Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

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First things first, it was great to see Mr. Cooper back from vacation, but what's with the cold? Does he always get sick when he's supposed to be relaxing? Maybe he's just allergic to time off? And speaking of relaxing, I think I could hear Sheryn squee clear across the country because he wore the 'young Republican' tie. Hope that got her vacation off to a good start. ♥

I could definitely relate to the eye roll story John Roberts told about the soldiers, on Monday's 360. Once when my DH and I were on a flight back to the States from Pakistan we happened to sit with a military man, who was returning from training soldiers in Karachi. He told us, after working with them for 2 weeks on how to use walkie talkies, it came time for the final demonstration. The Pakistani general, that he had worked so intensely with, picked up the walkie talkie to begin communicating and couldn't understand why he couldn't hear anything. After 2 weeks of intensive training he was holding the earpiece to his mouth and the speaker end to his ear. The trainer chalked it up to a society just not familiar with the modern world's technology. He told us 'it will take time'. A bit of an understatement, in my opinion.

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All Things Anderson's very talented Lori has been working overtime to provide us with a few tricks and treats. Enjoy!

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Have you ever wondered what Anderson would wear to the annual All Things Anderson Halloween Party? Of course he could choose from these looks that his staff came up with.....

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but this being the first annual ATA Halloween party Anderson and friends knew they needed something less mundane. Thanks again to Lori , here are Anderson, Jon Stewart, Erica and, be still my heart, John'Batman' King all ready to party. What are you going to wear?

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I have one more very special Halloween treat for all you Scissor Sisters fans. Thanks to Gracie for the information.

Tuesday 31st October
To view the webcast simply click the link and make a simple pledge to reduce your CO2 emissions. Instructions on how to pledge can be found on the website.
Those who make a pledge will not only be able to see the Scissor Sisters' once in a lifetime fancy dress performance, but will also be treated to unique backstage footage and an exclusive interview with the band.
Babydaddy, said: 'This special gig is a big thank you to all our fans. It's set to be an amazing night and by showing the gig on www.global-cool.com, it not only means that everyone can enjoy the party, but also raises awareness of their cause by highlighting the importance of saving our planet.'

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Anderson the Author

If you missed the Quill awards on Saturday here's a link to the clip of his appearance.

Also from Sheryn:

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I've been thinking about Anderson, the Author, the last few days and waiting and hoping for a new book from him. I'm not sure what he has to write about, at this moment, but I hope he's coming up with new ideas. I suppose he'll never be the type to write a Bill O'Reilly or Lou Dobbs type of book, as he doesn't share his opinions with us but there's gotta be other things that interest him. What type of book would you like to see him write? Any idea? Leave us a comment because we'd love to hear what you all think. Personally, I hope he'll write more about his days at Channel One and before. I loved his stories and would have loved more in-depth writing of his experiences.

Have a great Monday and here's hoping Anderson returns with a great 360 tonight.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Adorably Embarrassed

It almost that time of year. No, I'm not talking about Halloween or Thanksgiving. I'm talking about the release of People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue. If you recall, Anderson was on the 2005 list described as "Sexy Smart"! I have an old clip of Erica's tribute to Anderson's inclusion on the list that I have uploaded to YouTube. Anderson is adorably embarrased by it. Enjoy!

Earlier tonight I was watching Tim Russert interview Annie Leibovitz on CNBC. Annie has just released a book of her photography called A Photographer's Life: 1990-2005. I have always been intrigued by photography and when traveling, I don't take pictures just for the memories but I also try to capture a beautiful shot. So, I really respect her body of work. Annie can capture the character of a person in the most unique ways. In recent months, Annie has shot photos of Angelina Jolie, the infamous Suri Cruise, and of course Anderson for Vanity Fair. Her recent favorite? Newsweek magazine interviewed her and said "She cites a favorite recent shoot with Anderson Cooper in New Orleans after Katrina." The article didn't really go into detail but I'm sure she would rather shoot someone in their element (like Anderson working) than a publicity shoot like the Suri Cruise one (whom she spent 2 weeks with).

