Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tuesday Night's No-Show

screencap courtesy of bcfraggle

I wonder if Ray Nagin, the mayor of New Orleans, ever had any intention of appearing on AC360 on Tuesday night? I think it's entirely possible that he never intended to show up. What did he have to loose? He already looked like an asshole to the world for his 'Chocolate City' comments on MLK day. How could he possibly defend his remarks? He knew he couldn't, so he backed out of 360 at the last minute, sighting an emergency. Thus, once again, sticking it to Mr. Cooper. Not quite ready to admit defeat CNN had Sean Callebs track Nagin to the French Quarter, where he was having dinner upstairs at Bourbon House Restaurant. Anderson asked Sean "to your knowledge is any emergency happening in Bourbon House?" The only emergency, as far as I could tell, was Mayor Nagin has no balls. Don't expect Mr. Cooper to let this go, he's pissed and he will be tenacious. Anderson and the assembled panel did provide thought provoking discussion, that was probably more interesting without Nagin participating. I have only one complaint. Why, oh why, can't CNN hire someone who knows how to screen viewer calls? Either that or quit taking them. It was wasted time and embarrassing to listen to.
Tuesday night's show was a smart, fast paced 2 hour 360 that I thoroughly enjoyed. The Jeannie Moos piece on 'Sex in the Bedroom' was a good substitute for the nth degree. As LFG, an Anderfan, noted on the segment "Anderson, TV stays, watching you on 360 IS my sex in the bedroom"!
And on a personal note thank you Mr. Cooper for wearing my favorite tie tonight. You looked exceptionally handsome. I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed. "I think we have to start planning for the possibility that he's getting increasingly better looking and soon we'll have to view thru filters to keep from going blind." said one Anderfan. Well, I guess that can mean only one thing....he'll be going to the barber and day now.
screencap courtesy of legionpossessed

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AngiePho said...

AC360 needs more programs like the one last night--back to the hard hitting news & calling 'em out when necessary! This was a breath of fresh air compared to last week's 40 minutes of "A Million Little Pieces". KUDOS AC & Staff for getting it right--where will the Nagin-CNN saga take us tonight?