Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Live", 360 and Charlie Rose

Today is the last day of Anderson's Birthday Drive. Please take a moment and contribute.

I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday. Just think, we've already arrived at hump day this week, and from there you can practically smell the weekend!
Just Jared came through again with some great candid photo's of Anderson taken after 'Live with Regis and Kelly'. Check out his link, there are more there.

And speaking of 'Live with Regis and Kelly' Anderson claimed to have never seen the AC 360 tee shirts that we first featured on All Things Anderson back on May 3rd. How cute was it when Kelly held one up and pointed out the globe in the shape of a heart? Anderson said he would be putting a stop to the sale of the shirts, so if you want one better give the CNN store a call pronto. They will ship the shirts directly to you. The phone number is 212-275-8888. Maybe they should put me on commission? screencap by stillife

I received word late today that Anderson was on Charlie Rose on Tuesday night also. Lucky for me it broadcasts here at 1PM the next day, so I didn't miss it. Here's a screencap of the appearance by bcfraggle.

At one time or another everyone complains about the news media not being able to let go of a story that we've grown tired of (ie: the face transplant). I am so glad 360 continues 'Keeping Them Honest' when it comes to the Pat Tillman case. CNN has worked diligently to uncover the facts and expose the Ranger coverup that has swirled around this 'friendly fire' case. Maybe by CNN and the Tillman family insisting that the ugly facts in this case be revealed, those in charge will think before lying to another family about the circumstances of their loved ones death.

While Kelly Ripa has her 'Big Love' and Anderson has his 'American Idol' and 'Tiara Girls' I, Phebe, also have a secret television obsession, besides 360. It raises its head every summer and causes me to lose great amounts of sleep. Well, today I'm 'over the moon' about my obsession because I've just learned that this summer's version is going to be Big Brother, the All Star Edition. Yes, sadly, I am addicted to Big Brother. Not just the show, mind you, I also stay up half the night watching the live feeds on the internet. I'll try to keep my television passion compartmentalized but be forewarned it will spill over onto All Things Anderson occasionally.

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Anonymous said...

he'd better NOT put a stop to those shirts! i haven't ordered mine yet ;) besides, cnn's probably really really pleased with the amount of moolah those shirts are bringing in :)

thanks for sharing the pics :)