If your little corner of the world recognizes Daylight Savings Time have you set your clocks back one hour?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wrapping up the week

I have really enjoyed John King subbing for Anderson this week. From the size of her smile I think Ms. Hill has too. Friday's 360 wasn't as spectacular as the rest of the week. I was a little disappointed that John didn't mention that Lynn Cheney ripped him a new one when she discussed his Broken Government show with Wolf on Friday's The Situation Room. Mrs. Cheney also had some negative comments about Anderson's sniper video. She never mentioned AC by name, but clearly by description. Wolf did a wonderful job on the interview. If you missed it go to the CNN home page and click on 'Sex, Torture and Children's Books with Lynn Cheney'.

I have read Anderson sightings in Los Angeles on two different blogs today. This from Defamer. Even though this sighting was in LA it's kind of more Gawker/Wonkette but I'll go for it -- this morning at breakfast at the Peninsula hotel (how fancy am I?) saw ambiguously handsome Anderson Cooper. He had on a green t-shirt, jeans and boots and his shockingly gray hair was perfect. He's really cute, not that tall and was asking the front desk for something. I told the Belvedere hostess that we wanted to sit with him and she just gave me a blank stare. No sense of humor there but since their entire staff is on the National Enquirer payroll she was probably mad that I recognized him and was going to give the scoop to defamer first.

The other mention of Anderson in LA was posted on IMDB, on October 24th, by mehmehmehmeh. She writes"i saw him tonight at the grove in hollywood.. im 5'9 and i was wearing flip flops with thin soles... he stood at least 2-3 inches taller than me and he wasn't wearing shoes that could be considered chunky by any stretch of the means.. and i must say... he's also very handsome in person =)

Then there was the blogger who was sure he heard Anderson say he was going to Brazil this week. He said he was at the Friends in Deed benefit, hosted by Anderson last week. He writes "I just had a conversation with Anderson (Cooper) and he told me a hilarious story. He was just in Afghanistan and he bought his mother (Gloria Vanderbilt - I know) a, ummm, what do you call those things the women wear that the wrap around their bodies?""Burkas?" I say."Yeah those. Well, he bought her one and she put it on and wore it on the street in New York." Yes, I said Anderson Cooper. He was there. He hosted the dinner. He was nice. He's leaving for Brazil tomorrow.

So I'm sure all this makes it perfectly clear where dear Mr. Cooper was all week. And don't get me started on how he stood Oprah up or the blog that proclaimed he'd be covering the wildfires on Friday's 360. He's probably somewhere nice and warm laughing his ass off at everyone speculating on where the hell he is.

And just in case you forget what he looks like here's a few fairly new pictures to remind you. Have a great weekend.

thanks to Quitty
thanks to Peter

thanks to Anthony

Friday, October 27, 2006

A Little Bit of This and That

And the winner of the first Let's Vote, by a vote of 62% to 38% is:

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Sheryn hit the jackpot Thursday afternoon with her wonderful picture finds. It's exactly what we needed to help with the Anderwithdrawl. Thanks, Sheryn.

I have a few finds of my own, but they pale in comparison. ACMIfan set me a link to an interesting item up for auction on Ebay. Recognize it?

Yes, it's a field Anderson's shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, in beige, complete with the embroidered moose on the flap of the pocket. My DH wants this shirt but no way could he squeeze into a small. Wonder if it's Anderson's size? He sure could use a new one.

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In my searching around the internet I've found several blogger accounts that place Anderson at the Scissor Sister's concert in New York City on Saturday night. I'm jealous, I'd love to see one of their concerts. Did you read Rachel's account of her SS concert experience in NOLA? When Ta Dah was first released Rachel asked me what song I liked best. After many, many listens I think it must be 'I Can't Decide'. The lyrics are twisted but so quotable. For example:

It's a bitch convincing people to like you
If I stop now call me a quitter
If lies were cats you'd be a litter.
And the chorus:
I can't decide
Whether you should live or die
Oh, you'll prob'ly go to heaven
Please don't hang your head and cry
No wonder why
My heart feels dead inside
It's cold and hard and petrified
Lock the doors and close the blinds
We're going for a ride.

I told you it was dark and twisted, but it's catchy. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Do you have a favorite SS song?

