Thursday, August 31, 2006

It wasn't good for me tonight, sorry Anderson.

Best thing about Wednesday's 360 was Anderica was back!

screencaps by bcfraggle

I sit here in amazement as yet another abbreviated 360 has concluded. Wednesday's show did offer an exclusive interview with Warren Jeff's oldest sister but there was not much else to get excited about. So rather than focus on the negative I'll just move on.

Steve Sabludowsky of the BayouBuzz posted a brief interview he did with Anderson yesterday, in NOLA, after the ceremony and social at the Cultural Arts Center. Enjoy!

In related Andernews today's Denver Westword had some not too kind words for AC and other talking heads in relation to the coverage of the John Karr arrest.

"Granted, plenty of TV talking heads made the same tactical error as the Rocky (Rocky Mountain News), and when the DNA results broke, few pundits were willing to admit it. On the August 28 episode of MSNBC's Scarborough Country, Joe Scarborough, in Mississippi on the eve of the Katrina anniversary, devoted a sizable chunk of his show to a debate between commentators Wendy Murphy and Jeralyn Merritt on the question of whether Lacy is "an idiot." (No conclusions were reached.) The "experts" who dished that evening with MSNBC's Cosby, CNN's Anderson Cooper, Fox News's Greta Van Susteren and her colleague Sean Hannity largely acted as if they'd known Karr was a kook all along, but neglected to censure themselves for lavishing so much attention on an obvious nutball. Not so comedian Bill Maher. Speaking with CNN's Larry King, Maher said ratings-hungry execs were desperate for "any excuse to show footage of [JonBenet] prancing around in a cowboy outfit like a little whore."

screencap by Sheryn

Have you been watching The Situation Room this week? Wolf is on vacation and John King has been hosting. I really enjoy his anchoring and even though TSR is on for 3 hours a day I think it has less repeated segments than 360. Opps, sorry a negative comment slipped out. I would really like to see John get his own time slot, but with John Roberts waiting patiently I guess it isn't going to happen for JK.

And finally I've got a treat for all of you. Krissy__ from Live Journal has agreed to share one of her beautiful computer wallpapers of Anderson. This will brighten the darkest day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Was tonight good for you?

screencap by bcfraggle

Was tonight good for you? It was great for me, thanks for asking. As you know the polygamy story ranks right up there for me, so to get 2 full hours of 'field AC' covering Warren Jeffs and NOLA was like finding nirvana. I was semi disappointed that Mike Watkiss didn't make an appearance on tonight's 360. Mike was on local news pretty much non stop today, so I did get to enjoy his insight on the arrest. Maybe Anderson will have him on again in the upcoming days.

With such a busy news day today do you have any idea what Anderson did with his free time? He went to a parade. Specifically the 'One New Orleans' jazz funeral procession. And just who accompanied Anderson Cooper to this procession. A police officer and a cute little Chinese shar-pei. It's not Molly but it's a cutie none the less. I found these, thanks to ACfan at Andersphere, posted on Flickr. Enjoy!

On a personal note DH is no longer unemployed. There is so much up in the air I have a feeling the saga will continue. I've got mixed feelings about DH going back to work, he's been a great help with the bathroom remodel. And speaking of the remodel, the faux finish on the vanity is growing on me. Guess you can give me a 'I told you so' Andy's Girl. I found the most perfect fabric this weekend for the shower curtain and I finished sewing it today. I still need to design and construct a cornice/valance for over the shower, but with company coming this weekend, it will have to wait. One of these days soon I'll post some pictures.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

360 back in NOLA

Breaking News: Warren Jeffs was captured in Las Vegas early this morning in a routine traffic stop. Mike Watkiss caught the first flight out of Phoenix, to Vegas, this morning and I have high hopes he'll be talking with Anderson tonight. Don't moan......I love this story!

First I would like to thank everyone who commented on yesterday's post. We really do like hearing your opinions.
screencaps by bcfraggle

I looked forward all day to 'Anderson Cooper 360' being back in NOLA tonight to mark the first anniversary of Katrina. What a disappointed viewer I was, to say the least. Only the first hour was live and much of it was eaten up by coverage of the wacko John Karr. As I said in last Monday's blog.....A few minutes to tell me where he is and when he's charged will suffice, until the DA wants to release some hard evidence. I really don't care to hear what everyone and their brother thinks is going on. As Joe Friday (sorry if you're to young to get the obscure reference) used to say "Just the facts, Ma'am".

