Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Live", 360 and Charlie Rose

Today is the last day of Anderson's Birthday Drive. Please take a moment and contribute.

I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday. Just think, we've already arrived at hump day this week, and from there you can practically smell the weekend!
Just Jared came through again with some great candid photo's of Anderson taken after 'Live with Regis and Kelly'. Check out his link, there are more there.

And speaking of 'Live with Regis and Kelly' Anderson claimed to have never seen the AC 360 tee shirts that we first featured on All Things Anderson back on May 3rd. How cute was it when Kelly held one up and pointed out the globe in the shape of a heart? Anderson said he would be putting a stop to the sale of the shirts, so if you want one better give the CNN store a call pronto. They will ship the shirts directly to you. The phone number is 212-275-8888. Maybe they should put me on commission? screencap by stillife

I received word late today that Anderson was on Charlie Rose on Tuesday night also. Lucky for me it broadcasts here at 1PM the next day, so I didn't miss it. Here's a screencap of the appearance by bcfraggle.

At one time or another everyone complains about the news media not being able to let go of a story that we've grown tired of (ie: the face transplant). I am so glad 360 continues 'Keeping Them Honest' when it comes to the Pat Tillman case. CNN has worked diligently to uncover the facts and expose the Ranger coverup that has swirled around this 'friendly fire' case. Maybe by CNN and the Tillman family insisting that the ugly facts in this case be revealed, those in charge will think before lying to another family about the circumstances of their loved ones death.

While Kelly Ripa has her 'Big Love' and Anderson has his 'American Idol' and 'Tiara Girls' I, Phebe, also have a secret television obsession, besides 360. It raises its head every summer and causes me to lose great amounts of sleep. Well, today I'm 'over the moon' about my obsession because I've just learned that this summer's version is going to be Big Brother, the All Star Edition. Yes, sadly, I am addicted to Big Brother. Not just the show, mind you, I also stay up half the night watching the live feeds on the internet. I'll try to keep my television passion compartmentalized but be forewarned it will spill over onto All Things Anderson occasionally.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Carter and Anderson

Screencaps by jld119
My brother drives me crazy. We still argue like we did when we were kids. I was not looking forward to today, knowing that I was spending the afternoon with he and his family celebrating my nephew's graduation. As I sat amid his friends and family today I realized something. As crazy as my brother makes me, I still want him in my life. I can't imagine not having him around to talk about the time dad did this or mom did that. As I left him today he hugged me tightly and said he was so glad I was there to share his son's accomplishments and then he told me he loved me. Deep down I knew that he did, just as he knows that I love him too. In honor of my brother, I thought I'd post a few pictures of Anderson and his brother, Carter.
And please remember we are down to the last 2 days of Anderson's birthday drive. I am sure that the organizers of the birthday drive had Carter in mind when they chose the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to benefit from Anderson's fan's donations. Contributions total more than $1,600 so far, which is wonderful, but we can do better.

screencaps by jld119

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Reminder: Tuesday Anderson is co hosting 'Live with Regis and Kelly'. Check your local listings for time and channel.

screencap by stillife
I hope you are enjoying a relaxing and safe Memorial Day weekend. We had our annual Memorial Day barbecue on Sunday this year, so today is going to be spent trying to return the house and yard to semi normal conditions. That and a graduation celebration for my nephew. Why is it I always feel I need a long weekend to catch up after my long weekends? Onward to some musings that seem appropriate.

My father was truly one of the 'Greatest Generation'. He served in World War II and landed on Normandy beach on D-day. He never talked about it in all the years afterward, even when pressed for details. I can only assume that what he saw that day was something he tried to forget for the rest of his life. He was a gentle man with the greatest sense of humor I've ever know. I'm sure that and his strong belief in God carried him through that day and many more in his life. He raised me to respect and honor the flag and all that it represents. He also raised me to know right from wrong and I know, for me, the war in Iraq is wrong.

On April 15, 2004, after a particularly gruesome week in Iraq, for the U.S. military, Anderson Cooper addressed the loss of life with this 'Nth degree'. That was over two years ago, the death toll in Iraq has risen dramatically to 2,464, but the essence of his message still resounds.

"Tonight, war is told to 'The Nth Degree.' Flipping through the New York Times today we found ourselves unable to get past page A- 13. There, staring back at us, the faces of all American members killed last week in Iraq. They range in age from 18 to 45. And came from places like Gurney Illinois, Houston, Texas, Chunky, Mississippi. They died in places like Fallujah, Ramadi, Baghdad. Behind each face, a family, a mother, a father, a wife, a husband. We think of their faces as well. 64 men and women who died in one terrible week. People talk about the cost of war. This is the real cost. And there are few words to speak." - Anderson Cooper

Anderson was spot on. The real cost of war is not measured in dollars, but in tears. Tears for a life that will never be fully lived, tears for the family who will never again be complete. We will never know how these 2,464 Americans, killed in Iraq, would have changed our lives with their potential.

It always catches me by surprise when I get emotional when hearing our National Anthem. Never more so than when I lived in Southeast Asia and I would watch something like the Olympics on television. I would find myself crying when they flew our flag and played our anthem. That's why, on this Memorial Day, I find it odd that I feel such a lack of pride in our country. It saddens me to think of the 2464 casualties of American troops in Iraq. The 2462 families that will not be enjoying a long weekend with their loved ones. It saddens me to speak against a country that I love. But then I remember that I am free to criticize thanks to people like my father and the 2464.

We are down to the last 3 days of Anderson's birthday drive. What better day than Memorial Day help save a life and remember those in need of help? Thank you.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


An Anderfan found the following, while surfing the net, and was nice enough to share with ATA. This is an interview Anderson did with a fan who met him at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Janurary 22, 2003. The interview was conducted at the Treasure Mountain Inn at Park City, I believe the picture was taken at the same time. There is a video of this interview floating somewhere out in cyberspace. If you have a copy I'd love to see it, until then here's the transcript.