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I made a decision tonight, I love John King! No, not like lower case love, but LOVE, as in he's awesome. Did you see Broken Government? I think it took balls for a Washington correspondent to paint such a dark picture of the current administration. Actually maybe JK showed restraint, he could have made our current administration look even worse, if he wanted to.
I was moved by Senator Robert Byrd's account of his first impression and subsequent reality of President Bush. In Senator Byrd's own words "No President is above the law, or above the Constitution. I have to say that this White House, I think, has disregarded the Constitution in many ways. And I think the people are going to make a judgment and so will history." The current administration has skirted and subverted the rights that our founding fathers guaranteed us in our Constitution and they've gotten away with it. It brought me back to Keith Olberman's comment earlier in the month concerning the poisoning of habeas corpus. He said"We have a long and painful history of ignoring the prophecy attributed to Benjamin Franklin that 'those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.'" So who to believe, Benjamin Franklin or George Bush when he says 'Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists'. I think you know my answer.

And if I haven't depressed myself and probably you enough here's something that keeps me awake at night. I can't help but think Karl Rove has a rabbit he's just waiting to pull out of his hat to rescue the Republicans in the midterms. Whether it is capturing Osoma, firing Rumsfeld, or another 'terrorist' plot that wags the dog, I just feel like the other shoe has yet to drop. Please let me be wrong and let this election be decided by people based on facts not further manipulation of facts. And on that happy note have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh Baby! More New Pictures!

Well, first of all, I'm immensely sorry for believing Oprah! Believe you me, I'll never trust that woman again! How dare she promise Anderson Cooper and then cut him out of the show! OMG! How cruel was that! Doesn't that woman know that we are suffering from AnderWithdrawl? SO NOT COOL, OPRAH!

Alright, to make us all feel better, I'm going to share some of my wonderful finds from this morning! I hope you like them!!!

Now, I know that we've all seen the famous Diane Arbus photo of Anderson as a baby. I found this excerpt from a Washington Post article where Anderson talks about the picture.

Double Exposure
A Moment With Diane Arbus Created A Lasting Impression

By David Segal
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, May 12, 2005; C01

Other Arbus subjects had no idea. Like the infant in "A very young baby, N.Y.C. 1968," which ran in Harper's Bazaar and is now one of the images stopping the crowd at the Met. The baby's eyes are closed, lips a little drooly. One critic likened it to a death mask.

The weirdest part, it turns out, isn't what the infant looks like. It's who it is. It's Anderson Cooper. Yes, CNN anchorman Anderson Cooper.

"I have it in my bedroom," Cooper says by phone. "I think it's great."

The back story here is that Cooper's mom is Gloria Vanderbilt, the socialite turned denim jeans spokeswoman turned memoirist. She was married at the time to author Wyatt Emory Cooper, and she was friends with Arbus, who in 1968 was looking for babies to photograph for a series she was assembling. When Arbus sent the images to Harper's Bazaar, an editor called Vanderbilt with a question: Are you sure it's okay to put your son's name on this photo?

"They were worried that my mother might find the picture a little disturbing," says Cooper. "My mother was stunned." Publish his name, she told the magazine.

"I heard that Elton John sold me" -- by this he means a copy of "A very young baby" -- "at auction recently, and I was a little offended by that, frankly," Cooper says, laughing. He realizes why some might find the image unsettling, but he's amused by it and kind of thrilled to be in a museum.

His one request: "Just make it really clear to people that I'm not the kid with the grenade."

Isn't he so cute? And thaks to our friend Avalon, this is the kid with the grenade that Arbus also photographed! I can see why he'd like to make that distiction! Look at those skinny legs!

Well, if you liked Anderson as a baby, I know you will love these next shots. I was doing some Google searches for new pictures because frankly I've been under the weather these past few days and just can't muster up the strength for a good political conversation! I stumbled upon these shots from Yoray Liberman's (Getty Images) time with Anderson Cooper 360 in Isreal. I just think these pictures are beautiful!

And last but not least, I was so excited when I found this picture of Anderson and his crew (along with Ms. Erica Hill) from New Year's Eve 2005! The cool thing about this photo is if you click on the link under the photo, you'll be able to see the AC360 crew in panoramic view! It's really neat! But don't believe me, try it out for yourself!

Photo Credit: Jook Leung

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is my last post before my vacation! I'm off to Disney World for the Royce Family Extravaganza!!! Can you believe that I'm not going to get to see Anderson Cooper for yet another week????? Oh well, I hope he misses me as much as I've missed him! LOL!