There were a few things about Monday's 360 that I did enjoy. The interview with Louisiana's Chief Medical Officer was a bit mind boggling. How the hell did this guy end up in charge when he doesn't have a clue? I guess that not having a clue seems to be a prerequisite for being in a position of authority in Louisiana?
The before and after pictures of NOLA were very interesting, as was Dr. Gupta's report.
And then there was Rick Sanchez and the monster melons.
"And in Louisiana monster melons. A father and son team set new state watermelon records. The biggest melon grown on their farm weighed a whopping 252 pounds. The other two watermelons were both over 200 pounds, by the way. The duo's ultimate goal is to set a new world record. For that they would need to grow another melon that would weigh 268 pounds. No matter how you look at it, those are some big melons. Anderson, back over to you."
Makes you wonder if AC got the joke or was that just a polite smile?

I glad to say that BCFraggle has gotten her computer glitch fixed and is back to capping. I was driving Ms. Sheryn nuts with my requests for late night caps. Thanks to you both for all the hard work. When Anderson was exploring the abandoned house did you notice all the paraphernalia strapped to the back of his jeans? Surprising that the weight of those battery packs doesn't sag his low risers down to his ankles. Ahhh a girl can dream, right?

Finally this from Sunday's Times-Picayune:

Sean Callebs and eight other CNN staffers, including former WDSU-Channel 6 and WGNO-Channel 26 anchor Susan Roesgen, operate out of a low floor in a Central Business District office tower but basically roam the region feeding stories to the network's wheel of programming, from American Morning to The Situation Room to Anderson Cooper 360.
The bureau has been in place since before New Orleans floodwater began to recede. Its first location was a compound of trailers on the Canal Street neutral ground. Other bases have been Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and an office building on Prytania Street.

CNN's Central Business District space was unveiled in June. It's equipped with editing bays, satellite uplink gear and a small studio for live shots. A sidewalk on Poydras Street has been one location for correspondents to intro prepared pieces, as has the office building's roof, from which Cooper has anchored editions of "360".
Roesgen and Belinda Hernandez, a veteran of WDSU and WWL-Channel 4 who's now CNN's local assignment manager, are charged with infusing CNN's reports with local flavor and context, a dependably mysterious brew that tends to baffle outsiders.
"Suzie and I are the locals here," said Hernandez, a graduate of Archbishop Chapelle High School and Loyola University. "There are incredible journalists at CNN who have good news judgment to begin with, but the nuances with New Orleans -- we can help shed a light on that, so they can add color and texture to the piece that they're doing."........
"Anderson Cooper 360" will originate from New Orleans Monday and Tuesday night at 9 (Cooper has returned to the region 22 times since Katrina, according to the network). Sanjay Gupta, CNN's senior medical correspondent, will contribute reports about the region's health-care status during "360." Tuesday at 8 p.m., Sen. Mary Landrieu and Aaron Neville will be the guests on "Larry King Live."

Janelle has the most unbelievable luck of any person on earth. If you watched Sunday night then you know that Erica nominated Janelle and Chicken George this week. Of course Janelle won the POV and took herself off the block. Remember when Erica won HOH she whispered in Danielle's ear that she was safe? Well you guessed it, Erica nominated Dani to replace Jani on the block and it looks like Dani is done.
Last week I blogged a link to a website with pictures of Janelle's supposed boyfriend, a football player in the NFL. I heard from the site's admin and he's received further info and changed his mind about the bf. Here's the link for the read and here's the new guess as to Janelle's Big Daddy.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


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Sometimes I'd like to pretend that most people are good, at least down deep, and that we all hope and wish the best for others around us. After spending many years in retail (ha) and many years on the internet I wonder if I'm just naive and too optimistic?

I think most of us came to this little corner of the internet (The Anderson online community) to connect with other people that understand what we see in Anderson.... that maybe feel the same way we do about issues he presents on his show. Most people just want someone else to relate to what they feel. So, once you find a place that you think you've found understanding you feel happier, like maybe you aren't so weird, well, maybe just a little weird. But this fandom is about the strangest place I've ever been in cyberworld. It's has the best and worst. I've met some unbelievably awesome people, some of them have even become my offline friends and it's wonderful to have these remarkable people in my life!

However, there are some really dark people lurking about and I try really hard to understand them... understand why they do the things they do or why they say the things they say to others. Sometimes I believe that it's because the internet makes you anonymous or virtually anonymous and that makes someone feel they can say or do anything they want to others without consequence or without hurting someone. Other times I believe there are just a lot of sick and sad people in the world. Are they so miserable that they must make everyone else that way too? Is this the only way they can function in the world?

