Friday, July 21, 2006

All good things must come to an end....

screencaps by bcfraggle


There's lots to discuss in the Anderworld today but I'd like first to address the closing of the Anderson Cooper Corner Blog. Like so many of you, the first Anderson blog I ever read was ACC. I would check it daily for all the latest news and comments on my favorite newsman. I really considered it to be the gold standard of AC blogs. As I understand it, Reese (owner of ACC) would rather go out on top then see ACC be neglected, and I can certainly understand that. These blogs become like one of our children. We take great pride in the good days and feel awful on those days when our writing is less than ordinary. There are a great deal of ugly things that can befall you as a blogger. In my experience the worst of the worst are the trolls. Ugly little creatures that take get pleasure in mucking up all things good. What ever the back-story is for Anderson Cooper Corner we're sorry to see them go and wish Reese and Christian all the best.

Now on to the reason we're all here. Time to discuss Thursday's 360 and the ever handsome Anderson Cooper. Just when does Anderson Cooper sleep? He finished doing 360 at 7 AM (all times listed are Cypress time) he hopped a helicopter for Beirut at 1 PM, arriving at 2 PM. He covered the evacuations and appeared on TSR at 2 AM, Paula Zahn at 3 AM and LKL at 4:40 AM. Then did 360 at 5 AM. Did anyone else notice the shot of him taking a nap on the helicopter? I think that was him leaning against the wall with his arms folded and his head down when they showed the wide shot of the rear door open. Adorkable, as always.
And is it just me or does he look like he's lost some major weight in the last 10 days. Looking at him last night I couldn't help but think I know 6th graders who weigh more than he does. I would kill to have those hips (take that any way you want!).

CNN has really pulled out all the stops on covering this war. I was really surprised to see Dr. Sanjay show up on Cyprus tonight. Who's next? Good John please!!!!

Last I wanted to mention a comment we had yesterday from a new reader to ATA. She said we are a riot. Is that a good thing? And she went on to mention that she had interviewed Gloria Vanderbilt while she worked for her high school newspaper. That got me to thinking. If I had the chance to meet Anderson or his mother Gloria, who would I pick? Surprisingly, I think I'd pick Gloria. The interior designer in me has so much I'd love to talk with her about. And when we've covered Bauhaus and Bohemian, etc I could also listen to those stories that only a proud mother can tell about her famous son. Brilliant, huh? I'll wager I'm the only one who feels this way, right?

And I guess the word for today is Tetterboro? Who knew?


Laura said...

Hehe, I've been reading you all for a few days now after finding this blog. I've finally stopped lurking.

As a Bostonian I was happy to have him tell a story about our area. The airport crack was cute ^^

Anonymous said...

i also wish reese & christian well.

and y'know, you've got a point about interviewing gloria. i'll bet she's got some absolutely adorkable stories that she loves to share--something he'd never tell!

Rita said...

OMG I was sooo shocked to see Dr. Gupta there, and I loved how Anderson just called him Sanjay without the Dr. it was informal and i just liked it!!

I will miss ACC, but understand where Reese and Christian are coming from, wish them the best as well!

Chelsea said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, and now I think I have enough to comment on :P

I don't think I could choose between Andy and Gloria. The artist in me starts to get incredibly excited at the mention of Bauhaus, but then the journalist (and female, haha) in me thinks about Andy and what I could learn from him. I guess I'll just have to have dinner with both of them.