I'll be back on November 9th, but look for a post from me at the end of next week about the upcoming Mid-Term Elections.

Have a wonderful week!

"One shouldn't misunderestimate him"

Wednesday's 360 was just terrific. Please, please, please CNN give John King his own hour. He has such a knowledge of politics. His discussions tonight with James Carville and then David Gergen were so very informative. You gotta love Gergen quoting Bush with "One shouldn't misunderestimate him".
And this Michael Ware cap is for Cyn, whose been missing all the Aussie beauty the last few weeks.

Did you know that CNN has what they affectionately call a 'mother hen desk'? I was sent an article from the May June '06 issue of Weatherwise by ACMIfan. In it Gregory Agvent, the director of planning for CNN/U.S. is interviewed. Based in Atlanta, he works with producers, reporters, and crews across the network to develop coverage of stories, such as the war in Iraq, the U.S. hurricane season, and CNN's "Security Watch" segments.
Agvent said "We have a couple of ongoing training courses, not specific to hurricanes. We create a Hurricane Handbook for each storm with specific information about population, emergency contacts, and notes on dos and don'ts. Experience is the preparation. CNN's been doing this for 20 years, and our first line of people have significant experience in a hurricane situation. We never to send a green team out there. Our guys are very good about keeping themselves shielded as best as they can while still being in the storm. "
He added "The extreme safety threat to our people (during Katrina),was nothing like anyone had experienced before. In the immediate aftermath, the physical safety of our crews was our biggest concern. People got sick. Pink eye was everywhere, and many got the Katrina cough. One of the things we realized is you can't just go the corner drug store; medical care was impacted along with everything else. We contracted with an Atlanta company, and a doctor and nurse were deployed and set up a makeshift CNN ER. "
And what about that 'mother hen' desk? Well Agvent explained "this desk is tasked with tracking people. It requires phone contact on the hour. That became difficult with phone lines down and cell phone coverage down (during Katrina). We deployed a lot of satellite phones and that helped with tracking. We consulted with overseas CNN experts--folks who have been in war zones. We turned to them first and said, "What do we do?" In some cases we said to crews, 'Don't move'." Cool job to have, manning the 'mother hen' desk, don't you think?
I bet you're wondering just why I plucked the picture with the arrow pointing at Anderson's wallet(thanks Lori) right in the middle of this article review? Well, there was one more gem contained in this article that I think explains AC's fat wallet. Again Mr. Agvent is speaking "One of the toughest things to work with in a storm is microphones. The trick of the trade is to cover your microphone with a condom. It will keep the water out." Hmm, do you think Mr. Cooper is being a good Boy Scout and is always prepared for a hurricane?

I came across a program today that I love. Please take a minute and check it out. The website is hosted by and sponsored by Xerox. At the website you pick out a thank you card and a message for a soldier in Iraq. The choices are all designed by children and depict patriotic scenes and hometown images. All you have to do is click on your favorite design and either select the message that best expresses your sentiment or draft a personal note. The postcards are then printed by Xerox and mailed in care packages by military support organization 'Give to the Troops'. This program is aimed at reminding our service people how much Americans appreciate them. Please check it out, it's just a really great thing to do.

On to the voting results. The winner of 'Best of the Best, part 2' is Anderson in the black turtleneck. So now we move onto the big finale. Here are the two highest vote getters, you know the drill by now. Enjoy!

Winner of Let's Vote
Turtleneck Anderson
Blue Tee Shirt Anderson
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Gem Amid the Clutter

Anderson at Quill Awards
(photo credit: NY Social Diary)

Hi Everyone! I'm not going to do much talking today because I received a wonderful submission from a reader, Ruby Slippers sharing a treasure she found in her basement! I know you'll love it!

But before I let you read Ruby's story, I just want to remind you of a couple of programming notes:

        • Anderson will be on Oprah tomorrow, Thursday October 26th.
  • The Quill Awards will be broadcast on NBC on Saturday, October 28th @ 7pm ET
I hope you all are surviving your Anderwithdrawl!