AC: It's hard to actually get food in this town.
Fan: Yeah.....(talking to myself) trying to figure out.....ok so I don't know how to work my camera.(camera un-focused and bobbing)
AC: You want me to look at it? I used to shoot one of these.
Fan: Its ok, I got it (Camera finally zooms back to show AC standing on balcony) Hi!
AC: Hi (laughs)
Fan: Un, lets see...They wanted to know if you're watching Celebrity Mole.
AC: I'm actually not watching celebrity mole. And uh, the reason is it would make me too sad. I miss doing the Mole and seeing someone else do it would just be too weird for me. So Um, I'm very, still friendly with all the people who are on the, making the show--the producers and camera people and the company who does it. In fact I just e-mailed the head of the company, Stone Stanely, and just told him congratulations cause it's doing really well. Um yeah, It just makes me too sad to watch.
Fan: Um, what they wanted to say, they were going to ask you, if you were watching it, did you see this episode where....
AC: My name was on the thing?
Fan: On the tombstone! they wondered what you thought.
AC: Yeah I did, I didn't see the episode with my name on the tombstone, but someone actually e-mailed me about it. I think its funny, I think its really funny. In fact that's what prompted me to email the ah,Blackburn (sp?), the head of the production company that did it and I said that's really clever and funny, and he e-mailed me back that it was sort of a homage, an inside joke. So I take it all in good fun. So yeah, I was not at all offended I thought it was very clever.
Fan: I'm multi-talented (Once again talking to myself,trying to flip through my questions and not being successful)
AC: (leaning forward) What?
Fan: I'm multi-talented. I'm trying to flip They wanted to know if you had any plans to return to hosting, like reality shows or the Mole or....
AC: Right, I don't really have any plans to return to reality shows, um uh, I've been at CNN now for about a year and I'm actually really happy. Its actually a really cool place to work, the people are nice and it's a really nice atmosphere. I've gotten to go to Afghanistan and the middle east and I was actually just in Qatar in the middle east. You know, and I get to come to fun places like this, um I'm doing a lot of anchoring so I'm actually really enjoying it. I'm actually starting up a show, maybe in about a month or two. A weekend version of Aaron Brown's show called NewsNight.
Fan: That was one of the questions.
AC: Oh yeah?
Fan: Everybody's been saying that they're starting a weekend version of NewsNight, and um....
AC: Yeah, I know, its been slow in coming. We've been talking about it, actually since August, but um uh, we're looking to hire people right now and uh, so yeah I'm hoping to get it on the air in say a month.
Fan: Oh well thats the next question! Um...
AC: You can just ask it to me and I'll repeat it for ya...You want me to take these? (pointing to the question cards)
Fan: There, you just...(handing him questions)
AC: (quietly reading question to himself) What do you think of the rumor that you will be hosting weekend newsnight? (smiles) The rumor is true! I will be hosting a weekend edition of Newsnight, um, and I'm hoping it will be really different from the weekday edition of NewsNight. I'm trying to make it sort of, I don't know, sort of funny, and I don't know um we'll see. Um, I'm a little nervous about it.
Fan: Do you know when its going to start?
AC: I don't know exactly when its going to start, I think it will start, um....I'm guessing like a month.I mean I just interviewed someone to run it right now and I'd say no sooner than a month from now. But um,hopefully there will be like commercials and stuff coming. So it won't be a total mystery.
AC: (reading question to himself) Do I have a message for my fans?!? Well, I uh, um (smiling embarassed) I don't know why anyone would be a fan of mine!(laughing) I'm sort of, makes me....
Fan: Oh come on!
AC: I don't, I really don't! Its very sweet, it's great I think its really.....I can't believe that you came here, its really nice.....
Fan: Well I only live two hours away.
AC: Well still two hours, it um, you know....
Fan: My brother's in New York and I told him to keep
an eye out for ya.
AC: Oh yeah?
Fan: Wrong place.
AC: Uh-huh Um, message for my fans......I, thank you very much! I really appreciate it and I ah, every now and then I log onto the web and read a little bit about what people are saying about me, I try not to read too much, you know I ah, it stuns me that anybody sees anything I do. Like it doesn't occur to me that what I do is actually on TV, like it has no reality for me.
Fan: It's just a job?
AC: Well yeah I mean the camera, its just like the camera and the guy behind the camera you don't really have the sense that like you know, when I watch tv I don't really think 'oh yeah this is what I do'. I don't know, its just sort of, its a little odd, but um. I'm actually pretty shy and I don't think if I thought about it like 'oh lots of people are watching 'I don't think I'd be as comfortable, so....Um, but I'm thrilled to death that anyone would want to watch anything I did for more than 2 seconds. So um...
Fan: All I can say is that anyone who can mock MarthaStewart as much as you do, is ok by me!AC: (laughing) Who can't mock Martha Stewart? How could I resist?
Fan: That's one of the questions.
AC: (reading yet another question to himself) What has been my most memorable assignment as a reporter? Where would I like to go back to? Where would I never want to go back to? Well I actually started like 11 years ago for this thing called Channel One, which is seen in high schools....
Fan: I slept through it.
AC: (Mock suprise) You slept through Channel One? Oh No!
Fan: Can I tell you something?
AC: Uh-huh
Fan: There was this guy at our school who would take bets. And since you were always being sent to these countries with civil wars they were like, when is he going to get kidnapped and uh...
