Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lets take a vote Part 4

I thought, since Anderson is on his way to Africa, I'd start off tonight with a few screencaps from his first visit there, for Channel One.

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screencaps by legionpossessed
Did you catch LKL on Thursday night? Ryan Seacrest was sitting in for Larry. His guest was Ashton Kutcher, who is married to Demi Moore (I add that just in case you've been living under a rock). Here's Ryan's transisition to 360:
SEACREST: So a guy that I know your wife watches is coming up next. Anderson Cooper.
KUTCHER: Yes. That SOB. He's got that bulletproof vest on out in the middle of Israel. How am I supposed to compete with that? I don't have a bulletproof vest.
SEACREST: Anderson, you know Demi Moore is watching right now. Take it away. See you. Thanks for watching, guys.

Here goes another round of pictures. On Monday (assuming AC is still absent) we'll do our fifth contest. On Friday (a scheduled travel day for Anderson) we'll put all the winners up against each other in the best of the best. Then we'll start round two. Last night's winner was Anderson resting his hands on his chin. Here's the final tally.
Blue shirt, serious Anderson 33%
Black and white Anderson 7%
Black sweater/leather chair Anderson 1%
Leather jacket Anderson 13%
Anderson resting his chin on his hands 46%

Which is your favorite picture, part 4?
Anderson on the stairs, from Esquire Magazine
Anderson on his couch, from In Style Magazine
Anderson with his sleeves rolled up
Shoe shine Anderson courtesy of Just Jared
Newspaper Anderson courtesy of Just Jared
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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Let's take a vote Part 3

An ATA reader sent us a link to an article written by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in the current Time Magazine. It's an interesting read about the relationship between sleep disorders and depression. Thanks Lori. Speaking of depression, it looks like we've got to get through a few days without our favorite newsman, as he travels to the Republic of the Congo and prepares for next weeks broadcasts. So what do we do when AC is away? We vote for our favorite Anderson pictures.

Which is your favorite Anderson picture, part 3?
Blue shirt, serious Anderson
Black and white Anderson
Black sweater/leather chair Anderson
Leather jacket Anderson
Anderson resting his chin on his hands
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Wednesday Sept. 27th

Another speaking engagement was announced today for Anderson, this one at the University of Buffalo. AC will be at the Alumni Arena, North Campus, on November 11th as part of a guest lecture series. Ticket prices range from $14 to $34 and can be ordered online or by phone. For more information follow the link or you can call 716.645-6147, ext. 227.

screencap by liberation 337

I'm just amazed that tonight was an abbreviated 360. There was a press release today, from CNN, saying Anderson will be broadcasting from the Congo next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I was expecting AC to be absent Monday and possibly Friday, but not to cut out early tonight. You all know how bad I am at predicting the unpredictable Mr. Cooper, so we'll just have to wait and see what the next few nights bring.

I received more information on Anderson's appearance with Walter Cronkite at the University of Judaism in LA in February. If you have $2,500 you can be a benefactor. For that contribution you get a ticket to all the lectures in the series, and you get to join the speakers for a cocktail reception, photo opportunity and intimate dinner, prior to the lectures. There is also a post lecture dessert reception and valet parking included. Wow, who could ask for more. Oh and the topper is $1700 of the contribution is tax deductible. The Sponsor level is $475 and you get the dessert reception. And if you only want to pay $240 you get a seat and the chance to see AC in person. I do have a reader who is planning on buying a ticket and she would love to find another Anderfan interested in attending with her. Email me if you're interested and I'll introduce you to each other. Tickets go on sale October 19th. Call 310.440-1246.

I noticed something at the end of last night's 360 that caught my eye. The lovely Ms. Sheryn was kind enough to do a cap for me. Do you see anything out of the ordinary?

As usual it looks like AC is multi-tasking with the laptop and the Blackberry but do you see the can of Diet Coke on the desk? How does he ever get to sleep if he's drinking caffeine at midnight?
Which brings me to the last item of today's blog. Bookasylum sent a link to an Amazon audio interview that was done with Anderson when 'Dispatches' came out in June. Most of the information we've heard before, but AC does talk about his bedtime, his friendship with Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters and some of Nic Robertson's background. All this is in the extended interview that is in the right hand margin of the webpage. There is a shortened version under Anderson's picture. Just follow the link and enjoy the Andergiggles. Thanks BA!