From Stiletto Pumps to Gloria Vanderbilt
By RubySlippers

If you think the stuff in your basement or your bookcase is worthless, unimportant junk, think again:

I started cleaning out my storage cabinets in preparation for new furniture (yay!), and among the certifiable crap (a personnel handbook from two jobs ago, my old PalmPilot III, instructions on how to juggle), I found a s**tload of old programs: Broadway Playbills (that’s Playbills, folks, get your minds outta the gutter), Lincoln Center programs and opera librettos (*sigh*, the sacrifices I made for a boyfriend), and a few Carnegie Hall programs.

I planned to toss ‘em in the trash, but thought “WAIT! Ebay!” If I clear a dollar apiece, hey, that’s $40 in my pocket (which almost pays for the new shoes I bought this weekend).

Ever the forward-thinking salesperson, I carefully paged through each Playbill, noting the performance dates, the stars (almost-stars and never-were-stars), and any interesting photos, articles or advertisements (Parliament and Benson&Hedges cigarette ads, ah, those were the days…) to include the info in the eBay listing.

Halfway through the stack, buried deep (as any true diamond is) inside a program for a forgettable 1975 performance of “Shenandoah”, I notice THIS:

Right. Ooh…

The author, Louis Botto, is clearly enamored with Ms. Gloria, as he writes:

“She fixes you with enormous, doe-like brown eyes, that together with her long, silky hair are the most unforgettable attractions in the room…At 51, Ms. Vanderbilt…looks like a young art student flushed with excitement…”

(Uh, Mr. Botto: this is Playbill, not Playboy; skip the softcore: there are kiddies in the audience).

Botto continues to gush on about Gloria’s art, marriages, children (none mentioned by name; sorry, Anderson!), design work, decorating, and of course, her past: wait ‘till you get to the last three paragraphs…

Oh, and in case you were wondering about eBay? The Playbill sold for $2. So much for dreams of more shoes.

Click Articles to Enlarge

Click here if you'd like to contact Ruby Slippers for more information

I ♥ Anderson Cooper!

Yea, a new (at least to me) Anderson picture. This is from the June '06 issue of American Airlines inflight magazine. Lori was kind enough to brighten it a little and take off the advertising. It looks like it was taken at the naughty chair shoot. OK, I know it was a club in NYC called Pravda, but we've dubbed it the naughty chair for eternity.
According to Tuesday's Jossip CNN's Jon Klein has taken on a veritable executive producing role at Larry King Live. "He's virtually commandeered LKL chief Wendy Walker's position, making subtle but distinct changes, like choosing new music and speeding up the show's pace."
I wonder if it was Klein's idea to send Larry on a police ride along with the South L.A. gang unit ala Anderson? Somehow it wasn't the same for me as when Anderson did it in NOLA. I'm not feeling 'field Larry', how about you?
If you want to see Anderson's ride along it's on Pipeline labeled "New Orleans Police Ride-along" October 21, 2005. If you want to see Larry's (why?) it's on Pipeline labeled "L.A. Gangland Ride-along"October 24, 2006.
Great thanks to Quitty for the Pipeline screencaps and research

It was great to have Glenn Beck on 360 Tuesday night. I'm not necessarily a fan of his politics, but he is interesting and knowledgeable. I was sorry to see that David Gergen had returned to Boston but, as always, he offered an interesting interview. Gergen is of the opinion that some legislation that is stuck in the Congress, namely guest worker immigration and the McCain/Liberman climate change, might actually pass, if the new House is Democratic. These are bills that President Bush has encouraged and has not been able to get through a Republican house. Wouldn't that be a nice change, legislation actually being enacted?

If you live anywhere near Phoenix, I'm sure you heard my squeals of delight last night when Mike Watkiss and polygamy popped up on 360. Thank you for that segment John King, you made my week! Does that make me fickle cause I ♥ John King, too? Oh well, I've been called worse.

And speaking of fickle, Erica is a bit fickle herself, in her flirting with the men of CNN. She and JK had an adorkable moment last night, ala the old Anderca. Hmmm..would we call it Kingca? Or Johnca? It made me homesick for the old days of 360. Hurry back AC, Erica is cheating on you!
Tuesday's voting was the closest contest yet. By just one vote the winner is;And here are the pictures for voting in 'Best of the Best, part 2'. Enjoy!
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Best of the Best, part 2
Anderson on his couch, In Style Magazine
Anderson in the black turtleneck
Anderson in the city
Time Out NY Magazine Anderson
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