Wednesday, March 29, 2006

AC comes to AZ!!!!!

screencap courtesy of legionpossessed
Now that 360 has come to Arizona, why would they want to go back to cold, rainy New York? I've thought about it and decided Mr. Anderson Cooper needs to stay awhile. So I've compiled a list of things he could see and do while in Arizona this week. If you happen to run into him please pass it along.

Music, music and more music,

Queen is appearing in Glendale
John Mayer is appearing in Tempe
Black Eyed Peas are appearing in Phoenix
Doc Severinsen is appearing with the symphony
Stomp is at ASU
Blast is in Mesa
Glenn Miller Orchestra is in Chandler

Phoenix Film Festival, (in Scottsdale) runs through the weekend

Baseball Spring Training, we all know how much he loves sports and the Yankees are in town!

Grand Canyon

Take a weekend course at one of our fine flight schools, most come with Al-Qaeda's seal of approval

Spring Break/Lake Havasu, houseboats over flowing with drunken college students in swimsuits (or not)

Country Thunder, music loving, drunken rednecks in cowboy hats

Renaissance Festival, lots of grog and hard cider make for drunken people in medieval costume

Florence Prison, stop by and meet face to face those that he has done phone interviews with

Spring Home Show, one stop shopping for that double wide I'm sure Anderson has been searching for

Disney on Ice - Ice Princess Classic, what says more about visiting the desert that seeing any show on ice?

Phoenix Gay Pride Festival and Parade, no snickering I've been there and it's a fun time

Aaron Brown, he's currently teaching at Arizona State in Tempe, I smell a reunion

And the number one reason for Anderson to stay in Arizona? He could take me to dinner!

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xtina said...

HA HA HA HA HA !!!! *falls off chair laughing*
(hey is that pic up-to-the-minute? I see birthmark!)