AC: Uh-huh, yeah believe me, I heard a lot of that. We used to get faxes from people like "Why are you sending him to all these places? Do you hate him?"the truth is I was the one to sort of volunteer to go to all these places, and um, I really, that's how I started. I took a little video camera like the one you had (pointing at me) (He pauses and looks down as a car alarm goes off on the street). And just started going and sort of. I'm not the sort of traditional TV person and I don't think I would've gotten the job if I'd tried the traditional route. So, um, this was just a way to sort of do what I love. So the most memorable I don't know. I covered, I went to a lot of wars and those were things, places and people that I met that I'll never forget. (emergency vehicle sirens in the background, getting louder) I was in Bosnia a lot during the war in Sarajevo....and um, that was a real priviledge to be able to be there and tell people's stories. It was a difficult place to go to and a lot of people didn't want to go. So I felt very priviledged to go there and uh (looking at street,sirens getting really loud) So thats uh, (looking down the street)
Fan: I hope the hotels not on fire....
AC: But uh, see the most memorable I guess would be Bosnia or uh, I guess I should wait (pointing at firetrucks) Your microphone won't (drowned out)
Fan: I don't know it they can hear it or not....(duh)
AC: Probably, Uh so yeah most memorable would be aplace like Bosnia during the war or I was in Rwanda during the civil war and genocide there and that was obviously something I'll never forget.
Fan: I think I remember that one.
AC: Yeah, So those sorts of things even though they were things that I did 10 years ago or 8 years ago,they were things that I still carry with me and think about. And in terms of places I'd never want to go back to, um, I, there's not really any place. I mean my least favorite place was probably Somalia where I worked a lot during the famine. I would still be interested in going back, just to see what its like now. So... (shrugs)
AC: (reading question to himself) How much hate mail did you get for your sarcastic pairing of the 'Man eating crocodiles in the Ivory Coast' and the Martha Stewart scandal? Mmmmm.....Peanuts!(laughing) I get a fair amount of hate mail, but its mainly just like from complete lunatics who will be offended at anything. And people get very easily offended, which I understand. And I certainly hate, it actually pains me anytime I feel I've hurt someone's feelings. Er, ah, Like I literally, just before I met you, I got a call on myvoice mail in New York, from someone who was angry about something, um the weekend show that I was working for this weekend did, like a viewer email thing. And uh, you know it sort of pains me that anyone would be insulted by anything that I would do(Mobile phone rings, camera pauses while he answers call).
AC: (picking up the answer where he left off) When I get hate mail it sort of pains me, but it's part of the job.
Fan: Comes with the territory?
AC: (nodding) Comes with the territory, no one will be pleased all the time. (Back to reading the questions) What is the most bizarre interview you've ever had?This, this, this one is, (laughing) sort of rates up there.
Fan: Thanks (rolling eyes)
AC: Bizarre interview....hmmm.....I once was interviewing a young girl in Sarajevo, this is not even funny, its just like horrible. I was interviewing this girl in Sarajevo, and we were speaking through an interpreter, and I didn't really know what she was saying at the time, it was stuff that I was going to be hearing, ah, because of the way it was being shot my interpreter couldn't be with me, so I would ask her a question and then she would tell me the answer and then I would just hear it later on the tape. But we had to shoot it 3 times because the camerman kept making mistakes, and it turns out that she was telling me this really horrible story. Uh, and 3 times she had to repeat it and she kept being like "what aren't you listening, like what are you an idiot?" I didn't know any of this until I got back and viewed the tape and Iwas like "Oh my God" that was a horrible, horrible interview.
AC: (Another question) Do you get recognized on the street as the "Mole Guy" or the "CNN Guy"? (laughing) Yeah, its about equal. It depends on where I am, here it's a lot of CNN people. All its a fair amount of Mole people as well. If I'm in an airport its a lot of Mole people. Um, so yeah, it totally depends on where I am. It's always interesting to me to try and figure out. Also younger people it's the Mole and older people its CNN people.
Fan: Do people ever remember you from Channel One?
AC: A lot of people, yeah. In fact someone here just yesterday yelled out "Dude, your Anderson Cooper from Channel One, Rock On! Woohoo" (Anderson pointing at camera, and making sign of the devil with hand, good imitation!) So...(laughing) (reading another question) Uh, did you ever have a fan do or say something outrageous to get your attention? What was it? Uh, Not really....(thinking)....I mean, This, (pointing at camera) (laughing).
Fan: Other than this? Yeah um, Crazy stalker fan inUtah. (sarcastic)
AC: (still laughing) No, you know I get, um, I've had people send me photos (eyebrows arch suggestively). Which is, ah, you know...
Fan: Like 'weird'...? (searching for right word, doh)
AC: Yeah like 'revealing' photos. You know, so that's always a little startling to open up the mail and ah, see someone completely nude, so that's.... And that's not really like, I wouldn't call someone back, who did....that's not something that I would persue.
Fan: (laughing)
AC: (You guessed it him reading another question) Who would I most like to meet at Sundance? Do I ever get starstruck? I really don't get starstruck as I mentioned to you earlier.
Fan: Right, Yeah
AC: I don't really like celebrities all that much, I don't really know what to talk to them about. Um,they're not interested in finding out about anyone else other than themselves, so, I like to mock them, I don't really like to have to interact with them. So, um, I'm trying to think of what know, frankly I really like telling people's stories and meeting people and generally the best stories are onesI've done about people who aren't famous but people who....are....
Fan: Are interesting?
AC: Who are interesing, who are living lives with dignity and doing something special. And are just good people. So thats what I like.
Fan: I think thats the last one.
AC: Democrat or Republican? (reading quesion)(laughing)
Fan: This is a long standing debate, one of the many long standing debates, we can't figure it out. AC: Um, (still laughing) We don't reporters you're not supposed to talk about your political affiliations. Um, I would say in general I'm pretty independent, pretty middle of the road, but uh,I wouldn't say Democrat or Republican. Yeah.
Fan: I thinks thats about the end of it. Great, thank you so much.