I know that, in the end, this is just the internet and that it's not real life. But somedays I doubt the goodness of people when all you see is hateful and nastiness. I have seen some very hateful things done to people I care about, not just things that would be considered harmless trolling but very horrible things that effect real life. If I could, I'd wish that these people would go away or at least fade into the back ground and never rear their ugly heads, but I know that no matter what anyone does they will always be there. For me to understand why Anderson attracts such a disproportionate amount of crazies I think I might need a degree in psychology, which I don't have. So, maybe I'll stop trying to understand them and just feel bad for them... hoping that they will find some peace in their life and learn that hurting others is not the way to go. I know better though, but I'll try. That's all any of us can do.

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Just a reminder that the voting for the Relly's (Regis and Kelly awards) is starting today and Anderson is nominated. So, please go cast your vote!

One last thing...

I know that all of us here at ATA really appreciate the people that do screencaps! Those people spend a lot of their own time doing them and for those of us that have never done them, I'm sure we can't understand how time consuming they can be. So, we give you guys a big shout out! Sheryn, Bcfraggle, Stilllife, Legionpossessed, Jld1119 and others I'm probably forgetting. Thanks!

I'd like to thank jld1119 for the top screencap. I'm not sure who provided the Anderson and Kelly one, so let me know if it's yours and I'll give ya credit.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kent State, Rumors, and Katrina

Kent State Speech

Back in February, Anderson gave a speech to an overflow crowd at Kent State. WLC who brought us that great birthday video has kindly uploaded a video snippet from the Kent State interview. From WLC's blog...Before the speech, Anderson showed up in our room. (Total has two extra rooms for late-arrived audiences.) The moderator told us we had two questions for him. So, first question was about how he chose the issue to report. The answer? Check the video I took. (Sorry for the short record and blur.)

After that, Anderson saw the book, Families, written by his dad, Wyatt Cooper, in front of an old lady. He was very surprised and happy. And when he found out it was a library book, he laughed. He opened it and read the words, “Families: A Memoir and a Celebration,” and said he was very young (in this book). At that moment, it felt like he found and recalled his memoir. (That was an emotional part.)...more >>.

Thanks for uploading this WLC!!!

The Rumor Mill

Earlier this week, on another Anderfan blog, someone tried to start spreading rumors that Anderson was a druggie. Of all the rumors I've heard on Anderson this is one rumor that has never been close to being substantiated. In fact, back in October 2005 on Newsnight, Anderson commented "Yes, in New York City, I mean, I have a number of friends actually who have started using [meth] and their lives have been complete destroyed. Two people in particular who have held jobs, and a lot of people who started, have jobs, and it makes them feel more efficient at work, but it very quickly -- in these two people's case, I mean, I've lost contact with them. Their lives are destroyed. They've like lost their jobs, their apartments, everything." (photo courtesy Anderson's Funhouse)

Katrina - A Year Later

(photo courtesy of Sheryn)
I can't believe it has been a year since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. The little bit of tropical storm force wind I got was unnerving so I can't fathom having to endure hurricane force winds and a tidal surge. The next few days I sat there helpless and stunned as the events unfolded. One year later they are still picking up the pieces. I read an article today that sums up the status of things all over South Mississippi.

"The American attention span is pretty short," said Aletha Burge, director of community initiatives at United Way of South Mississippi. "We talk to people all the time who say, Y'all must be pretty much back to normal.' But there's nothing normal about the situation here." For example, Hancock County has only two grocery stores, she said. At the beachfront, maybe five homes are being rebuilt. "We're talking about miles of slabs, deserted," she said, describing the Gulf Coast beachfront. "And folks need a lot of help with rebuilding. As slow as the grant money and everything else has been, we rely on volunteers to keep things moving while people are still waiting for insurance payments and grants."

Hancock County's volunteer coordinator, Kathleen Johnson, speculates the Mississippi Gulf Coast actually may be hurt by good publicity. "I believe people are hearing the message that we are rebuilding and we are well on the way to recovery,which is true," Johnson noted. "But we are just now starting the reconstruction." She's seen the great things done by the churches, school groups and civic organizations. But now school's back in session, it's the height of hurricane season and South Mississippi's oppressive August heat may be more than some folks can take. "We've got others promised to come down in October and we're seeing the booking numbers increasing, but not at the rate we're going to need to rebuild the 10,000 or so damaged homes we have here in Hancock County." Destruction also was widespread in Jackson and Harrison coastal counties, then as far north as Hattiesburg and as far west as McComb.

