowley and Aaron Brown. Mr. Brown welcomed this chance to reunite with old friends at CNN.

And last but certainly not least we have cast the wonderful field reporter Randi Kaye as the lovable Miss Jane Hathaway.

Hoped you enjoyed the fictional remake of The Beverly Hillbillies. If you have ideas for future recastings please put it in your comments or emails.


Unknown said...

Love it, Phebe! Great job casting everyone. I'm still laughing at Larry King as Granny!

Arachnae said...

Hilarious. The cream of the jest was John King as Jethro. (I <3 John...)

Sheryn said...

Good Job, Phebe! I love reuniting Aaron with the old crew! Too funny! Larry King as Granny, great!