Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yea! The Vacation is Over.

Yea, the good news is he's back and thank God I was wrong about the 2 week vacation. Anderson looked rested and as handsome as ever. The bad news is I'm in a pissy mood and I'm going to trash the show tonight. Sorry, but read on and maybe you'll agree with me. It's really not AC that I'm bitching at, my biggest beef is with his graphics people. Why would you put a handsome white/silver haired pale anchorman in front of a white/grey moving cloud graphic for most of the show? There was no contrast. Even the caps look a little washed out. Thanks by the way to BCFraggle, as always she is greatly appreciated.

I did enjoy the tiniest bit of snarky Anderson tonight when he said "Ah, the creepy song stylings of Warren Jeffs". I know most of you are tired of the polygamy stories but I'm truly fascinated by them. Here's a little secret that I've never shared before, and please don't hate me, cause I really don't think I'm responsible, honest. Back in October, I sent Anderson a story idea about Warren Jeffs. I've met Mike Watkiss several times and have followed his reports on my local news for years and I thought Anderson would find the plural marriage issue interesting. A few weeks later he did a segment on the Lost Boys but never had Mike on or tackled the Warren Jeffs story until the FBI added him to the 10 Most Wanted List in May of 2006. So it's really not my fault that he's gone down the polygamy road, right?

There is an interesting read at Salon.com about Larry King entitled "Dethroned.....Larry King's Lite-Brite needs to be turned off for good" by Amy Reiter. The article concludes with "Well, we'd be overjoyed. We'd be thrilled. We'd be excited to welcome some slick young buck ready to ask the tough questions. Unless, of course, that person was Anderson Cooper -- or, heaven forbid, Nancy Grace." I beg to differ with Ms. Reiter. I think AC would be very good with the LKL format. People and their stories are the AC reporting that I enjoy most.

What I am tired of is the press coverage of John Karr and the JonBenet Ramsey case. A few minutes to tell me where he is and when he's charged will suffice, until the DA wants to release some hard evidence. I really don't care to hear what everyone and their brother thinks is going on. As Joe Friday (sorry if you're to young to get the obscure reference) used to say "Just the facts, Ma'am".

Now for the real basis for my pissy mood. I don't think I like the faux finish I put on my bathroom vanity while remodeling and it's going to be a whole lot of work to change it. The paper hanger comes tomorrow and I'm hoping that will help it make sense, but I doubt it. On the bright side my DH did get the wainscoting up today and it is spectacular! I also found a huge 6 foot framed mirror for under $100 that I bought today, so that made my mood somewhat brighter. The saga continues.

And finally it looks like my pick James is toast. He lost the veto competition to Janelle and Boogie put up Chicken George in her place. Chilltown wants James gone and unless Danielle can work her magic Thursday might be his swan song. Stay tuned.


KK said...

I so agree with you about the graphics I noticed when AC did his preshow intro on Larry King and thought "I hope they're not going to use those black & white graphics for his show". They made the program look 'tired'. Anderson looked great though. Rested and ready to go.
PS- I know when your renovating is all over you'll be thrilled with the results!!

Anonymous said...


Are you feeling a quilty now for putting that polygamy bug in AC's ear? All I can say is thank goodness he's great to look at because the news is pretty boring.

xtina said...

there's just something not right about that background, it's distracting and too light, but the guy in the foreground is lookin' pretty fine... !

Anonymous said...

Sorry you aren't in the best mood - I'm in the same type of mood too. I agree with you about the color of the background. It made his hair look much grayer than normal. Cheers!

Karen said...

I definitely agree about the graphics. I spent the first few minutes of the show distracted by them. I eventually noticed that the blue tie really brought out his eye color. I wasn't in such a great mood myself so it was great to have him back and sit in front of the tv for a couple hours.

Anonymous said...

i think the crappy mood is definitely going around.

like y'all, i'm glad he's back, but that background has got to GO!!!

Leigh said...

hey where's Erica been? I'm waiting for some witty banter! And I am totally feeling you on the bad mood, I'm moving next week (i must be crazy to move in august in phoenix) and packing is not fun! At least Anderson is back from vacation!