One more thing, please CNN could we have John King for our substitute 360 host when AC is traveling, pretty please?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Eye Candy and Scissor Sisters

DH and I were out tonight and I missed most of 360. But I knew I had some goodies to share with everyone (no it isn't the doggie bag) so no guilt tonight. First, I had an email from the Emmy office today, about the broadcast of Monday night's News and Documentary Emmys. It will be shown on CSpan Saturday, September 30, 8:00-11:00 PM EST. Looks like we all have a date on Saturday night!
Next, a big thanks to Xtina,who shared pictures from last night's Emmys with ATA today.

Do I need to throw cold water on you? Pay attention, I'm not done.

After our dinner DH asked if I had any interest in stopping at Border's to do some shopping. I told him I really wanted to buy a CD that came out today so yes, Borders was fine by me. Now here is where you really get a glimpse, yet again, into our differing tastes. DH asks if it was the Waylon Jennings CD that I was interested in buying. WAYLON JENNINGS, does the man know me at all? I said no I wanted the new Scissor Sisters CD to which, of course, he replied "Who?"

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picture courtesy of xtina

I really never heard of the Scissor Sisters until 6 months ago when Anderson talked about them and was photographed with Jake Shears, the lead singer. Since then AC has been spotted at their NYC concert(Gawker) and put them on his Blender list of favorite albums. He said of them "They're my new favorite group. I've known the lead singer, Jake Shears, since before he was in the band, we met through mutual friends. He's got a great voice. I listened to the Scissor Sisters in Baghdad for sheer escapism. "

The group was on Conan Tuesday night, but if you missed the show Purple Tie tells me they are performing on "Dancing With the Stars" Wednesday night. The new CD is called Ta-Dah and it's fabulous. To hear some Scissor Sisters check out their MySpace page.

Did you see on the 360 webpage that they are looking for nominations of individuals to feature in an upcoming series? "This new series profiles individuals with great courage and strength and amazing spirit. They inspire us with how they live their lives, deal with setbacks and tackle their goals. Nominate people you know who respond to extraordinary events with extraordinary actions and then tune in to watch their stories on 360, beginning Friday, October 6. " I sent in my nomination, do you know someone who is deserving?

What's Happening at CNN pointed me toward an interesting blog entry by CNN's Richard Quest. He gives a little insight into the glamorous life of a CNN traveler.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And the Emmy goes to.......

And the Emmy goes to: Anderson Cooper 360! At tonight's News and Documentary Emmy Awards Anderson Cooper 360 took home Emmys in 2 of the 3 categories that they were nominated for.


Anderson Cooper 360 Starving in Plain Sight
Senior Executive Producer David Doss, Executive Producer Kathleen Friery, Senior Broadcast Producer Charlie Moore, Correspondents Anderson Cooper and Jeff Koinange


Anderson Cooper 360 Charity Hospital
Senior Executive ProducerDavid Doss. Executive Producers Sid Bedingfield, Kathleen Friery.
Senior Broadcast Producer Charlie Moore. Managing Editor Bud Bultman, Executive Director of Production Jody Gottlieb, Post-Production Producer Matt Scheibner, Producers Robert Howell, Heather O'Neill, Chris Gajilan, Dave Timko
Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta

screencaps by liberation337

Anderson has mentioned, in the past, that he doesn't own a tux. For formal occasions he's said he wears a basic black suit with a formal tie and tux shirt. My guess is that's what wore when he presented at the Emmys on Monday night. For 360 he just changed the tie. And I am by no means complaining, he looked extra sharp on Monday's show.

Tonight's Emmy ceremony was recorded for broadcast by CSpan. As soon as I get an air date I'll blog it.

Do you see what I'm seeing? Since Anderson won't wear my favorite tie (navy with tiny white dots) good John went out and bought one, just to please me. For those of you that don't get the fangurl stuff, I'm joking! But I'm not joking when I say I've missed John King, it was good to see him back on the show tonight.

