Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Anderson in Afghanistan

After such a grim anniversary I thought I'd open with something to make you smile. One of ATA's readers mentioned in Saturday's comments that her boss had a surprise for her when she arrived at work on Saturday. She must have the best boss in the world. Take a look at how they decorated her office with Anderson's official CNN photo!

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Did you watch the live time rebroadcast of 9/11/01 CNN pipeline today? It was difficult to watch, but I couldn't tear myself away. I didn't watch the original broadcast on CNN on that horrible day. I was watching NBC's Today Show when the attack happened, and I stuck with that coverage all day. Watching the streaming video on CNN today I realized what a phenomenal job Aaron Brown and crew did in presenting the story as it unfolded. I still think CNN made a mistake letting Aaron go.

screencaps by bcfraggle

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What a great 360 on Monday night. Anderson had just the right balance between 9/11 memorializing and current events in Afghanistan.

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I really enjoyed the round table discussion with Peter Bergan, Nic Robertson and Anderson. Speaking of Nic Robertson, did you catch the first sentence of his 360 blog entry today? "It doesn't matter how many times you do it -- taking a ride on a helicopter is as about as close to good sex as it gets." Ummm, I knew there was more to Nic than just a mild mannered reporter!

uncredited screencap- if it's yours let me know

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I refer to this as my Nic porn screencap. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
And speaking of porn what is it with boys and their bullets? The bigger the better, I guess.

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Anderson seems hell bent on giving his viewers (and his mother) serious scares. First there was the suicide bomber he encountered just 10 minutes after he arrived in Kabul and then today his location was fired upon while doing a live shot. If you missed it here's the video.


Unknown said...

Wow, now that's a boss! I wish my boss was like that. My old boss called Anderson the "freakish albano" LOL.

I enjoyed the show tonight. I think it had a little bit of everything that was suitable for today and didn't go overboard with any of it. So, much better than his Katrina anniversary coverage.

Hope he comes home safe. :)

Jennifer said...

Nic's porn cap! That cracked me up. I love Nic and I was in heaven last night with all three of them onscreen in the same locale at the same time.

Hope to see it again tonight!

SapphireStar said...

>>I still think CNN made a mistake letting Aaron go.

And I thought I was the only one.

Purple Tie, LOL at the albino comment. I'm just as pale as Anderson--I just don't tan, no matter what--so I get teased about it all the time. :P It's kind of nice to hear that I'm not the only one under fire for that, haha!

Leigh said...

Yea my boss rocks. He even let me keep some of them up so I have something cool to look at :-)

xtina said...

LOL at porno Nic !

Linnea said...

LOL at Nic's comment!

I also knew there was more to him than just a straight-laced journalist!! Off to read his blog now...