Friday, May 26, 2006

My book review *spoilers*

On Wed morning about 3am I finished reading Anderson's book, Dispatches from the Edge. The book was truly touching and I found myself getting teary eyed several times during the course of the book.

In trying to think of the best way to describe my feelings for the book, I just don't think I have the right words to express it. When it comes right down to it, I was blown away by it. I think over the past few months I have been reading about it and I kinda figured that the book would be mainly about the people he had encountered along the way during his journey this past year but it so much more than that. I think it's almost a journey of healing for him.

For me, I can't imagine how nervous he must have been at people's reactions. He really did expose himself a lot and for that I find him to be even more courageous than I already did before. He not only opened himself up by expressing some deep feelings of pain but also sharing with us his self doubt. I feel like he did seem to resolve (somewhat) the pain he has felt about his father and brother's passing but not so sure I felt like he resolved the self doubt and questions he seemed to pose about his motives for doing certain things. It does make you wonder the fine line that exists with journalist between showing what's going on and NOT stepping in to change something. I suppose it's something he'll probably continue to struggle with. There were several times in the course of the book he questioned himself about this and I think there was one time, in particular, in Africa with a woman being harassed that really must be something he still thinks about when this question pops up in his mind. He opened himself up in a different way by telling us that story and it's sad but also brave of him to show us the reality of what he is and has done to get a story.

I've always suspected that Anderson is somewhat a huge contradiction and that he has this strange ability to be one thing and then the complete opposite all at the same time. There are things in the book that completely make me see that. During a story like the tsunami or Katrina, he can be completely above it all but only for a time. Then the hard exterior seems to crack and the emotions drip out bit by bit. But this is why so many of us love his style of reporting. He is not the stone faced anchor man acting as if he could care less that millions are dying every year in Africa.

His expressions of feeling came in many different forms (crying, being physically sick and his vivid imagery) and I think it shows him to be remarkably human and I think that is what makes him the reporter he is today. The way he wove together the past and the present made it not only a journey of discovery but one of learning and healing. No matter what number it reaches on the best seller list or the dollars it makes I think it will have at least done one thing.... help him to heal.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Thursday!

Lots to cover again tonight so let's get started.

I feel like someone with a severe case of whiplash. American Idol and 360 are on at the same time here, so it was back and forth, back and forth. Thank goodness I got to the remote first tonight! Idol was beyond anything I could even do justice to in one blog. I mean come on, PRINCE! Besides that I loved, loved, loved the kid who was a Clay want-a-be, singing his heart out when Clay snuck up behind him and scared him senseless. That was quite a moment. It will be an interesting 'Live with Regis and Kelly' show next week when Anderson interviews Taylor Hicks. I'm sure there will be several mentions of the premature grey factor.

BTW we'd better do an update on Anderson's upcoming appearances, he keeps adding more and more. So here's what I have for the next week:

Thursday morning, May 25th - The Early Show (CBS)
Friday night, May 26th - Late Night w/Conan O'Brien (NBC)
Monday night, May 30th - Larry King Live (CNN)
(this was originally 5/26 but he was bumped to Monday for the American Idol finalists)
Tuesday, May 31st- Live with Regis and Kelly (syndicated)
Tuesday, May 32st is the last day of the birthday drive, too.

A few people emailed me today with some Andernews, thank you! Here's the scoop:

Richelle Carey, a morning anchor at KMOV in St. Louis, is joining Headline News next month. "Carey's new assignment, which will include anchoring Headline Prime news breaks as well as overnight newscasts, will begin Tuesday, June 13," the network announced. Could she replaced the taped new segments with Erica? (thanks, gabe)

The CNN store has posters advertising that Anderson will be having a book signing there on June 19th at 12pm. I have not confirmed this yet so check with them before making plans.
(thanks str84 and Quitman)

I would like to mention one segment of Wednesday's 360 that brought me to tears. I'm sure, if you saw the show, you know where I'm headed. The report on the rapes, torture and mutilation of the women of the Congo was disturbing on so many levels. In the Congo, rape is used as a weapon, then the women are discarded by their villages, forced to live in disgrace. The Congo war has claimed more lives than any conflict since the end of World War II, yet receives almost no attention outside central Africa. Some no longer know what they are fighting for, they just have anger and aggression and much of it is taken out on women in the form of gang rapes and mutilation. An estimated 30% of the woman raped are HIV positive and 60% of the men. The government has done little to stop these attacks or to help the victims. A typical doctor's visit costs about 70 cents. Although the government now collects substantial revenues on exports, particularly diamonds, it insists it cannot afford to pay nurses or doctors, or abolish consultation fees. To read more about this horrific situation go to Amnesty International.

To help contact:
The Swedish Pentecostal Mission- PMU
Contact person: Marie WalterzonTel in Congo (243)-81-318-6246
Contact person: Tilly LeuringTel in Congo: (243)-997-089-850

I'll finish on a much lighter note. Ross the Intern (The Tonight Show) said that Anderson has been a little busy and will get the answers to Ross's questions done soon. Did you see Ross in Hawaii on Wednesday's Tonight Show. He was hysterical, as always. I especially loved the voice switch with Rita Cosby. Very adorkable!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Anderson, Oprah and so much more.

NEWSFLASH: According to Anderson Cooper will be apprearing tomorrow morning on The Early Show.

screencap by jld119

There's lots I want to cover in today's blog so bear with me if I jump all over the place. There is a central theme, and his name is Anderson!

First, Oprah's interview with Anderson was everything it should have been and more. I'm not much of an Oprah fan, but today I felt she was as much of an AC admirer as moi. It was a very touching interview mostly dealing with Carter Cooper's suicide. I do not know where Anderson finds the strength to share the most intimate memories of his family's tragedies. While watching the ever elegant Gloria I was reminded of the phrase 'for those to whom much is given, much shall be required'. Her life has been blessed with talent, riches and fame but few among us would want to walk in her shoes. Oprah gave rave reviews to Anderson's 'Dispatches from the Edge' and had the cutest little story to share about how excited she got reading the book. Anderson was a very proud author smiling from ear to ear.

Second, there is an article in Enertainment Weekly about Anderson's love of 'American Idol'. I'm looking forward to his co hosting 'Live with Regis and Kelly' next week when one of the guests will be the winner of American Idol. It doesn't really matter who wins either way it will be good. He'll either be blushing and gushing over Katharine McPhee (see article) or sitting next to another handsome grey haired young man, Taylor Hicks. Here's an excerpt from the article.