Did ya watch Fox News this weekend? Me neither, but I did love the recap of the Clinton Wallace smackdown covered on all the major news shows. I think former President Clinton has hit his boiling point with right wing conservative television types and I find that very refreshing.

The other big news today was the leak of findings from the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate). This report was completed last Spring but still has not been declassified by the government. Maybe after today's news that all 16 intelligence agencies agree that we are less safe as a nation we now know why it hasn't been released to the public. It went on to state that the war has created a new level of Islamic Radicalism and that our invasion of Iraq has strengthened Iran. No shit (sorry) I could have told them that!

On a personal note I want to send warm hugs to one of our regulars, The Book Faerie, who had a tough day on Monday. Anyone whose ever had a pet knows how difficult it can be to let go when the time comes. Good thoughts and love are being sent your way Book Faerie.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Saints Go Marching In

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Tomorrow, after over a year, the Superdome will open for business again. The New Orleans Saints will host the Atlanta Falcons for Monday night football marking the first time since Hurricane Katrina that people have used the Superdome. The game is sold out and has drawn celebs and politicians alike to help christen the new 185 million dollar Dome.

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The Edge of U2 and Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day

U2 (Yay!)and Greenday will debut a new song (well, actually a remake of an old song) called "The Saints are Coming" during the pregame show to be televised prior to the game on ESPN at 7pm est.

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At first ,I thought this would be a great opportunity for Anderson to be in NOLA but it appears that he will be presenting at the The News Emmy awards on Monday night in NYC . Here's hoping he takes home at least one. On that note, we are sad to inform you he lost the Relly award (Regis and Kelly award). I'm sure he's been unable to sleep since his humiliating defeat to Mark Consuelos but I'm sure he'll be recovered by tomorrow.
And just because there were no pictures of Anderson in the post yet, here ya go....
(Have a great week!)

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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If any of these Anderson caps are your images please let us know. I don't have a credit on these cap.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's In A Name, You Say?

Thanks to Stormi0611 for the cute, cute cap!

I ran across this Nth Degree from August 12, 2004 and considering everybody I know in my offline world seems to be either trying to get pregnant, is pregnant, or just had a baby I thought would write about picking names.

Tonight, taking names to the Nth Degree. What's in a name, you say? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Shakespeare may have been a great writer, but he's got nothing on Amy Profers (ph), a grad student at M.I.T. Profers did a study using the website which showed that names do have meaning.

See, Profers' study showed that photos of men with names like Matt or or Dave or Jake were rated hotter than the same photos with names like Lou or John or Tom. The difference appears to be that names with vowels pronounced in the front of the mouth were viewed as being hotter than names with vowels formed at back of the mouth.

The study showed exactly the opposite effect for women. Those with names with back vowels like Laura or Robin were viewed as hotter than those with front vowels such as Melanie or Amy.

So parents take note that what you name your child has important long-term effects. Decades from now someone could be rating them as hot or not on a website. Won't you be proud.

We leave you with this possible solution. Parents of boys should all name them Anderson, a very hot front-vowel name and parents of girls should all name them Cooper an equally hot back-vowel name. No pressure.
Cap by BCFraggle
To Tell The TruthSince Anderson is a hottie it makes sense he would have a hot front-vowel name. Anderson actually means "son of Andrew". He gets questioned all the time about having two last names but apparently it is catching on. According to Social Security Online, Anderson was the 501st most popular name in 2005. In 1998, it was #872.

Also, Edie Falco of The Soprano's fame named her child Anderson and said: "It was a family name to start with but Anderson Cooper being out there with it made it easier." I have a really long name and my mother told me I had fits learning to write it. I wonder if Anderson had any problems learning to write it considering he said he has a form of dyslexia.

Birthday Bash Dec 1970His dad Wyatt's name, depending on which site you look at, means little warrior, water, guide, or son of Guy and is more popular than I thought. It was ranked 81st in 2005. Just the other day I saw a birth annoucement for a co-worker who had named her new baby Wyatt. Carter (which means cart driver) is even more popular than Wyatt coming in at #76. Cooper (which means barrel maker) is really popular in my neck-of-the-woods for both girl and boy names so I was surprised to see it listed at #121. Hays (which means dweller of the brushwood) wasn't in the top 1000. If you are looking for the top baby names or just like statistics then check out Social Security Online. You can get the top names including by state.

