Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some random thoughts

screencap by jld119

Do you ever have nights, when watching 360, that you just wish you could tell Anderson what you're thinking? I'm sure he'd want to know my random thoughts on tonight's show so here they are.

~ Don't you ever get tired of being on the road? I thought you might travel to Yuma on Thursday but never, in a million years, did I expected to see you in California tonight.

~Are you in California for 2 days so you can tape Larry King Live for next week? Which, if that is the case, should then be called Larry King Taped.

~Why does CNN continue to tell us what Bill Richardson (D, New Mexico), Arnold Schwarzenegger (R, California) and even Rick Perry (R, Texas) think on border issues but never bother to talk to Janet Napolitano (D Arizona)? She's smart, articulate and named by Time as one of the 5 best governors in the U.S.

~What took you so long to have Mike Watkiss on 360? I emailed you about him back in October. (Now don't think I'm all crazy fan here, please. My friends will vouch for the fact that I did send the story idea to 360 way back in October along with Warren Jeffs name and contact information for Mike Watkiss. )

~Why, oh why, did you have to put Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, on 360 again tonight? This man has cost our county millions of dollars in wrongful death suits because of his inhumane treatment of inmates. He's been investigated by Amnesty International, by the Justice Department for violating constitutional rights of jail detainees and inmates, and on and on. The word megalomaniac was coined specifically because of this man. Nice try Anderson at calling him on his shortcomings, but no cigar. The Sheriff came out of your interview unscathed.

~Since you've developed such an interest in the LDS religion may I suggest you consider interviewing Martha Beck? She's a life coach, author of 'Leaving the Saints' and she also writes a column for 'O' magazine. Ms. Beck, daughter of a prominent Mormon apologist, has a unique view of the LDS religion.

~And while I'm telling you my random thoughts, here's one more. Do you have any idea how good you look in those jeans? It makes it really difficult to concentrate on the news. ♥♥♥♥

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Unknown said...

Phebe I think he might be trying to keep his mind off the book coming out next week. You know being in NYC reminds him of the publisher. Ii feel sorry for Molly - she never gets to see her daddy anymore. And you're right about the sheriff he is one of those crazies who takes authority into his own hands. At least Anderson did make an effort to call him on his actions.

xtina said...

Ah, so THAT's why Anderson is in LA. LarryKing is big, like Oprah, you go to them to be interviewed, they don't come to you !
p.s. Is Larry King still alive?