Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And the Emmy goes to.......

And the Emmy goes to: Anderson Cooper 360! At tonight's News and Documentary Emmy Awards Anderson Cooper 360 took home Emmys in 2 of the 3 categories that they were nominated for.


Anderson Cooper 360 Starving in Plain Sight
Senior Executive Producer David Doss, Executive Producer Kathleen Friery, Senior Broadcast Producer Charlie Moore, Correspondents Anderson Cooper and Jeff Koinange


Anderson Cooper 360 Charity Hospital
Senior Executive ProducerDavid Doss. Executive Producers Sid Bedingfield, Kathleen Friery.
Senior Broadcast Producer Charlie Moore. Managing Editor Bud Bultman, Executive Director of Production Jody Gottlieb, Post-Production Producer Matt Scheibner, Producers Robert Howell, Heather O'Neill, Chris Gajilan, Dave Timko
Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta

screencaps by liberation337

Anderson has mentioned, in the past, that he doesn't own a tux. For formal occasions he's said he wears a basic black suit with a formal tie and tux shirt. My guess is that's what wore when he presented at the Emmys on Monday night. For 360 he just changed the tie. And I am by no means complaining, he looked extra sharp on Monday's show.

Tonight's Emmy ceremony was recorded for broadcast by CSpan. As soon as I get an air date I'll blog it.

Do you see what I'm seeing? Since Anderson won't wear my favorite tie (navy with tiny white dots) good John went out and bought one, just to please me. For those of you that don't get the fangurl stuff, I'm joking! But I'm not joking when I say I've missed John King, it was good to see him back on the show tonight.

Did ya watch Fox News this weekend? Me neither, but I did love the recap of the Clinton Wallace smackdown covered on all the major news shows. I think former President Clinton has hit his boiling point with right wing conservative television types and I find that very refreshing.

The other big news today was the leak of findings from the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate). This report was completed last Spring but still has not been declassified by the government. Maybe after today's news that all 16 intelligence agencies agree that we are less safe as a nation we now know why it hasn't been released to the public. It went on to state that the war has created a new level of Islamic Radicalism and that our invasion of Iraq has strengthened Iran. No shit (sorry) I could have told them that!

On a personal note I want to send warm hugs to one of our regulars, The Book Faerie, who had a tough day on Monday. Anyone whose ever had a pet knows how difficult it can be to let go when the time comes. Good thoughts and love are being sent your way Book Faerie.


Unknown said...

Yeah, I loved the Clinton smack down. I kept hoping AC would say that Bill went apesh*t but I knew he wouldn't on Live TV... teehee. The thing is, Clinton has a point... at least he tried "unlike other people" *cough*Bush*cough* :D

Sending good wishes out to the book faerie too *hugs*

Pemberly said...

Congratulations to Anderson and the whole 360 crew. I'm looking forward to seeing the broadcast and appreciate your keeping us advised of the air date.

Hugs to The Book Faerie. I hope you'll take some comfort knowing you gave an innocent creature a wonderful life. The next days will be hard but your memories of your beloved pet will cradle your heart for many years to come.

Anonymous said...

thanks, y'all. we greatly appreciate it. (and i said i wasn't going to cry today...too late now!)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I think it's time I finally told you how much I'm enjoying it. You've found an elusive and thoroughly enjoyable balance of information, conversation and fangurliness. Thanks for being the second half of my lunchtime entertainment. (I head here right after the 360 blog and I must say, you post a lot more frequently than the CNN crew) Thanks also for being that rarity of the web -- an AC blog I can actually access from work without fear of triggering the censors.


Anonymous said...

I also wish to send out positive vibes to The Book Faerie ...I understand where you're coming from and I want to say that judging by your love for your pet,
that your pet was lucky to be loved by you.

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks Anon, I know Phebe appreciates that. Sometimes you put stuff out there and you know people read but you wonder what everyone thinks :)

Phebe said...

PT you took the words right out of my mouth. Anonymous, it's really nice to hear that people out there enjoy what we're doing. Thanks for posting and we hope to hear from you often.

Anonymous said...

thank you, van. we really do appreciate that :)