Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Was tonight good for you?

screencap by bcfraggle

Was tonight good for you? It was great for me, thanks for asking. As you know the polygamy story ranks right up there for me, so to get 2 full hours of 'field AC' covering Warren Jeffs and NOLA was like finding nirvana. I was semi disappointed that Mike Watkiss didn't make an appearance on tonight's 360. Mike was on local news pretty much non stop today, so I did get to enjoy his insight on the arrest. Maybe Anderson will have him on again in the upcoming days.

With such a busy news day today do you have any idea what Anderson did with his free time? He went to a parade. Specifically the 'One New Orleans' jazz funeral procession. And just who accompanied Anderson Cooper to this procession. A police officer and a cute little Chinese shar-pei. It's not Molly but it's a cutie none the less. I found these, thanks to ACfan at Andersphere, posted on Flickr. Enjoy!

On a personal note DH is no longer unemployed. There is so much up in the air I have a feeling the saga will continue. I've got mixed feelings about DH going back to work, he's been a great help with the bathroom remodel. And speaking of the remodel, the faux finish on the vanity is growing on me. Guess you can give me a 'I told you so' Andy's Girl. I found the most perfect fabric this weekend for the shower curtain and I finished sewing it today. I still need to design and construct a cornice/valance for over the shower, but with company coming this weekend, it will have to wait. One of these days soon I'll post some pictures.


Anonymous said...

that is a cute little shar-pei!

and congrats to your hubby on no longer being unemployed :)

to be honest, i would have been happier with a little less warren jeffs coverage and more gulf coast coverage. but that's just me.

Quitty said...
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Quitty said...

Did he borrow that dog for the day? Maybe from the pound? It is a cutie.

I know they needed to cover Jeffs but since LKL was mainly on Jeffs they could have shortened the AC360 coverage at least for tonight since it is the Katrina anniversary. While I like the Waveland segment I do wish he would have had at least one more segment on the progress in Mississippi. There is plenty to cover. On a positive note they did reopen the Beau Rivage casino that employs 3,800. Maybe he'll drive over later in the week.

On the 3rd Flickr photo. I never noticed he had a silver streak. Is it a mohawk or a skunk stripe?! Hee, hee.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is adorable. Looks much younger in person and very shy. I tried to talk him into going to St Bernard Parish yesterday but didn't happen. At least Soledad is there this morning

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed the show and am really liking the longer hair on AC - it was actually blowing in the breeze last night!


Sheryn said...

His face is precious in the second picture!

Yay for the DH!!!

And that bathroom better be done soon! It can't get in the way of some good shopping!!!

Phebe said...

I knew as soon as I saw it that Ms. Sheryn would love that second picture. She has an AC eyebrow fettish! ♥

Rachel said...

@ CJ
Anderson is very shy in person. How adorable is that!!!! Very Very shy. i think he is still shocked by all his fame.

Anonymous said...

How ADORABLE is that! Anderson is Ander-bashful. hehe :P

sydney said...

Last night was very good for me. :-)


I normally prefer his hair shorter, but it's looking good now, too. When I saw him on Mon. night, and he had this little tuft of hair falling over his forehead, for some reason it made me go all "fangurly" and I was squealing "OMG, that's so cute.." During the break he must've combed it, because when he came back he just had a couple of strands. :-(

@cj and rachel

I always imagined he'd be somewhat shy, I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

THANKS so much for those great photos. Not having a good day, and they've really changed that

Anonymous said...

Hey Phebe - I would never say I told you so; but I am glad you like it, especially after all the work you put into it.

I love that headline today "was tonight good for you"? It sounds like you know, youhad an intimate encounter and you ask "was it as good for you as it was for me?" Fangurl Alert!!

I've always loved Anderson's hair on the longer side and now even more, so sexy seeing it blowin in the breeze.

Maybe Anderson doesn't cover Bay St Louis as much because I think Kathleen Koch is from there. If I remember correctly, she had her own special on Bay St Louis; don't remember if it was 1 hour or 2.

Btw, did anyone else notice Anderson humming along to the music when they came back from a comercial break last night? Sounded sooooo good!

xtina said...

The "was it good for you" feature is tooo funny ! - you should keep it a regular question to the bloggers here !!
How cute is Anderson w/ the shar-pei ?! Awesome photos !