Thursday, August 31, 2006

It wasn't good for me tonight, sorry Anderson.

Best thing about Wednesday's 360 was Anderica was back!

screencaps by bcfraggle

I sit here in amazement as yet another abbreviated 360 has concluded. Wednesday's show did offer an exclusive interview with Warren Jeff's oldest sister but there was not much else to get excited about. So rather than focus on the negative I'll just move on.

Steve Sabludowsky of the BayouBuzz posted a brief interview he did with Anderson yesterday, in NOLA, after the ceremony and social at the Cultural Arts Center. Enjoy!

In related Andernews today's Denver Westword had some not too kind words for AC and other talking heads in relation to the coverage of the John Karr arrest.

"Granted, plenty of TV talking heads made the same tactical error as the Rocky (Rocky Mountain News), and when the DNA results broke, few pundits were willing to admit it. On the August 28 episode of MSNBC's Scarborough Country, Joe Scarborough, in Mississippi on the eve of the Katrina anniversary, devoted a sizable chunk of his show to a debate between commentators Wendy Murphy and Jeralyn Merritt on the question of whether Lacy is "an idiot." (No conclusions were reached.) The "experts" who dished that evening with MSNBC's Cosby, CNN's Anderson Cooper, Fox News's Greta Van Susteren and her colleague Sean Hannity largely acted as if they'd known Karr was a kook all along, but neglected to censure themselves for lavishing so much attention on an obvious nutball. Not so comedian Bill Maher. Speaking with CNN's Larry King, Maher said ratings-hungry execs were desperate for "any excuse to show footage of [JonBenet] prancing around in a cowboy outfit like a little whore."

screencap by Sheryn

Have you been watching The Situation Room this week? Wolf is on vacation and John King has been hosting. I really enjoy his anchoring and even though TSR is on for 3 hours a day I think it has less repeated segments than 360. Opps, sorry a negative comment slipped out. I would really like to see John get his own time slot, but with John Roberts waiting patiently I guess it isn't going to happen for JK.

And finally I've got a treat for all of you. Krissy__ from Live Journal has agreed to share one of her beautiful computer wallpapers of Anderson. This will brighten the darkest day.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't good for me either. Although I really enjoy and respect Anderson's work I feel there has been a lack of coherence and effort in the production of his show lately.I think it is important to voice this, so thank you for allowing me to do so.

Anonymous said...

yup. with you on that. did love the anderson/erica moment. we need more of those, and more on other stuff. dammit.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I sent 360 feedback on how disappointed I am as a viewer about all the repeated segments, and the quality of the show. Didn't make it sound to harsh, but hopefully got my point across.

Rachel said...

Can I get that wall paper ROOM size? Oh, yeah I dont think the hubby would approve. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

I too am unhappy with the way the show is going. Do you think it is because it is summer time. Wonder what he is doing with all his free time? Maybe, god forbid, he needs to be cut back to an hour

Is it true, like other blogs are reporting that he is going to the Congo next week? Maybe that is why he is taking time off. With all the time he spent doing stories in the ME, maybe he has a lot of comp time.

sydney said...

Yeah, not good for me, either, quite a let down considering how much I enjoyed the night before. In fact, I had it on but barely watched it (unusual for me). I enjoyed Anderica but that was it. If we can just stop with the repeats, we'll be alright.

Phebe said...

anonymous, he is supposed to be going out of the country right after doing Charlie Rose next week but still only guesses as to where. Someone who saw him in NOLA this week said he is supposed to be back there over the weekend. I know nothing except that I want his frequent flyer miles!

Anonymous said...

Is Erica pregnant?

Linnea said...

Got a kick out of that interview segment! It is fun when Anderson's hint of a southern accent comes out... too sexy.

But yeah, this show wasn't their best. Enough already with the polygamy stuff and John Karr. Interesting, but just keep us updated, and don't go into a long analysis every time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,Anderson, I still love your cute birthmark, and your slightly bizarre speech issues. However, the repeats, and the Entertainment Tonight quality of the news has to stop!