Sunday, August 27, 2006


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Sometimes I'd like to pretend that most people are good, at least down deep, and that we all hope and wish the best for others around us. After spending many years in retail (ha) and many years on the internet I wonder if I'm just naive and too optimistic?

I think most of us came to this little corner of the internet (The Anderson online community) to connect with other people that understand what we see in Anderson.... that maybe feel the same way we do about issues he presents on his show. Most people just want someone else to relate to what they feel. So, once you find a place that you think you've found understanding you feel happier, like maybe you aren't so weird, well, maybe just a little weird. But this fandom is about the strangest place I've ever been in cyberworld. It's has the best and worst. I've met some unbelievably awesome people, some of them have even become my offline friends and it's wonderful to have these remarkable people in my life!

However, there are some really dark people lurking about and I try really hard to understand them... understand why they do the things they do or why they say the things they say to others. Sometimes I believe that it's because the internet makes you anonymous or virtually anonymous and that makes someone feel they can say or do anything they want to others without consequence or without hurting someone. Other times I believe there are just a lot of sick and sad people in the world. Are they so miserable that they must make everyone else that way too? Is this the only way they can function in the world?

I know that, in the end, this is just the internet and that it's not real life. But somedays I doubt the goodness of people when all you see is hateful and nastiness. I have seen some very hateful things done to people I care about, not just things that would be considered harmless trolling but very horrible things that effect real life. If I could, I'd wish that these people would go away or at least fade into the back ground and never rear their ugly heads, but I know that no matter what anyone does they will always be there. For me to understand why Anderson attracts such a disproportionate amount of crazies I think I might need a degree in psychology, which I don't have. So, maybe I'll stop trying to understand them and just feel bad for them... hoping that they will find some peace in their life and learn that hurting others is not the way to go. I know better though, but I'll try. That's all any of us can do.

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Just a reminder that the voting for the Relly's (Regis and Kelly awards) is starting today and Anderson is nominated. So, please go cast your vote!

One last thing...

I know that all of us here at ATA really appreciate the people that do screencaps! Those people spend a lot of their own time doing them and for those of us that have never done them, I'm sure we can't understand how time consuming they can be. So, we give you guys a big shout out! Sheryn, Bcfraggle, Stilllife, Legionpossessed, Jld1119 and others I'm probably forgetting. Thanks!

I'd like to thank jld1119 for the top screencap. I'm not sure who provided the Anderson and Kelly one, so let me know if it's yours and I'll give ya credit.


Sheryn said...

I have no idea how you just summed up my feelings so eloquently, but you did! Isn't sad how the sick few can ruin things for everyone else?

But remember dear, goodnes always prevails!

And thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

it IS sad that these people spend so much energy causing such negativity. i mean, think of what a difference it would be if they used ability for good instead of evil!!!

Krysti said...

I have a psychology Degree and I still Dont Understand. You summed it up perfectly though. And thank you to all who provide the screen caps, I have no Talent for that kinda of stuff so great job.

Jennifer said...

I agree completely with your post. I thinks its up to the good people to continue to fight the good fight whether its in regard to AC or anyone who seems to be unjustly accused of something.

pnut said...

I have been lurking here for a few weeks. I have to say that your site is awesome! I have enjoyed reading and appreciate your thoughts and comments. Please know that there are many of us who feel the same way you do. Thanks for doing what you do!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I've noticed Anderson as a persona seems to appeal to idealistic people and maybe it's the ones who've been hurt by life seem to turn him into a symbol of everything that has let them down. I don't think it's the usual troll stuff, as many of the negative people seem obsessed with him.

Phebe said...

It's a funny thing, this Anderson fandom. Through it I have met people who have become my closest confidants and I have encountered others who seem to have made it their life purpose to embarrass, ridicule and bring me pain. I'm sure that what we as bloggers have experienced is just the tip of the wackiness iceberg compared to what Anderson endures, but a least he gets paid for it!

Free5ia said...

I comment occassionally but read regularly. You were very eloquent in what you said; sadly though we may never understand why people do the hate-filled things they do. But in the face of it all we have to find the courage to have our own voice, and speak out for those being hurt and defend those who need it against malicious rumours.

I have been seeking a quiet spot here with "cyber friends" the last few days as we near the one year anniversary of Katrina. I just returned my from second stint "down south" (I'm from Toronto Canada) in Louisiana building houses for Hurricane victims with Habitat for Humanity and am finding myself very emotional watching the footage again and again on TV. Met some incredible people both times I have been down south who have taught me more about strength and grace than I could have learned in a lifetime anywhere else.

Thank God for Anderson and his continued passion and determination for keeping the public aware of the situation down there. I return home and people are dumbfounded when I tell stories of how horrible the situation still is one year later. I just don't understand FEMA, DHS, or the Bush administration ... what is going on down there?? Speaking of hurtful people, eh?

If you haven't been to the Gulf since Katrina I urge you to go - pump some money into the economy and give your support and see for yourself what is and is not happening there - the love and hospitality you receive in return will be something you never forget. If you live in the Gulf, know that there are many up north here in Canada who love you and support you and will be back to help again as soon as we can! (a group from a local church here just sent another 30 people down to help yesterday)

Thanks for the daily "Anderson retreat". Much appreciated as always. Don't let the nasty people get you down.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for ATA!

Put all the negative stuff aside!

No matter what negative vibes are out in Anderson's world, I believe he's good person. Keep up
all the positive stuff you do here!

i_heart_anderson_cooper said...

wow. I hope your online experiences get better! These people are in every aspect of life though- not just online. Just remember who your friends are & that the only people who matter here are you and the people you can call your friends.

Best Wishes.

courtney said...

There are "crazies" in just about every fandom that exists out there.

Fandom...such an odd thing, really. It's one thing to use that word in reference to a book, TV show, or movie, but to use it in reference to a human being is just bizarre.

What I'm trying to do is ignore the negativity, enjoy Anderson and his work, and get to know the "nice" AC fans. I've met some good people, learned a lot, and had fun.

In the end, it all comes down to respect--respect for yourself, and respect for Anderson. He's a human being just like us with thoughts and feelings, but I think some people have forgotten that in their quest to objectify him.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. And welcome to those lurkers out there! :) Keeping reading.

Anonymous said...

I loved it when Anderson saw that lady crying about losing her house and Anderson walked away from the camera for a minute while he got himself together. i think he's a good guy.