Life Experience Builds in Media Bias
Cap by ? from 1/06
I was pleasantly surprised earlier this week when I saw a Google News item on Anderson published in my regional newspaper. It was an opinion piece on media bias written by Charlie Mitchell, the executive editor of the Vicksburg Post. Cooper Watch 360 blogged about it earlier this week and the article talks about both Anderson and Shepard Smith since both of them have Mississippi ties. Here is the excerpt where he talks about both of them:
I watch very little TV news, but the Fox reputation may be part of a purposeful corporate policy to attract viewers turned off by the other networks. Or it may be due to a single hiring decision. Shepard Smith, star anchor of Fox, is not from Connecticut or Rhode Island. He's from Holly Springs. He went to Ole Miss. Could it be that the nuances of Smith's unscripted reporting from Israel or from New Orleans merely reflect where he grew up? Could hiring Smith from Ole Miss instead of Jones from Radcliffe alone explain why Fox is "right wing"?

Incidentally, when it comes to "fair and balanced," which was the motto Fox proclaimed for itself when the network launched 10 years ago, Anderson Cooper of CNN should, in genetic terms, have a better claim. Cooper's father was Wyatt Cooper, a Mississippi native and writer of prose and poetry, who married Gloria Vanderbilt, billionaire heiress and bluejeans designer in New York, where Anderson was born and grew up. Cooper is a Yale man who knows a little about the watermelon crop in Smith County, too. That's balance.

Another Emmy for Anderson?

Getty ImagesDon't forget the Emmy Awards for News and Documentaries will be Monday night. Anderson is scheduled to be a presenter at the Black Tie event. I'm hoping that Anderson at least wins one of his two nominations: Outstanding Live Coverage of a Breaking News Story: Starving in Plain Sight & Best Story in a Regular Scheduled Newscast: The Children: Part One and Part Two.

Doctor's Without Borders

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Photo courtesy of Xtina

Most of us didn't have the opportunity to go to the Doctor's Without Borders event in NYC on Thursday night. We can enjoy a first hand account, thanks to Stillife, that's almost as good as being there ourselves. BTW the picture is NOT from the event on Thursday, it just seemed fitting and appropriate.

Anderson Cooper in Conversation With Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Cooper Union, New York City, September 21, 2006

We arrived way early because we didn't know what to expect. Would there be hordes of Anderson fangurls and fanbois queuing up hours in advance? As it turned out, that was not the case, so we went for a drink, then sat for awhile in a nearby park and conversed with the local loonies.

At around 5:00 we got in line for a pre-forum cocktail party featuring cheese and crackers, crudites and dip and Two Buck Chuck (cheap wine from Trader Joe). Alas, Anderson wasn't there (no big surprise). We snagged seats in the musty-smelling auditorium and fortified ourselves with cheese and crackers. We got decent seats but the view of the podium was obstructed by all these annoying pillars.

The place was full, but not totally packed. The audience was mostly female, lots of students but also a fair amount of older people. The front center rows had been reserved. I didn't recognize anyone who was sitting there except for Iman. She's absolutely gorgeous but surprisingly not all that tall.

I sat next to a woman who lived near Anderson when he was a kid and "watched him grow up". She told me she remembered when Carter committed suicide, all the ambulances, press and police cars. I would have loved to press her for more details on adolescent! Anderson but good taste prevented me, plus the forum was about to begin.

After a brief intro by somebody from Cooper Union, Anderson came onstage looking awesome as always. I know he was dressed in a suit and tie, but I totally forgot to note what exactly he was wearing. I'm pretty sure it was the same thing he had on for 360 last night. He began by saying that he hoped to be as interesting as Hugo Chavez (who had spoken there the night before). That got a laugh, of course.

Anderson introduced Dr. Milton Tectonidis, whom he first met in Niger, by saying, "At first I thought he was a drifter! He's cleaned up now." After introducing Nicolas de Torrente, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders, Anderson realized that they were supposed to show a clip of his Niger coverage (Starving in Plain Sight) before starting the interview and had to ask Tectonidis and de Torrente to leave the stage while the clip played. He said, "I've only got one thing to do and I messed it up. I'm still nervous from interviewing the Iranian president last night. I still haven't figured out what was going on there!" Laughter from the audience.