Burge said volunteers with construction skills are needed. "It's one thing to gut a house, and another thing to put it back together," she said. The Methodist volunteer camp site on the beach in Bay St. Louis is capable of housing about 100 volunteers. Right now, the camp is empty.

She's at a loss for immediate volunteer help.

"I have not heard of really any more, but maybe 15, in town at this time," she noted. "We're probably never going to see the numbers that we've seen in the past that's a reality as long as there's not that hype on the national TV that we had during the height of this.

"It's just not going to happen."

Anderson will be along the MS Gulf Coast and in NOLA this week. There is progress but I hope he'll focus on everything that still needs to be done and show ways people can volunteer.

Friday, I was talking to a coworker who had just gotten off the phone from someone who lives on the Gulf Coast. He said they are on pins and needles about Ernesto. Even before the projected path was announced they were already making evacuation plans. As much as we need the rain in this region I don't wish a tropical system on anyone. All of you across the Gulf Coast are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and dry! If you need to evacuate, your neighbors to the north are ready to welcome you again.

Looking for the Anderchronicles? On its own blog for your reading pleasure. Check it out at:

Walk of Shame?

I usually don't drink and I haven't been drunk since college. OK, there was that one night when I first discovered Long Island Ice Tea but never since, honest. Anyway DH and I had an event we went to on Friday night and I had a little to drink. But I don't think it was enough to leave me as confused as I am. We got home in time for me to catch the repeat of 360 and here's what I'm not sure about. Was Anderson wearing the same clothes as last night, or did I have too much to drink? What a luscious thought it is to think of Mr. Cooper doing the walk of shame.

Last night:


screencaps by sheryn
I'll leave you with a few pictures to help you through the long weekend. I'm off to have a sweet dream about you know who.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Thursday Night

It was a wonderful two hour 360 tonight. I've developed a new viewing strategy that has made 360 even more enjoyable. My strategy won't please CNN, but I find if I don't watch TSR, LKL, et all then I enjoy 360 much, much more. Why? If you notice AC almost always replays part of LKL, reports that have aired on TSR, etc. but if I haven't watched it earlier, then it's all new to me.

I've been reading lots of buzz in the last few days saying Anderson is rescheduling the 92nd St Y appearance. Originally he was to be with Charlie Rose, at the Y, on the 7th of September. The latest word is that he is rescheduling it for the 5th because he's leaving to go out of the country on the 6th. If you have tickets best to give the Y a call and confirm this information. Now onto the speculation. Where would Mr. Cooper be heading to? And doesn't he know it's hurricane season and we might need him here in the good ole USA? Guesses anyone? I'm thinking Africa and praying it's not Iraq. Those reports tonight about Jill Carroll's ordeal and the Fox newsmen scared the hell out of me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sorry I was snoozing

I'm ashamed to admit I slept through the abbreviated 360 on Wednesday night. But thanks to the kindness of Ms. Sheryn I have some great screencaps to share with you from Tuesday night's 360.

Since I got a nice nap tonight I had some time to look around the web and I came across one of my favorite Anderson/Erica moments at You Tube. This clip is when Erica botched Anderson's name and the teasing ensued. Enjoy.

There could be more fireworks on Thursday night's live show. James is going, but he doesn't know it. He's going to be pissed at Boogie and Will, to say the least.

I'm really getting disgusted with the BB producers. Will and Mike Boogie have clearly made a deal with Janelle to get to the end and split the money. This is against the house rules, yet BB isn't doing anything about it. If you hear them say a 'slice of the banana bread' or the 'August 22 discussion' they are referring to their aggreement to split the 1/2 million three ways.

And in other more interesting BB news:
Janelle has mentioned several times that her boyfriend, nicknamed "Big Daddy", is an NFL player. The other night she mentioned that he was 33 years old. She also mentioned the city of Detroit when talking to Will. Since she lives in Miami and is from Minnesota it wasn't adding up. Then someone put it all together and came up with Dan Wilkinson, a 33 year old defensive tackle that just signed with the Miami Dolphins, after asking to be released from the Detroit Lions last January.Of course this is purely speculation, but his nickname is "Big Daddy" and he has connections to Detroit and Miami, and is 33 years old. Read more here.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who's your pick?

screencap by sheryn

While I was watching 360 on Tuesday night a question occurred to me. If I can't have Erica Hill do the 360 Updates who would be my second choice? While I have enjoyed Tom Foreman, he doesn't lend himself to the banter and teasing that I so enjoyed between AC and Ms. Hill. The banter and snark isn't there with Randy Kaye either. My vote is with Sophia Choi or Christi Paul. Sophia because she can bring out the snarky Anderson and Christi just because I've met her and I like her. Who's your choice?