Anderson says "I'm obsessed with American Idol. That's the most brilliantly produced show that there is. The gray-haired guy [Taylor Hicks], I liked for a while. I like when he does the actual Joe Cocker stuff. When he gets into the Wedding Singer stuff, it's cringeworthy. No one needs to see a gray-haired man dance. And I include myself in that. Paris [Bennett] I thought was great when she did Billie Holliday, but after a while it was like, Who is this person? I don't understand. The stylists should be lined up and shot. That's the other thing I love about the show. The best moment of the show is, I think, the second week in Hollywood, when they've suddenly been styled. And they emerge and they look completely different. I mean, how did they fix Elliott [Yamin]'s teeth? They've done something, so you don't even notice it! Maybe they've, like, ripped the muscles in his lips so he can't smile, or painted one of his teeth black so you don't notice it, but I swear he's had some sort of major work done. They got rid of the Amish beard and put a little Crew Fiber in his hair. Kellie Pickler, I'm glad she's gone, because I didn't buy that whole calamari thing. Please. Come on. And then there's the woman who was on her knees [Katharine McPhee]. She's incredibly beautiful. She's got a whole Playboy-bunny thing going on, and totally working the camera. Elliott, I think, has a great voice. He does seem nervous from time to time, though. I think it was in EW, someone was saying, If he doesn't believe in his own performance, why should we? And that's a valid point."

Third, I was really excited to hear that ABC has given the nightly news anchor job to Charles Gibson. He's earned it, he'll be good at it, and it gives us an interesting opportunity to think about who will replace him on GMA. OK, so I know AC's CNN contract has years to go, but I think he'd be perfect on GMA. He could travel, be snarky, interview all the biggies, work with Diane Sawyer,etc. I think this is the job he was born to do. It won't happen, but I can dream.

Fourth, tonight's 360 was a little weak. After the political round table on LKL last night I just couldn't get excited over Anderson's team of Dana Bash, Kelli Arena, and Joe Johns. Where was the Gerg? I did enjoy the Anderca banter, but not much else.

Next, did you catch the U Tube clip that Gawker posted yesterday. I've never seen it before, it's from Anderson's ABC 's overnight World News Now, and is just adorkable.

Last but not least, if you watched the Oprah show tonight then you now realize, as I do, that the birthday drive has picked the perfect charity to honor Anderson's birthday. The American Society for Suicide Prevention has to be something near and dear to Anderson and Gloria's hearts. Please don't procrastinate another day, donate now, please.

I leave you with a few screencaps by jdl119 from the Oprah show today.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anderson back at Yale

Associated Press Wire Photo

This from Monday's Yale Daily News:

As spectators hurriedly donned blue ponchos and unfurled umbrellas to face the afternoon rain showers, Cooper called on graduating seniors to embrace the ambiguity that they were about to face as college graduates. Cooper, who Senior Class Treasurer Ellen Dabela '06 said was chosen to speak because of his unconventional rise in the journalism world, told graduates to follow their passions and resist compromising their happiness by taking a safe, predictable career.

"When I was graduating and deciding what to do with my life, I felt paralyzed. I thought I had to figure it out all at once … and I now know it doesn't work that way," Cooper said. "Everyone who I know who is successful professionally or personally could've never predicted when they graduated from college where they'd actually end up."

After graduating with a degree in political science -- which he said has given him little more than the ability to read a newspaper -- Cooper said he had difficulties finding a job. After applying for entry-level positions at various news broadcast agencies and being repeatedly rejected, Cooper said he decided he had to strike out on his own and create opportunities for himself, since no one was willing to give him opportunities. Cooper said he then borrowed a video camera, forged a press pass, and hopped on a plane to Burma to jumpstart his career as an international news correspondent. After spending two years hopping from one war-torn country to another shooting footage and interviewing locals, Cooper said he eventually secured a job at ABC News after showing them his footage. Although Cooper said he valued the time he spent at Yale, he said the experiences he had in the streets of places such as Port-Au-Prince and Sarajevo were more enlightening than anything he had done in his college years.

"I've never been asked what my grades were at Yale. … Nobody has ever asked me about my senior thesis, and I've never gotten a job because I was on the lightweight crew team," Cooper said. "All those things were hugely important to me at the time, but right now, in truth they are dim memories for me. … When you graduate the slate is wiped clean."

Throughout Cooper's speech, graduating seniors applauded raucously. Starting out with a greeting to "members of class of 2006, friends, faculty, parents, members of the Taliban," Cooper set the lighthearted and sarcastic tone of his speech with a jab at the Yale Alumni Association.

"You don't know this about the Yale Alumni Association, but let me just warn you: for the rest of your life, they will hunt you down no matter where you go, no matter what country you live in, they will find you and write you letters and squeeze this for every cent you make," Cooper said. "If Osama bin Laden was a Yale grad, they would have known what cave he was hiding in."

Cooper also remarked that standing on stage in front of the 1,281 graduating seniors made him feel old -- especially since he was already in his senior year of high school when the class of 2006 first entered the world.

"The only thing about high school I remember is my senior prom … if what I remember is true, it is very possible that some of you are my children, especially you with the blue eyes and freakishly gray hair," said Cooper, pointing at an audience member. "Let me just say that if that is true, for legal reasons I can't say that whether you are my children, but I'm bursting with pride today, and I'm sorry for not being around for the last 20 years."

A few reminders:

Tuesday is the release date for Dispatches from the Edge. My copy and DVD's shipped last week, so I'm expecting it in the mail tomorrow.

The Birthday Drive is in it's final few days. Please join fans in giving to a very good cause.

Tuesday watch for Anderson and his mother on Oprah, check your local listings for time and channel.