Anderson started by talking about famine. Dr. Tectonidis said that the very young are the first to die. The mortality rate for children under five is very high and even worse among children under three. Anderson asked him, "How do you see this every day? I found it overwhelming being there for a couple of days." Basically, the answer was that they just didn't think about it. "If I watch surgery on TV, I always vomit. If you're really there, you just do what has to be done." Dr. Tectonidis said, "Every starving child is like a model of ignorance and evil." He talked about the necessity of not breaking down in front of the parents. "Parents need help, not sympathy."

Anderson's next question was about priorities. In a desperate situation such as war, natural disaster or famine, how do you decide who to treat first? They use a "rapid assessment tool" which is a wrist bracelet that measures malnutrition by the size of a child's wrist. The doctor's clinical ethic, they said, is "Go for the worst first." They talked about the difficulty of making these decisions: giving some children lower priority because they're not sick enough.

The subject next turned to news coverage. They said that Anderson's reporting from Niger made a huge impact in terms of getting help. At first, Doctors Without Borders was the only aid organization in Niger, but since the additional news coverage generated by Anderson's reporting, now other organizations are pitching in. They acknowledged the frustration because of the difficulty in getting news coverage for these stories. As Anderson said, "Malnutrition and famine is not a sexy story." (It is when you're reporting it, Anderson!)

Dr. Tectonidis said that they are now able to treat non-emergency cases in their homes with a peanut-based food called Plumpy Nut. This technique represents great progress over the old policy of keeping these children in hospital for weeks, since it frees up hospital beds and medical personnel for the more desperate cases.

Anderson wryly commented that the U.N. guys drive around "in white Land Rovers - you guys cut a much lower profile", implying that the U.N. doesn't accomplish much. One of the MSF guys - can't remember who - said, "We also have nice cars!"(Laughter from the audience). But I guess there is a general feeling that the U.N. is rather ineffectual. They said that MSF is more independent than the U.N. which gives it greater flexibility. They said some politicians are 'hopeless'. Anderson said, "You wanna name any of them?"

Anderson asked, "What should we know about?"which turned into a discussion of the Congo ("Where you're going next" - so I guess he really is going there soon). They talked about all of the atrocities being committed there - killing, torture, rape. Anderson wondered what the motivation could possibly be to commit such insane acts and they said it was fear and control. Anderson asked, "Do you get scared?"Dr. Tectonides said of course they get scared. "Once you go beyond a certain line, you lose it. People are like objects." But unbelievably, they tend not to touch doctors. He was kidnapped and they let him walk around with his doctor bag.

They discussed the thin line, in the Congo, between committing atrocities for rational yet perverse reasons versus being totally out of control. "You'll see that," one of them told Anderson who responded, "Frankly, I'm hoping not to ever see that!"

They spoke of MSF aid workers becoming targets because unpopular governments often want to associate aid with military goals. They agreed that Iraq is one of the most dangerous places in the world today; they had to withdraw their aid workers (heckuva job, Dubya).

These guys weren't a bunch of peaceniks (not that there's anything wrong with that). They agreed that sometimes military intervention is necessary - not desirable, but necessary. "But you shouldn't pretend it's humanitarian."

Anderson asked them considering the desperate situation in so many places around the world today, if they don't sometimes feel they're bailing out water on a sinking rowboat. "World peace?"Anderson: "Oh, that!"

All in all, I was left with great admiration for the MSF aid workers and for Anderson who strives to keep us aware of these "unsexy" yet "impordant" stories.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Patrick vs Anderson?

screencap by liberation 337

Those of you who have been reading ATA for a while know I cheat on Anderson once a week. I've been waiting all summer for my other man to come back to prime time and tonight was the night. Damn ABC for forcing me into picking between Dr. McDreamy and adorkable Anderson Cooper. I hang my head in shame to admit I went with fluff over brains. Grey's Anatomy won out, but I did switch to 360 during the commercials. Usually I would just watch the second airing of 360 and never admit my weakness for Patrick. But it's opposite the second half of the Andy Warhol documentary on PBS, so my tape of Thursday's 360 will have to keep me company sometime over the weekend.

