Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Anderpictures!

These pictures were taken in Chicago as Anderson walked back from the studio to his hotel. Here's the whole story, and by the way thanks to BleedBlue and her very cute cousin!

"Ok, guys, guess what? My cousin just met Anderson in downtown Chicago!! I live in the 'burbs, and I was thinking of going down there, and probably would have if he was taping outdoors. When I saw he was in the studio, I called Luke, my cousin who is alway downtown trying to get someones autograph and picture. Pearl Jam is in town for a concert, so he was hanging outside the Four Seasons. Anyway, when I saw that the second hour wasn't live, I called him and told him to get over to the Omni hotel right away (that's where Oprah puts her guests). At about 10:20, he called me and he just met Anderson on the street corner, outside the Express store on Michigan avenue! He was walking towards the Omni with a woman with shoulder-length brown hair and a light-skinned black man with very short hair. He signed the Vanity Fair magazine, and the woman took a picture of Luke and him together. Then Luke asked him if he'd hold up the magazine for a picture (LOL) and Anderson declined, but he did pose for a pic alone (not holding the mag). Now, unfortunately, he was using a disposable camera. I'm so pissed that I didn't go down there. I tried to get as many details out of him as I could and asked if his eyes were as beautiful in person, but he just laughed at me. Why oh why did I not go down there?????"

Thanks again BleedBlue and Luke.


Unknown said...

Nice pictures!! Luke is a cutie!

Quitty said...

You warmed me o' man...loosened tie * tight road jeans *thud*

Thanks Bleedblue and Luke

Anonymous said...

luke IS a cutie! and a VERY lucky duck!!! fabulous pics!

Ellee said...

What is with that HUGE,LOUD tie?
Is he making a statement of sorts?
He's worn it for two nights, now. Maybe he really likes it.

Unknown said...

Those eyes, that smile, those jeans what can I say I'm in lurve.