I'm a little off my game tonight so bear with me I'll probably be all over the place before I'm done.

On Monday morning, I half heartedly watched Al Roker announce this years Quill Awards. If I had payed better attention I would have notice that Anderson was nominated for Dispatches in the memoir and biography category. What are the Quills you ask? The Quills, now in their second year, are hoping to challenge the more staid National Book Awards and the Pulitzer Prizes, which have tended toward works with strong literary merit but sometimes little public recognition. The award's promoters aim to promote literacy and gain the kind of recognition that the Booker Prize bestows on British authors. The awards will be presented on October 10 and the ceremony will be broadcast by NBC on October 28. Last year's show featured an introduction by "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart and celebrity presenters including Deepak Chopra and "Sex and the City" actress Kim Cattrall.

What is it with Yesterday they slammed Anderson as a replacement for Larry King, today they are just slamming him period. Note to It would make your article more creditable if you got your facts correct. ...Cooper's face seems to be everywhere these days: not only on Vanity Fair and on billboards but on "Oprah," "The Daily Show," "Late Night With David Letterman," "The Tonight Show" and soon on "60 Minutes" where Cooper will be a correspondent. Did I miss an appearance by Anderson on The Tonight Show recently? I don't think so. The article isn't very flattering to Mr. Cooper, but if you must check it out here's the link.

And since I've been a little grim tonight I want to leave you with a forward we got today from one of my husbands friends. It probably has a little bit more truth to it then most women want to admit, me included. Enjoy (or not!).


40-ish............................... 49
Adventurous.................... Slept with everyone
Athletic............................. No breasts
Average looking.............. Moooo
Beautiful........................... Pathological liar
Emotionally Secure......... On Medication
Feminist........................... Fat
Free spirit....................... Junkie
Friendship first................ Former slut
New-Age......................... Body hair in the wrong places
Old-fashioned................. No BJs
Open-minded................. Desperate
Outgoing......................... Loud and Embarrassing
Professional................... Bitch
Voluptuous..................... Very Fat
Large frame.................... Hugely Fat
Wants Soul mate............ Stalker

Women's English
1. Yes = No
2. No = Yes
3. Maybe = No
4. We need = I want
5. I am sorry = You'll be sorry
6. We need to talk = You're in trouble
7. Sure, go ahead = You better not
8. Do what you want = You will pay for this later
9. I am not upset = Of course, I am upset, you moron!
10. You're certainly attentive = Is sex all you ever think about?

Men's English
1. I am hungry = I am hungry
2. I am sleepy = I am sleepy
3. I am tired = I am tired
4. Nice dress = Nice cleavage!
5. I love you = Let's have sex now
6. I am bored = Do you want to have sex?
7. May I have this dance? = I'd like to have sex with you.
8. Can I call you sometime? = I'd like to have sex with you.
9. Do you want to go to a movie? = I'd like to have sex with you.
10. Can I take you to dinner? = I'd like to have sex with you.
11. I don't think those shoes go with that outfit = I'm gay

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yea! The Vacation is Over.

Yea, the good news is he's back and thank God I was wrong about the 2 week vacation. Anderson looked rested and as handsome as ever. The bad news is I'm in a pissy mood and I'm going to trash the show tonight. Sorry, but read on and maybe you'll agree with me. It's really not AC that I'm bitching at, my biggest beef is with his graphics people. Why would you put a handsome white/silver haired pale anchorman in front of a white/grey moving cloud graphic for most of the show? There was no contrast. Even the caps look a little washed out. Thanks by the way to BCFraggle, as always she is greatly appreciated.

I did enjoy the tiniest bit of snarky Anderson tonight when he said "Ah, the creepy song stylings of Warren Jeffs". I know most of you are tired of the polygamy stories but I'm truly fascinated by them. Here's a little secret that I've never shared before, and please don't hate me, cause I really don't think I'm responsible, honest. Back in October, I sent Anderson a story idea about Warren Jeffs. I've met Mike Watkiss several times and have followed his reports on my local news for years and I thought Anderson would find the plural marriage issue interesting. A few weeks later he did a segment on the Lost Boys but never had Mike on or tackled the Warren Jeffs story until the FBI added him to the 10 Most Wanted List in May of 2006. So it's really not my fault that he's gone down the polygamy road, right?