I felt guilty about this all day so I tried extra hard to get some new information for tonight's blog. I really don't like letting you down. First I checked on 60 Minutes, since the new season premieres on Sunday. According to their website this weeks segments will be anchored by Steve Kroft, Morley Safer and Katie Couric. I am going to tune in anyway just in case we get to hear 'I'm Anderson Cooper' with the clock ticking in the background.
Then I remembered a reader sent me something interesting over the weekend. There is a new Cooper family picture, that includes Chris and Stan, for sale on eBay. It their family Christmas card from 1970.
One final thing I'd like your opinion on. It's obvious that Anderson loves his red and black striped tie, but I don't. He's either lost, tossed or burned my favorite tie, the navy one with tiny white dots, since he hasn't worn it since his Letterman appearance. I'm just curious, what's you favorite Anderson tie?

Andy and Andy

I'm very late getting to the blog tonight because I've been glued to PBS since 360 ended. They are showing a 2 part documentary in the Art Masters series on Andy Warhol. This documentary was produced by Anderson and Gloria's friend Diane Von Furstenberg. Warhol was the most important artist in the 2nd half of the 20th century and talented beyond belief. It just blows me away that, as a child, Anderson actually got to meet him. From Dispatches page 170; "The rooms were filled with actors and artists, boldface names in society columns and kitchen conversations. Truman Capote was a frequent guest; his pudgy lisp made me giggle. Andy Warhol was there as well; his white hair scared me." Do you think life has come full circle and Anderson's white hair scares small children? I can't image it.
As I've said before I would love to have a conversation with Anderson's mother, Gloria. She has had the most fascinating life and knew the most interesting people. I can't imagine being able to call Andy Warhol a friend. Here's a picture of Anderson that is done in Warhol's style.

I couldn't find the picture Anderson talked about tonight of Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad greeting each other and holding hands. Did you hear snarky Anderson say "Wonder Twin Powers Activate"? Ahhh, more evidence of his misspent youth in front of the television.

I've watched several interviews with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad so I had an idea how Anderson's interview would go. Ahmadinejad doesn't seem to understand the concept of the brief answer. He always seems to drone on and on without ever answering the question. IMO Anderson did better than Mike Wallace did with Ahmadinejad, on 60 Minutes, but I would image both were very frustrated by the experience. If you're interested in viewing the 60 Minute interview just follow the link.
That's it for me tonight. My poor computer is on its last leg and I'm always afraid that it will crash before I finish blogging. I think DH and I have decided to buy a new one with all the bells and whistles. Soon I'll be able to screencap, well let me rephrase that. Soon my computer will have the ability to screencap, but whether I can learn the technology is another question. I'll leave you with a beautiful cap from someone who has mastered the technology. Thank you Liberation337.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad, Bad Anderfan

screencap by bcfraggle I have a confession to make. I really was a bad Anderfan tonight. I watched the entire 2 hours of 'Dancing With the Stars' and then 'Boston Legal'. I switched over to AC360 during commercials but didn't get a good feel for the show tonight. And since I've been awake since 5AM I'm struggling to stay awake for the replay. I did catch Anderson's appearance on LKL and was very surprised that he gave his opinion on the war in Iraq and the direction it's headed. That was very unusual for AC, and very refreshing. Larry even seemed on top of his game tonight. It really was a interesting hour of LKL.

I have an exciting announcement to make. All Things Anderson now has a resident staff artist! Remember last week when I dubbed Anderson, Peter and Nic the 3 Amigos? I asked for a Photoshopped picture and the wonderful Lori came through. Notice the names at the top of the pictures! I just love this. Thanks Lori. We look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in the future.

The International Women's Media Foundation's 17th Annual Courage in Journalism Awards were announced today. They will be presented on October 24, 2006 at the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom, New York City. Honorees include Jill Carroll May Chidiac and Gao Yu with the Lifetime Achievement Award going to Elena Poniatowska Amor. Presenters include Anderson Cooper, Gwen Ifill and Diane Sawyer.

