Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lets take a vote Part 4

I thought, since Anderson is on his way to Africa, I'd start off tonight with a few screencaps from his first visit there, for Channel One.

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screencaps by legionpossessed
Did you catch LKL on Thursday night? Ryan Seacrest was sitting in for Larry. His guest was Ashton Kutcher, who is married to Demi Moore (I add that just in case you've been living under a rock). Here's Ryan's transisition to 360:
SEACREST: So a guy that I know your wife watches is coming up next. Anderson Cooper.
KUTCHER: Yes. That SOB. He's got that bulletproof vest on out in the middle of Israel. How am I supposed to compete with that? I don't have a bulletproof vest.
SEACREST: Anderson, you know Demi Moore is watching right now. Take it away. See you. Thanks for watching, guys.

Here goes another round of pictures. On Monday (assuming AC is still absent) we'll do our fifth contest. On Friday (a scheduled travel day for Anderson) we'll put all the winners up against each other in the best of the best. Then we'll start round two. Last night's winner was Anderson resting his hands on his chin. Here's the final tally.
Blue shirt, serious Anderson 33%
Black and white Anderson 7%
Black sweater/leather chair Anderson 1%
Leather jacket Anderson 13%
Anderson resting his chin on his hands 46%

Which is your favorite picture, part 4?
Anderson on the stairs, from Esquire Magazine
Anderson on his couch, from In Style Magazine
Anderson with his sleeves rolled up
Shoe shine Anderson courtesy of Just Jared
Newspaper Anderson courtesy of Just Jared
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Anonymous said...

phebe, i'm having a hard time with this one. i like them all!! i guess i'm going to have to "sleep on it" (is there something Freudian there???) and make my decision tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The InStyle picture of Anderson dressed casually and sitting on his couch is one of the sexiest I've ever seen of him, it always gives me chills when I see it. He just looks so self-assured, cool and mysterious. It's probably not going to win this contest, but it's always going to be very special to me.

Unknown said...

NOT FAIR! Two of my favorite pictures are up against each other. The couch one and the shoe shine one. MAN.... How can you pick between that? lol

Quitty said...

I've never seen that 3rd one. You can tell that was before he started lifting weights. Shirts are tighter on his arms now.

Ashton said what every over hubby of an Anderfan is thinking. If a cutie like Ashton is having a hard time competing then no hubby has a chance.

sydney said...

The funniest part of that whole exchange was that AC wasn't even on! Wonder if Demi was disappointed ("Well, honey, I was going to watch you on LKL, but if Anderson wasn't on afterwards, what was the point?"). :-)

All good pics, but the 3rd one...what is it about rolled up sleeves on a dress shirt that always gets me? mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Was Demi as dissappointed as I was to see old rug-head John R. the other night? Seriously, ol' JR is starting to grow on me. He gets in little digs at Bush now and then.

Phebe said...

@PT did you notice the tie in the shoeshine picture. No wonder it's one of your favorites!
@ann..well did you get any sleep, have you made a choice?
@eujennyrose, I love that photo spread of his old apartment. I really wish we'd get an Architectural Digest feature of his new penthouse.
@Quitty, Anthony sent ATA the third picture, I'd never seen it before either.

Anonymous said...

yes, phebe, i got some sleep and decided the one on his couch was getting my vote, though i would vote for all of them if i could!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think his tie looks a little long in the 3rd one? I mean, I'm not an expert on proper tie length, but that looks a little strange. The one of him dressed in newspapers has a normal looking tie length. Haha sorry...I just found it funny...

Anonymous said...

i love the in style photo too. it just goes to show how sexy he is that he can look so gorgeous in just a pair jeans, a tee shirt and a jacket. plus, the idea of him sitting in his own home, on his own couch is exciting, even though i think he's no longer in that loft.