There is an interesting read at about Larry King entitled "Dethroned.....Larry King's Lite-Brite needs to be turned off for good" by Amy Reiter. The article concludes with "Well, we'd be overjoyed. We'd be thrilled. We'd be excited to welcome some slick young buck ready to ask the tough questions. Unless, of course, that person was Anderson Cooper -- or, heaven forbid, Nancy Grace." I beg to differ with Ms. Reiter. I think AC would be very good with the LKL format. People and their stories are the AC reporting that I enjoy most.

What I am tired of is the press coverage of John Karr and the JonBenet Ramsey case. A few minutes to tell me where he is and when he's charged will suffice, until the DA wants to release some hard evidence. I really don't care to hear what everyone and their brother thinks is going on. As Joe Friday (sorry if you're to young to get the obscure reference) used to say "Just the facts, Ma'am".

Now for the real basis for my pissy mood. I don't think I like the faux finish I put on my bathroom vanity while remodeling and it's going to be a whole lot of work to change it. The paper hanger comes tomorrow and I'm hoping that will help it make sense, but I doubt it. On the bright side my DH did get the wainscoting up today and it is spectacular! I also found a huge 6 foot framed mirror for under $100 that I bought today, so that made my mood somewhat brighter. The saga continues.

And finally it looks like my pick James is toast. He lost the veto competition to Janelle and Boogie put up Chicken George in her place. Chilltown wants James gone and unless Danielle can work her magic Thursday might be his swan song. Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Anderson Interview Circa 2003

Thought I'd put up this interview today. Makes me kinda wistful for the old 360, but I guess it's long gone and not coming back. Don't get me wrong I love the current 360, but I wish he'd inject a bit more humor into it.

Tongue in Cheek, Hip On Camera

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After devoting a good chunk of his CNN talk show to the Michael Jackson circus, Anderson Cooper told viewers to "say goodbye" to media coverage of such important subjects as Medicare and stock-market reform. "We'll miss you," he joked.

Not that Cooper is exempting himself from his tongue-in-cheek indictment of cable news excess. "We do things with a wink and a nod," he explains. "If you don't include yourself in the critique, you have no business doing it."

As CNN's youngest prime-time host, the 36-year-old Cooper is being positioned as the hip face of the network -- despite his protestation that he's not particularly cool and is, in fact, "kind of boring." But who else would report on an MTV reality show starring ex-teen sensation Jessica Simpson and her husband, calling them "pretty, ridiculously rich and comprehensively clueless"? Or do a week-long series on "Infidelity in America"?

CNN may be hoping that some of Cooper's celebrity dust rubs off. He is, after all, the son of Gloria Vanderbilt (who made a pre-Thanksgiving appearance on his show), as well as one of People magazine's sexiest men of 2002.

So far, he hasn't brought any ratings magic. "Anderson Cooper 360" has averaged 474,000 viewers in recent weeks. That's down 28 percent from CNN programming a year ago and well behind the 1.3 million viewers for Fox News's Shepard Smith, though ahead of MSNBC's Chris Matthews. But CNN executives point to a 15 percent rise in the coveted 18-to-49 age group.
Cooper calls the three-month-old venture "a show that can go from what's going on in Baghdad to some ridiculous pop culture item." He says he takes hard news seriously but tries to bring "a sense of irony" to lighter segments, particularly a closing commentary called the "Nth Degree."

Citing a poll in which nearly two-thirds of Americans think they'll get into heaven, he deduced that "heaven has an acceptance rate of 64 percent. That means it's easier to get into heaven than it is to, say, Harvard or the Augusta National Golf Course."

After Pat Robertson, no fan of the State Department, said he'd like to "get a nuclear device inside Foggy Bottom" and "blow that thing up," Cooper observed: "In fairness to Robertson, he didn't specifically say he wanted to kill anybody, although nuclear bombs are well known for at least creating widespread inconvenience."

Little wonder, then, that CNN picked Cooper to moderate last month's "Rock the Vote" presidential debate, which he began by playing back many of the candidates' sound bites to try to deter them from canned rhetoric. "I was really pleased with it," he says of the debate, while conceding it was "unfortunate" that a CNN producer planted the much-ridiculed "Macs or PCs?" question with a college student.