And one final treat before I get some much needed sleep. A week or so ago I posted a Nic porn screencap, but I couldn't remember who capped it. I heard from Cyn this weekend and I immediately remembered she sent me the clip and the cap. Cyn has just redesigned her Michael Ware website, check it out. She also shared this old, old, old video of Bad John from his DJ days. Enjoy?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lots of News Tonight.

screencap by bcfraggle
I'm having one of my ADHD days so hang on it's going to be a bumpy blog today!

First Monday's 360:
If I didn't know better(and I do) I'd swear the 360 staff read Purple Tie's post yesterday with suggestions on how to make the show more interesting. They implemented many of her ideas. Hmmm what do we really know about PT? Maybe she's a mole planted at ATA by 360?

Monday's show was excellent. Anderson spoke with CNN staffers Christiane Amanpour, Michael Ware, Delia Gallaghar,Sanja Gupta and Ted Rolands. In addition John Roberts had an excellent interview with Zbignew Brzezinski (poor AC really butchered his name on the follow up). There were also discussions with Richard Stingle, editor of Time, Reza Ashor and the author of Black Dalia Avenger (wow was that interesting). I think there was also a segment with the UN representatives of Lebanon and Israel ( I was back and forth through much of this segment watching my Steelers get beaten on ESPN Monday Night Football). And the piece de resistance? A snarky exchange about a walking shark with Erica Hill. What a wonderful night!

I was wondering if that was Anderson's new Ralph Lauren Black Label suit that The Sartorialist was talking about in his blog? One pin stripe looks like the next to me. I swear I don't understand how men cope with their lack of options! Thanks for the heads up VM.

Now on to some really fun stuff:
I had a email today from SSG Casey Kendall. You remember him? He's the nice young soldier Afghanistan's who blogged the account of Anderson's visit to his base last week including some great pictures. Anyway today he blogged about ATA and I'm returning the favor. He also sent along 3 new AC pictures for us. Enjoy!

The last one is a little surreal. Isn't that Peter in the foreground?

I talked to a really sweet lady at the University of Judaism today about the lecture series that Anderson is scheduled to be a part of. It is being held at the Universal Amphitheater, which seats around 6,000 people. Unfortunately, the tickets are for the entire series of 4 lectures and cost $240 per person. There is a really interesting option for those of you in the LA area. For $475 you get a ticket to the entire series and a reception with each lecturer after the programs. I was told to check back closer to the lecture date to see if individual tickets to Anderson's event will become available.

I wanted to thank so many of you for the wonderful pictures and suggestions you've sent for our favorite picture poll. The winner of Friday night's poll was the Anderson and Gloria picture by Annie Liebovitz. It was pretty much a landslide.

Anderson and Gloria 44%
CNN bio photo 14%
Black and White Anderson 12%
One Way Anderson 13%
Anderson putting on his coat 17%

What did you do on Sunday night? Well, I got in my best jammies and throughly enjoyed the season premere of "The Amazing Race". Guess Anderson must have TiVoed it since he was otherwise occupied. This from Page Six:

JERRY Seinfeld played the loving husband Sunday night when he hosted a 35th-birthday party for his wife, Jessica, at Il Cantinori. Seinfeld took over the entire East 10th Street eatery for about 50 guests - including Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, Oscar winner Rachel Weisz and director Darren Aronofsky, architect Charles Gwathmey and wife Betty Ann, Tribeca Film Festival organizers Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff, New York magazine owner Bruce Wasserstein, HBO biggie Richard Plepler, and Gina Gershon, who seemed to be with Ronald Perelman. George Stephanopoulos and his wife, Alexandra Wentworth, ignored the "no gifts" advisory on the invite and gave Jessica a big fake diamond ring. Seinfeld gave a heartfelt toast to his wife, the mother of three, about how she brings joy into everyone's life.

One more little thing I discovered today. Rachel Ray, you know the one with the cooking show that all the guys are crazy about, is crazy for Anderson! Here's the quote:

Q: If you could have a dinner party with anyone (living or dead), who would you invite?

A: As far as living, I’d have Bono, Bill Clinton, Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, Madeleine Albright, Anderson Cooper, Christiane Amanpour, Will Ferrell, and Jon Stewart. Oh, and Charlie Walk, the president of Epic Records. Charlie Walk should be at everything.