And one final note. Did you catch Larry King Live on Monday night? One of the best hours of television I've seen in ages. Larry had Wolfe, John Roberts, John King, Candy, James Carville and J.C. Watts. I rewatched the repeat, it was that good. Looks like a strong week for LKL. Tim Russert Tuesday, John Mc Cain on Wednesday, Donald Rumsfeld on Thursday and Mr. Cooper on Friday. Strong week and BTW John King is the second best looking newsman on TV.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Few Charitable Notes....

1) Got an email from the Keeping Them Honest Campaign and wanted to post it so you all could take a look and please help out!

Dear Fellow Anderfan::

If you believe in what Anderson Cooper is doing for the gulf coast, then PLEASE, do this! The help for these people is long overdue, especially, when it come to the essential basics of housing and debris removal. How can these people rebuild their lives, if they don't have this!

Give the Help That You Would Want Given to You!

For those who are not aware of this letter writing campaign and those who are just now being introduced to it, the only "politics" involved in this effort is the politics of compassion and honesty! This is a non-partisan effort! It's not about fingerpointing at Republicans or Democrats. They have both had an equal share in making a mess of things.

A petition has been incorporated into our website. Please sign and share the info with friends and family members. Please help and send these links to as many people and contacts as possible!

The organizers of this project are women of varying political and religious affiliations. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage people to speak up, speak out, hold elected officials accountable and motivate them to take action. Your efforts can help over one million people get their lives back!

It's time we all stop quarterbacking from the sofa. Time we all get in the game!

Participation in this project says nothing of your politics, but speaks volumes about your heart!

2) The Birthday Donation Drive only has about one week left! If you haven't already please give. The AFSP will be notifying Anderson of the donation amount as well as the number of people participating. As of last week the total is $1500 and counting, with over 40 people donating! That's a good total but I think we can do better. Please take a minute and donate today! When you donate, you are donating directly to the AFSP. They are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau for charities.

3)If you've got nothing better to do this summer go help out in NOLA! To find out how go ------->

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy Saturday

A special thanks to Bleedblue for finding the first 3 photos on Oprah's website this morning. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My 'E' Ticket

What a day! I feel like a kid who has an 'E' ticket. Just hold on and enjoy the wild ride! I'd like to quote a friend before I move on to more important matters.
"Trolls are a constant nuisance. These people like to scoot around the net, becoming "part of the action" and later ripping it apart.I don't think any of us has any real shame here. WE'RE FANS! What are we going to discuss? Friggin Sartre? No! We're going to discuss the serious, the silly, the funny and the sad as they relate to the object of our fanship. "

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, do you live under a rock? No really, consider yourself lucky. Enough said let's move on to tonight's show, which BTW, I loved. Did you recognize the black leather jacket?

I probably could find a picture that illustrates the jacket better but I will use just about any excuse to post this cap from "The Mole".

I've decided to keep a running total on Mr. Cooper's conversations with Sheriff Joe. I see it as Cooper 0 vs Arpiao 2. I'm telling you this guy is slick. Here's the link to a few more articles on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpiao.

And just for fun an oldie but goodie:

Donald Rumsfeld briefed the President this morning. He told Bush that 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq. To everyone's amazement, all of the color ran from Bush's face, then he collapsed onto his desk, head in hands, visibly shaken, almost whimpering. Finally, he composed himself and asked Rumsfeld, "Just exactly how many is a brazillion?"

Some random thoughts

screencap by jld119

Do you ever have nights, when watching 360, that you just wish you could tell Anderson what you're thinking? I'm sure he'd want to know my random thoughts on tonight's show so here they are.

~ Don't you ever get tired of being on the road? I thought you might travel to Yuma on Thursday but never, in a million years, did I expected to see you in California tonight.

~Are you in California for 2 days so you can tape Larry King Live for next week? Which, if that is the case, should then be called Larry King Taped.

~Why does CNN continue to tell us what Bill Richardson (D, New Mexico), Arnold Schwarzenegger (R, California) and even Rick Perry (R, Texas) think on border issues but never bother to talk to Janet Napolitano (D Arizona)? She's smart, articulate and named by Time as one of the 5 best governors in the U.S.

~What took you so long to have Mike Watkiss on 360? I emailed you about him back in October. (Now don't think I'm all crazy fan here, please. My friends will vouch for the fact that I did send the story idea to 360 way back in October along with Warren Jeffs name and contact information for Mike Watkiss. )

~Why, oh why, did you have to put Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, on 360 again tonight? This man has cost our county millions of dollars in wrongful death suits because of his inhumane treatment of inmates. He's been investigated by Amnesty International, by the Justice Department for violating constitutional rights of jail detainees and inmates, and on and on. The word megalomaniac was coined specifically because of this man. Nice try Anderson at calling him on his shortcomings, but no cigar. The Sheriff came out of your interview unscathed.

~Since you've developed such an interest in the LDS religion may I suggest you consider interviewing Martha Beck? She's a life coach, author of 'Leaving the Saints' and she also writes a column for 'O' magazine. Ms. Beck, daughter of a prominent Mormon apologist, has a unique view of the LDS religion.

~And while I'm telling you my random thoughts, here's one more. Do you have any idea how good you look in those jeans? It makes it really difficult to concentrate on the news. ♥♥♥♥

We're counting down to the end of the birthday drive. Please, if you haven't already done so, go to the birthday website and make your donation today. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Anderpictures!

These pictures were taken in Chicago as Anderson walked back from the studio to his hotel. Here's the whole story, and by the way thanks to BleedBlue and her very cute cousin!

"Ok, guys, guess what? My cousin just met Anderson in downtown Chicago!! I live in the 'burbs, and I was thinking of going down there, and probably would have if he was taping outdoors. When I saw he was in the studio, I called Luke, my cousin who is alway downtown trying to get someones autograph and picture. Pearl Jam is in town for a concert, so he was hanging outside the Four Seasons. Anyway, when I saw that the second hour wasn't live, I called him and told him to get over to the Omni hotel right away (that's where Oprah puts her guests). At about 10:20, he called me and he just met Anderson on the street corner, outside the Express store on Michigan avenue! He was walking towards the Omni with a woman with shoulder-length brown hair and a light-skinned black man with very short hair. He signed the Vanity Fair magazine, and the woman took a picture of Luke and him together. Then Luke asked him if he'd hold up the magazine for a picture (LOL) and Anderson declined, but he did pose for a pic alone (not holding the mag). Now, unfortunately, he was using a disposable camera. I'm so pissed that I didn't go down there. I tried to get as many details out of him as I could and asked if his eyes were as beautiful in person, but he just laughed at me. Why oh why did I not go down there?????"