Some CNN staffers were wary when the prematurely gray journalist was hired in 2001, because he had just finished hosting an ABC reality show called "The Mole," featuring 10 strangers and one secret saboteur. ABC tapped him from its overnight news show, said the New York Times, "for fairly obvious reasons: he is on the young side and good looking (a draw to those young women so attractive to advertisers)." Cooper insists, rather half-heartedly, that he doesn't regret his "Mole" period and that it was "a fun experience."

Clearly, his upbringing as the son of a famous fashion designer was out of the ordinary. The Times once ran a picture of him shaking hands with Charlie Chaplin, one of his mom's pals. But he says he learned early on that those who have "fame and fortune" are "just as unhappy and screwed up as everyone else."

First he paid some serious dues. In 1991, Cooper quit as a fact-checker for the school video service Channel One and, armed only with a video camera, traveled to such strife-torn areas as Burma, Rwanda and Somalia. Channel One started using his reports.

"I was terrified," he says, and sometimes slept on roofs because the major networks had booked the available hotel rooms. But "for me, it was always about going to far-off places and telling people's stories that weren't being told."

Cooper recently revisited his past in a painful way, writing in Details magazine about the death of his older brother, Carter, who in 1988 leaped from the balcony of his mother's penthouse apartment.

"I'd sort of been writing it in my head for some time," he says. "It was the notion of linking the events surrounding my brother's suicide and the things I learned from being in a combat environment. It was not pleasant."

Perhaps Cooper's subversive streak comes from his privileged background and the resentment he felt toward big-time television honchos when he was "eating network dust" during his Africa travels.

"I very much do not want to become what I used to make fun of," he says. "The newscaster on 'The Simpsons' sadly is not that far off from what you see out there."

Here's hoping he's back from vacation today but with this description from the 360 website, I'm not so sure?? "Shunned by their church, community and society. But polygamists say they haven't lost their way. Pride in polygamy. "

Thanks to Xtina for the picture

Photos, Honors, and an Andermask

Back in know...waaaay back when Anderson wore a suit and worked in New York, he was a keynote speaker at PROMAX. I went back to their site today and they have posted photos from the event.

In the photo on the right, PROMAX wrote "Cooper gets back at Colbert with a handshake fake out. “Jon Stewart never would have fallen for that,” Cooper quipped." If you look close you can see Anderson's right arm pushing his silver mane back.

When Anderson was doing his book tour he gave many, many interviews. I found another one the other day on Graham Bensenger's Sports Show that is broadcast on Sirius. There isn't anything new that most Anderfans haven't already heard, but he does say that the 1st year in Southeast Asia "sucked"!

Back in April, Anderson signed an AC themed Commedia style mask that was auctioned off to support the Landfall Foundation of Wilmington. The value was $100 but the winning bid was only $25?! The colors are fitting but what is the deal with the pirate hat? Also, is it me or does the mask's nose look like Anderson's?

With the 1st anniversary of Hurricane Katrina coming up, we all know Anderson will be reporting from the region that week. Not surprisingly, Anderson will be making appearances at other NOLA events. On August 29th, the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans is honoring Anderson along with the Medical Community, and the citizens of Houston. The event is entitled 8/29 Rememberance and Rebirth and even if Anderson wasn't being honored it looks like a great event to attend. For $10, there is food, a dance troupe, great NOLA music, and of course Anderson!

While it isn't the Emmys (he has 3 nominations), Anderson has been nominated for a Relly?! Yes, a Relly. Apparently, Regis & Kelly give out awards every year and since Anderson has co-hosted a couple of times he was nominated for Best Regis Impression. He is up against several people (including Regis himself). The category he should have been nominated for was Best Guest Co-Host Moment. After all, how many guest hosts shoot slime, bounce in an inflatable jungle gym in his suit, and spit Coke Blak on the floor. I don't watch the show so I haven't seen the other nominees but come on...Anderson got beat out by Pat Sajak?! Anywho. On Monday, August 28th go online to the Relly Awards website and put your vote in for Anderson. On Friday, September 22nd the winners will be announced. (photo courtesy BCFraggle)

Looking for the Anderchronicles? On its own blog for your reading pleasure. Check it out at:

Day 5 of the Andervacation

It's Friday night and we made it through an Andersonless week. As promised, Bleedblue has sent another wonderful Nth Degree for our enjoyment. It's entitled "Not -So-Subliminal Messages. Have a great weekend and lets all pray the Andervacation is over.

screencap by legionpossessed

One of the things we haven't seen lately due to field Anderson and vacation Anderson is 'The Shot'. Here's one that I'd love to see Erica and Anderson discuss.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 4 of the Andervacation

pictures courtesy of xtina

Doesn't that first photo just make your day? It's been a long week but we survived. And there was some Anderson news in a press release from CNN today:
"Anderson Cooper will anchor 360 from New Orleans on Aug. 28 and 29. "Keeping Them Honest" will be a focus. Sanjay Gupta will return to New Orleans "to take the city's health care pulse."

