Tuesday, August 29, 2006

360 back in NOLA

Breaking News: Warren Jeffs was captured in Las Vegas early this morning in a routine traffic stop. Mike Watkiss caught the first flight out of Phoenix, to Vegas, this morning and I have high hopes he'll be talking with Anderson tonight. Don't moan......I love this story!

First I would like to thank everyone who commented on yesterday's post. We really do like hearing your opinions.
screencaps by bcfraggle

I looked forward all day to 'Anderson Cooper 360' being back in NOLA tonight to mark the first anniversary of Katrina. What a disappointed viewer I was, to say the least. Only the first hour was live and much of it was eaten up by coverage of the wacko John Karr. As I said in last Monday's blog.....A few minutes to tell me where he is and when he's charged will suffice, until the DA wants to release some hard evidence. I really don't care to hear what everyone and their brother thinks is going on. As Joe Friday (sorry if you're to young to get the obscure reference) used to say "Just the facts, Ma'am".

There were a few things about Monday's 360 that I did enjoy. The interview with Louisiana's Chief Medical Officer was a bit mind boggling. How the hell did this guy end up in charge when he doesn't have a clue? I guess that not having a clue seems to be a prerequisite for being in a position of authority in Louisiana?
The before and after pictures of NOLA were very interesting, as was Dr. Gupta's report.
And then there was Rick Sanchez and the monster melons.
"And in Louisiana monster melons. A father and son team set new state watermelon records. The biggest melon grown on their farm weighed a whopping 252 pounds. The other two watermelons were both over 200 pounds, by the way. The duo's ultimate goal is to set a new world record. For that they would need to grow another melon that would weigh 268 pounds. No matter how you look at it, those are some big melons. Anderson, back over to you."
Makes you wonder if AC got the joke or was that just a polite smile?

I glad to say that BCFraggle has gotten her computer glitch fixed and is back to capping. I was driving Ms. Sheryn nuts with my requests for late night caps. Thanks to you both for all the hard work. When Anderson was exploring the abandoned house did you notice all the paraphernalia strapped to the back of his jeans? Surprising that the weight of those battery packs doesn't sag his low risers down to his ankles. Ahhh a girl can dream, right?

Finally this from Sunday's Times-Picayune:

Sean Callebs and eight other CNN staffers, including former WDSU-Channel 6 and WGNO-Channel 26 anchor Susan Roesgen, operate out of a low floor in a Central Business District office tower but basically roam the region feeding stories to the network's wheel of programming, from American Morning to The Situation Room to Anderson Cooper 360.
The bureau has been in place since before New Orleans floodwater began to recede. Its first location was a compound of trailers on the Canal Street neutral ground. Other bases have been Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and an office building on Prytania Street.

CNN's Central Business District space was unveiled in June. It's equipped with editing bays, satellite uplink gear and a small studio for live shots. A sidewalk on Poydras Street has been one location for correspondents to intro prepared pieces, as has the office building's roof, from which Cooper has anchored editions of "360".
Roesgen and Belinda Hernandez, a veteran of WDSU and WWL-Channel 4 who's now CNN's local assignment manager, are charged with infusing CNN's reports with local flavor and context, a dependably mysterious brew that tends to baffle outsiders.
"Suzie and I are the locals here," said Hernandez, a graduate of Archbishop Chapelle High School and Loyola University. "There are incredible journalists at CNN who have good news judgment to begin with, but the nuances with New Orleans -- we can help shed a light on that, so they can add color and texture to the piece that they're doing."........
"Anderson Cooper 360" will originate from New Orleans Monday and Tuesday night at 9 (Cooper has returned to the region 22 times since Katrina, according to the network). Sanjay Gupta, CNN's senior medical correspondent, will contribute reports about the region's health-care status during "360." Tuesday at 8 p.m., Sen. Mary Landrieu and Aaron Neville will be the guests on "Larry King Live."

Janelle has the most unbelievable luck of any person on earth. If you watched Sunday night then you know that Erica nominated Janelle and Chicken George this week. Of course Janelle won the POV and took herself off the block. Remember when Erica won HOH she whispered in Danielle's ear that she was safe? Well you guessed it, Erica nominated Dani to replace Jani on the block and it looks like Dani is done.
Last week I blogged a link to a website with pictures of Janelle's supposed boyfriend, a football player in the NFL. I heard from the site's admin and he's received further info and changed his mind about the bf. Here's the link for the read and here's the new guess as to Janelle's Big Daddy.


Jennifer said...

How funny! I hadn't read anything online this morning before I posted on CooperWatch, but I was also very dissapointed in the show last night.

Here's hoping for a better show tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
First time posting here. Thanks for keeping this place honest!

Of all the AC blogs this was the first one I probably read. At that time it seems that it was being attacked by the trollosphere, you kept them at bay moderating the comments section. Congratulations.
So yes I am what someone might call a displaced blog refugee. It was sad to see the demise or the implotion of the other blog. But probably the owner really liked all the trolls and the attention, positive and negative, it was having.

I have to agree with you about last nights coverage. After watching American Morning today, Soledad did an incredible job. Lets see how AC bounces back.

Doing a quick search over the internet, I was surprised to find a lot of blogs and forums from people of NOLA blasting AC as a publicity hound. I think he is seriously commited to NOLA, probably CNN's marketing campaign went a little to far.

At least Karr is gone, and Warren Jeffs the polygamy guy was arrested. I hope AC360 won't go bananas over those two freaks and really focus on NOLA.

See you all!

Anonymous said...

I purposely missed the beginning of AC so I didn't have to watch anymore John Mark Karr garbage. Enough is enough. I am rather disappointed by CNN's coverage of Ernesto. I live in Miami, and I expected them to grab onto the first hurricane of the season and run with it for ratings. I mean come on. It is sort of a weird coincidence that its hitting on the same day as Katrina. Anyways, You don't think there's any chance Anderson is gonna stick himself in the wind and rain of Ernesto to cover the story do you? I know he always says every hurricane is going to be the last one he covers but...who knows?

Anonymous said...

Picture number 2:
The expression on his face is priceless. LOL

Mavis said...

It had to be a polite laugh about the melons. How inapproporiate!

Unknown said...

At least they caught him and hopefully we won't have to hear the same stories about it over and over. The story interests me but if I have to see the same stories they've played 20 times one more time I'll scream!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for several weeks and I really enjoy it. I am a BIG female fan of Anderson Cooper and I like what you write and what you don't publish. Like you have said in the past his personal life is his business. I just think he is an interesting person and I love most of his stories.

I too, was disapointed in last nights canned story. I just wondered if he had another story to go work on for tonights show and he wanted to give us a background to what happened, in case he thought people didn't remember or hadn't paid attention to the beginning of the hurricane last year.

Let's hope that tonight's show is better.

Thanks for letting me blog