Friday, January 27, 2006

Set Your Recorders, AC is on Oprah Tuesday

For 10 days now I've been reporting that Anderson is going to be doing another Oprah. Mind you these predictions were not based on fact, just on a disturbance in the Andersphere. First, there was the night in the studio where everything was different, Wednesday, January 11th (check previous posts). I thought for sure he was taping an Oprah segment but we never got any information on why he wasn't on the 360 set. Then there were the 2 days he was off this week. Gawker reported seeing him in NYC on Tuesday evening, but do we believe everything we read in Gawker?
Finally today Oprah announced Anderson would be one of her guests on Tuesday's show, along with his old Channel One buddy Lisa Ling. The show has obviously been taped already so maybe, just maybe, when I felt so foolish about predicting he was in Chicago I was possibly right. I know it's no big deal to the universe but it is to me.
Tuesday night Anderson will be anchoring CNN's post State of the Union coverage from Washington, DC. The broadcast is expected to start around 10:30 EST.

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