So we know for sure Anderson will be back doing 360 on Monday the 28th. I was the first to say this could be a two week vacation. I'm never right when it comes to predicting the unpredictable Mr. Cooper, so don't give up hope that he'll be back before the 28th.

The lovely Ms. Sheryn, from Sheryn's Anderations, emailed me a screencap that was requested by an ATA reader. The cap is from the Nth degree 'Mug Shot' that I posted earlier this week. Thank you Sheryn. If You Tube cooperates I'll be posting another 'new' Nth degree Friday night.
As some of you, who read ATA regularly, know my DH has been unemployed for a month now. I finally found my dream job for him today. Sure his degree is in Business Management and he doesn't live in NYC, but he does possess some skills that would make him perfect for the job. He's the smartest person I've ever met, he has written professional articles about his industry and a published article about his hobby. And an added bonus is he would make a wonderful body guard because he's big, strong and overly protective. Wondering what the job is that I want him to apply for?

Job Title:
Freelance Writer, Anderson Cooper 360
Time Warner

Job Code:
New York, NY
Job Description

Posting Job Title Freelance Writer, Anderson Cooper 360
TimeWarner Division Turner Broadcasting
Location United States - New York - New York
Requisition # 65642BR
Position Type Temporary
Posting Job Description Qualifications: Minimum of three to five years television journalism with writing experience. Must have excellent writing skills, strong interpersonal communication skills. Must be able to work well with both production crews and talent. Superb integrity and professionalism. Well organized, computer literate: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet (iNews, MediaSource a plus).

Duties: Writes a broad range of stories. Writes breaking news copy using audio and video elements. Develops story and guest ideas, and writes special projects when necessary. Dissects press releases and news reports. Performs other related duties as assigned. This person will fill-in for staff that is on vacation.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and its subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity Employers.

Yea, I know, he doesn't have a chance, but a girl can dream can't she. I can't take credit for finding this, it was a masterful researcher who posts at a closed Anderson community. If you want to apply here's the link. If you get the job you owe me (and her) big time!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Day 3 of the Andervacation

pictures courtesy of xtina

I had a very odd day indeed. I took my husband to Walmart for the first time in his life. If you've been here for a while you know how I despise Walmart, but when you need food, painting supplies and craft stuff and it's 109 outside, one stop shopping has its advantages. So Walmart it was. Husband got lost twice and I had to call him on his cell phone to see where he had wondered off to. At the end of our trip we did the self check out. For those of you who have tired this wonderful technology at Walmart, you know it's not an exact science. I keep telling him you have to leave the bagged items on the stand until you've finished paying. This seemed to confuse him as he kept putting stuff in bags and into the cart. The computer kept yelling at him and he was getting more and more annoyed. As we were walking out he asked why I use the self check out. I told him as bad as it is the live clerks are even worse, but I don't think he believed me.

When we finished our big outing I put my feet up to read some catalogs that had come in the mail. One of my favorites, Charles Keath, had an item in it that boggles the mind. What is this world coming to when you walk your dog in a stroller. I'm not kidding, take a look.
I had an uncooperative scanner tonight that cut the price off. It's $129 if you're interested. I won't be ordering one any time soon, but I did find the cutest little prints for the bathroom I'm remodeling.

Did anyone catch 360 on Wednesday night? Tom Foreman did a really good job and it was nice to see Jeffrey Toobin, again. It's been a while. Did anyone notice that Randi Kaye seems to have bought her jacket at the Big Bird boutique, just like Christiane?

And one final thought that I hope doesn't upset anyone. It's within the realm of possibilities that Mr. Cooper will be off next week also. He's not due in NOLA until the week of the 28th, for the one year anniversary. Then there is the special on Wednesday night "In the footsteps of Bin Laden" starts at 9 eastern and runs for 2 hours. That means it preempts the first hour of 360, right? I'm just trying to prepare for the worst and hoping for the best.