Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sweet Anderdreams!

screencaps courtesy of bcfraggle
Things are changing at CNN. There is a new, improved 360. Don't know what precipitated the enhanced content and absence of repeated segments, but it's a wonderful change. I do believe we're even beginning to get some snarky Anderson back. I had resigned myself to serious Anderson and gone back to watching Keith for the snark, so I'm a happy camper.

Wednesday Anderson will be reporting from New Orleans. I anticipate another great 360!

I am thoroughly enjoying Dr. Sanjay's sleep segments this week. I've always wondered how he could manage a busy neurological practice, CNN duties and newbie fatherhood. Now I know, he just doesn't sleep! All this talk of sleep and dreams brings me back to my favorite anchor who did his own little sleep study series a while back. I've uploaded the video and I'm including a few screencaps for your viewing pleasure. Now this is the stuff sweet dreams are made of!

For those of you, I'm sure this includes Mr. Cooper, who just don't get the Anderadoration, let me clarify. These photos are not meant to mock or ridicule AC, just another example, for me, of the extremely lovable, dorky Anderson.


Unknown said...

Phebe I love the changes in 360 - I think it's the barrage of comments everyone sends to them during the show. See they do listen.

Barbara said...

Sure, they listen now that I stopped writing to them... sigh