Saturday, August 19, 2006

Photos, Honors, and an Andermask

Back in know...waaaay back when Anderson wore a suit and worked in New York, he was a keynote speaker at PROMAX. I went back to their site today and they have posted photos from the event.

In the photo on the right, PROMAX wrote "Cooper gets back at Colbert with a handshake fake out. “Jon Stewart never would have fallen for that,” Cooper quipped." If you look close you can see Anderson's right arm pushing his silver mane back.

When Anderson was doing his book tour he gave many, many interviews. I found another one the other day on Graham Bensenger's Sports Show that is broadcast on Sirius. There isn't anything new that most Anderfans haven't already heard, but he does say that the 1st year in Southeast Asia "sucked"!

Back in April, Anderson signed an AC themed Commedia style mask that was auctioned off to support the Landfall Foundation of Wilmington. The value was $100 but the winning bid was only $25?! The colors are fitting but what is the deal with the pirate hat? Also, is it me or does the mask's nose look like Anderson's?

With the 1st anniversary of Hurricane Katrina coming up, we all know Anderson will be reporting from the region that week. Not surprisingly, Anderson will be making appearances at other NOLA events. On August 29th, the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans is honoring Anderson along with the Medical Community, and the citizens of Houston. The event is entitled 8/29 Rememberance and Rebirth and even if Anderson wasn't being honored it looks like a great event to attend. For $10, there is food, a dance troupe, great NOLA music, and of course Anderson!

While it isn't the Emmys (he has 3 nominations), Anderson has been nominated for a Relly?! Yes, a Relly. Apparently, Regis & Kelly give out awards every year and since Anderson has co-hosted a couple of times he was nominated for Best Regis Impression. He is up against several people (including Regis himself). The category he should have been nominated for was Best Guest Co-Host Moment. After all, how many guest hosts shoot slime, bounce in an inflatable jungle gym in his suit, and spit Coke Blak on the floor. I don't watch the show so I haven't seen the other nominees but come on...Anderson got beat out by Pat Sajak?! Anywho. On Monday, August 28th go online to the Relly Awards website and put your vote in for Anderson. On Friday, September 22nd the winners will be announced. (photo courtesy BCFraggle)

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Phebe said...

Who knew there was so much Anderson in the news on a vacation week? Good job Quitman, thank you.

Unknown said...

Damn Quitty, you got it going on!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the insight Quitman. I saw the NOLA event on the internet and have added it to my trip itinerary it looks really interesting.

Sheryn said...

I think its wonderful that New Orleans is honoring Anderson!

And I love the Stephen/Anderson pic! Quitty, I bow!

Quitty said...

I kinda like "Quitty". I may start using that moniker.

QueenAnneGrl said...


@CJ shared this information w/me and I will go see him as well while in NOLA next week!

Fellow bloggers CJ, Libbey, and I will meet for the first time at this momentous 1st anniversary of Katrina.