Thanks again BleedBlue and Luke.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some dates to mark on you calendar.

May and June promise to be a busy month for Anderfans. But along with all the special appearances come abbreviated shows and guest hosts. It's definitely a double edged sword. Tonight being a prime example. Who suspected that we would be treated to an encore of '24 Hours on the Border' during 360's second hour?

It worked for me because nothing, not even Anderson, would make me miss the 2 hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy. It wasn't as good as last year's but I must say I cried like a baby when they had to put Doc to sleep. I must look like a psychic to my daughter (instead of my usual psycho). I predicted every single thing that would happen in the show. I did think that Izzy would go to jail though, not quite right there, but close enough. Sorry, I'll stop.

Mr. Cooper did seem to have on a new tie tonight. The ladies at Andersphere thought it looked a little like he was running for President of the Young Republicans. You be the judge.

Here's a rundown of some scheduled appearances from the Funhouse calendar. Hang on to your hats, I'm sure it's going to be a bumpy ride for the next few weeks.

May 16th Anderson tapes Oprah (no airdate announced but stay tuned because according to Oprah's website Friday is still TBA)

May 21st Anderson is scheduled for two appearances. The Book Expo in DC and the Class Day speech at Yale

May 23rd Release of 'Dispatches from the Edge'

May 26th Pretaped Larry King Live (no phone in questions)

May 30th Co hosts Live with Regis and Kelly Guest include: Winner of American Idol, Mariah Carey, & Larry the Cable Guy

All May Don't forget the birthday drive.

Here's something that made me smile, enjoy.

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person, which almost went unnoticed. Larry LaPrise, the man that wrote "The Hokey Pokey" died peacefully at the age of 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started. Shut up. You know it's funny.

And finally, since I'm all over the place today with my blog I'll leave you with some John King.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day? Mine was as good as it gets. Besides presents, lots of flowers and spending time with both of my kids, my husband gave me the 'Dispatches From the Edge' book and CD's (preordered on Amazon)! He's just the best.

I am also over the moon excited about the birthday drive. I checked the birthday website tonight and they have a total posted for the first week of giving. I'm so happy to see Anderson's fans supporting this wonderful charity. Please take a minute and check on the total donation. If you haven't already contributed to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention follow the link and directions.
Some drama occurred this week when it was suggested that some were leery of donating to this good cause. They worried that someone would abscond to Mexico with the money. If you read the birthday website you know that all monies are donated directly into the charities coffers. Whomever organized this drive never touches a cent of your money. The charity has a perfect rating by the Better Business Bureau and has a 3 star rating at Charity Navigator . Please check out the AFSP site and hopefully you'll see what a worthy cause it is.

Don't forget AC 360 is being broadcast from Chicago Monday night. Anderson is in Shy Town to tape Oprah on Tuesday. I apologize in advance but I'll be watching the 2 hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Looks like Dr. McDreamy and Meredith are finally going to get back together.

And since this is supposed to be All Things Anderson I leave you with a collage made by a very talented Anderfan. Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day. Here are a few pictures of Anderson with his beautiful mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

Please take a few minutes this weekend and donate to the birthday fund.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Anderson yes, Oprah no!

*Names have been changed. *
This is going to be long. (And this is the short version!) I hope you all will bear with me and read this. I think every Anderfan should know what I’m about to say and somehow in my dreams, I guess, I hope Anderson will see this too. He deserves to know what has been happening with his fans too.

A lot of my friends were hurt this week. A LOT! I am angry, sad, mad, furious, frustrated and down right pissed off.

This week there have been a lot of rumblings about Oprah and the show they are doing on Anderson. Well, things went from good to bad, to worse to even worse within a matter of days. Let me tell you a story about Oprah and Anderson's fans....

Sara wrote into Oprah’s show a few months ago and explained how much she admired a group of ladies she was working with and how what they were doing was inspired by Anderson. They had all worked hard to make a difference and this came from all their hearts. They did this to help people in need and that was all that was important to them. Sara was called by the people on Oprah and interviewed about this and she told her story about the work they were doing and then the producer from Oprah called all the other ladies involved along with several other fans that had personal experiences with Anderson. These issues ranged from health issues to suicide attempts. These were all very personal stories and not easy to share with this producer. Mr. Producer explained that they wanted to do something nice for Anderson and show him how much of an inspiration he was to others.

Sara was invited to go on the show and talk about the work she and her fellow friends had done. This was a really great opportunity for her and for the work she had been doing. The word about their campaign would get out and maybe bring more attention to the cause. Laura, who also worked with Sara on her cause was invited to be on the show and they both had photo shoots set up at their house and plans to go to Chicago all ready to go.

Before Laura was invited, another lady, Betty, was also invited to go to Chicago to tell her story. They even got so far with her as to ask her to take time off work and were starting to make plans for her to come to Chicago. Betty has had a rough time of it lately and this made her week, month etc. Well, a few hours later they call her and tell her sorry, but they aren’t doing the segment. The way it was handled was very poor. It seems to me that after doing shows for 20 years the Oprah show would have figured by now how to do this kind of thing without hurting people this way.

