Friday, July 21, 2006

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

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CNN has spared no expense in covering this crisis in the Middle East. When you consider most reporters have at least 2 others traveling with them the costs for this total coverage must be staggering. Sanjay arrived in Beirut today and did a segment on the ability of Lebanon to maintain it's hospitals in the midst of war. I find pieces like this so much more interesting than some of the interviews with world leaders who really just talk in circles. It was a very pleasant surprise to see Nic, in a suit, at the presidential palace in Beirut. I don't think I heard one word of the interview, I was a bit gobsmaked. I can not imagine packing to cover a war and including a suit. Anderson isn't know as the most phenomenal packer. But he did manage a sportcoat when he interviewed the US Ambassador at the American Embassy.
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Most of you don't know me in my regular life but if you did then you'd know how much I despise Wal-Mart. I started a new book today, which I love BTW, called We're Just Like You, Only Prettier by Celia Rivenbark. I wanted to share a small bit with you because it made me feel that someone truly does see Wal-Mart as I do.
"The other day, as I stood in the "twenty items and under" checkout at the new Slap-Yo-Mama-Fine Super Wal-Mart, I grew increasingly irritated. It's supposed to be faster but it isn't because it allows all kinds of credit and debit swiping and swooshing and Espanol and what-not. No one actually pays with cash money anymore, like when I was a girl. I know this because I gave the cashier a twenty-dollar bill and she looked at it , puzzled, like it was badly aged lettuce.
Before that, I'd tried three lines that turned out to be not moving at all. They were, apparently, faux checkouts. Wal-Mart seems to have more of these than anybody else. People who look like real customers stand for hours at a time talking with people who look like real cashiers but no one actually moves."
And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I hate Wal-Mart and love Ms. Celia Rivenbark.

I can not for the life of me understand what the hell James is thinking. I know Chicken George bugs the crap out of him, but come on. He's not a threat, no way. Today James nominated Chicken George and Will with the intent of voting out CG. Will wants to go and that usually means you get to stay, we'll see. IMO James should be sending Jase home. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

don't get me started on the evils of wal-mart. gah. you are not alone in your, shall we say, intense dislike of the place.

on a slightly different note, we've been having to adjust to places allowing people to pay with personal checks. the husband's not used to it at all; since i've lived in places outside nyc, it's nothing new. i just didn't realize it was still so accepted a practice! i guess that's what living in the city will do to you.

Quitty said...

My sympathies to Anderson and his mom as well.

Ah! Wal-mart. I despise it too. I cuss every time I have to go in there. My local Walgreens, Dollar General, and Kroger are thriving because of the Wal-mart backlash. I haven't always despised Wal-mart. I actually worked there in the late 1980s when it was a warm & friendly discount store. Not anymore...One time while shopping someone came up to me in the store begging for money to feed their baby and they had an incident a couple of years ago when some crazy person stabbed an employee in the store. It is almost like it's its own microcosm.

If you hadn't used that first pic today I was going to use it for my next blog. I lurve it!

Jennifer said...

Good day everyone!

Add another person to the roster of those who despise the evil empire, also known as , Wal-Mart. That place makes my skin crawl. I prefer Target.

I wondered if Sanjay actually brought some more clothes over to AC? We hadn't seen that olive colored A&F shirt all week till yesterday when Sanjay arrived. And I don't know about the jacket? I'm guessing that when AC threw stuff in a bag, he didn't realize he'd be gone so long.

And Nic looked FINE in a suit. First time I've ever seen him in a suit. Wow.

Don't forget, AC is live tonight!

Unknown said...

Ac and his mom are in my thoughts today.

I'm okay with Walmart, but I prefer SuperTarget.

xtina said...

No, he brought the sport coat for our dinners in the Greek Islands when he sneaks away to meet me on the weekends.

Linnea said...

I'll chime in with the WalMart haters as well. I happen to know they're about as anti-union as a company can get. Lucky for me, we don't have many Wal-Marts in the Twin Cities. Target is much better.

I'll also join in with those of you who swooned at the sight of Nic in a suit. I just about fell off the couch. Damn, but he's one good-looking man!