In the mean time Mr. Producer also talked to others and found out about the Birthday Donation Drive that was going on for Anderson. He proceeded to take over the Birthday Donation Drive and told Sara and Laura that they were going to present this birthday donation drive on the show. Both of them did not want to do this because they realized it was not how the organizers of the fundraiser for Anderson’s birthday wanted to do it. With the show taping on May 16th, it was only 2 weeks into the donation drive and the organizers (BDO's)didn’t want to spoil the surprise for him when the drive wasn’t even complete. Also, the drive was not about getting publicity or notoriety for one group or one person. It was put together to be a group effort that the entire fan community could come together for. Knowing that and agreeing with that, Sara and Laura felt uncomfortable about presenting the idea at all. Also, they knew that the BDO's didn’t feel comfortable with the way it was being handled. Mr. Producer manipulated the BDO's to get his way. When all was said and done Mr. Producer basically said that if Sara and Laura didn’t talk about the Birthday Drive and the charity they would not be going on the show. Even though the BDO's weren’t happy about the way Oprah’s people went about this, it would not have been fair to deny Sara and Laura (who have worked so hard in their own campaign) the opportunity to go and be on Oprah and to meet Anderson. Basically, it didn’t seem like a big deal to mention the birthday drive, when it seemed far more important to mention a campaign regarding helping people dealing with Hurricane Katrina. Oprah’s people felt strongly about the birthday drive and pushed forward and the BDO's relented and realized that it was more important to keep the peace and allow Sara and Laura their chance with their cause.

Well, a few hours after all of this seemed solved; Mr. Producer calls everyone and tells them the whole segment is scrapped. (Aren’t the tabloids and gossip columns thrilled now! Hope you feel really good that your crappy comments played a part in breaking two people’s hearts). It seems that Mr. Producer tells Sara and Laura that the BDO's spoiled their chance at being at the show. Then tells the BDO's that “it wasn’t their fault, these things just happen. It’s a real shame it worked out this way.” So, not only did they crush people, screw up friendships, blame the wrong people for their choices and basically screw up everything they don’t get to take the blame for any of it. How dare they? Mr. Producer seemed to say several times to people that they didn’t want to cause any problems with friendships etc. Well, too late!

See, we fans are just normal people living our everyday lives. We go to work or to school. We come home and we spend time with our families and we lead our lives. A lot of my Anderfan friends are kind hearted, hard working normal ladies that just wanted to make a difference. They have taken hours of their own time to work on a cause that Anderson has inspired them on. Yes, he’s just a man. We all know he is human but we admire him for the way he reports and the way he makes us want to do something to help others. We all choose to see his kind heart and do things we think would be important to him. We aren’t stalkers or crazed fan, we are just average woman that want to make a difference. Sara and Laura(let’s not forget about Betty) deserved their time and they were screwed out of it. A group of other ladies where screwed over by this too. In the grand scheme of life this may not be important but to them it meant the world. I just hope Anderson knows how they were being treated. Maybe he won’t care but I should hope he’d give a damn about his fans being stomped on and others being manipulated all in the name of good television. Way to go, Oprah!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Newsflash: Anderson Cooper is taping the Oprah Show on Tuesday, May 16th in Chicago. The subject of this show will be his book "Dispatches from the Edge". No air date has been announced.

Some days are better than others. Today was one of those days that could have been better. When I sat down to blog it occurred to me how blessed I am with many girlfriends that make the not so great days bearable.

My daughter has always been my best girlfriend. She doesn’t get the Anderson obsession, she doesn’t even have basic cable, but she loves whatever makes me happy.

I still have the girlfriend I made my first day of kindergarten. As we sometimes tell each other we know all the skeleton’s in each other’s closets so we have to stay friends. She is my rock, as I am her’s. There is nothing I can’t tell her. I was her maid of honor and she was mine. So much history, so much love.

Then there is my best girlfriend from college. Everybody should have a Toby in their lives. She’s always the one I turn to when I need a laugh, like today. When we talk, the years seem to melt away and we’re back in State College raising hell and drinking way too much. I wish she lived closer.

I have girlfriends in my life from when our kids were in the same class in school, or on the same soccer team. We celebrate new grandbabies and the frustrations of children who have outgrown our advice.

Then there are the girlfriends I found in my travels and when living abroad. They are like a touchstone for my memories of my wandering past.

But today I want to focus on my Anderfriends. We’ve had a rough day today, for many reasons. It’s hard to believe that I’ve developed this bond with women that I’ve never even seen face to face. But such a part of my life they’ve become. One is enduring health problems and we all worry so about her. She is always the voice of reason that tries to keep us, as a group, from offending Anderson. One is a young mother who has gone back to college. But no matter how hectic her life is she is always there when you need to talk. Another is going through some major life changes. Finding us and Anderson has given her new joy in her life, and she give me so much joy as a girlfriend. Several are just beginning their careers and how they find time to balance that and our obsession, I don’t know, but they do. Its funny how many of us girlfriends have rediscovered our love for writing because of Anderson.

And there is me. These ladies have helped me fill a very big void in my life. Between both my kids getting married in the last few years and my mother losing touch with reality I needed more than my old, established girlfriends. When I found this group of girlfriends I found my voice again. To them I’m not someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone's daughter or sister but a girlfriend. And that is the best thing to be.

Girlfriends give advice when you ask for it. Sometimes you take it, sometimes you don't.

Girlfriends don't always tell you that you're right, but they're usually honest.

Girlfriends still love you, even when they don't agree with your choices.

Girlfriends might send you a birthday card, but they might not. It does not matter in the least!

Girlfriends laugh with you, and you don't need canned jokes to start the laughter.

Girlfriends pull you out of jams.

Girlfriends don't keep a calendar that lets them now who hosted the other last big party!!

Girlfriends will give a party for your son or daughter when they get married or have a baby, in whichever order that comes!

Girlfriends are there for you, in an instant and when the hard times come.

Girlfriends listen when you lose a job.

Girlfriends listen when your husband strays.

Girlfriends bring casseroles and scrub your bathroom when you need help.

Girlfriends keep your children and keep your secrets.

Girlfriends listen when your children break your heart.

Girlfriends listen when your parents' minds and bodies fail.

Girlfriends cry with you when someone you loved dies.

My daughters, sisters, family, and friends bless my life!