Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Anderson in Istanbul

We have some new developments in Anderson's travel schedule for this week. AC will be doing 360 from Amman, Jordan on Wednesday and Thursday. On these nights he will continue to cover the Pope's trip to Turkey in addition to President Bush's trip to Jordan. As Quitty said to me, in an email, that's one step closer to Iraq. I selfishly want Anderson back in NYC, in one piece, to do Regis and Kelly on December 8th. So Anderson, no Iraq, please.

As for Monday's 360, it was a bit disappointing. Technology was not cooperating and we really didn't get as much of Anderson's reporting as I think was originally planned. Fangurl did notice a major haircut (boo) and a really fluffy North Face jacket. He looked great in it, but if anyone else (translation: normal weight) would have worn it, they would have looked like the Michelin Man.

Anderson touched on a subject tonight that I was discussing with an old Anderfriend over the weekend. This friend was reading
"While Europe Slept" by Bruce Bawer, subtitled "How Radical Islam Is Destroying The West From Within". I appreciated her taking the time to tell me about the book, but decided to pass on reading it. I think I must be a bit of a Pollyanna. I don't want to live my life fearing Muslims. As I've mentioned before, I lived in a predominately Muslim country for several years and I found that the average Muslim is very much a peace loving person. In fact, most that I knew were envious of our American lifestyle and not hateful in the least. I believe it was Reza Aslan, who said on Monday's 360, we must be careful to recognize the difference between extremist Muslims and those who make up the majority of the religion. As I told my friend, everyday Christians like us don't make headlines in other parts of the world. Only those Christians, and politicians, who preach intolerance, hate, etc. get noticed. I think it's much the same with Muslims. At least I hope it is and those radicals who make the news are the minority.

On to some fun topics not relating to the show.
•First I'd like to thank all of you for taking the time to send birthday greetings to Purple Tie and myself and to ATA in celebration of it's 1st birthday. It's really nice to know how kind and thoughtful you all are. I received so many wonderful e cards and messages and they were really appreciated. Thank you for making my birthday truly special.
•I'd like to share a little tidbit of my birthday that really made my day. My husband bought me a piece of jewelry and before he took me to dinner tonight we went to the jewelry store to pick it up. The jeweler (very young and really cute) asked me if it was my actual birthday and I told him it was. He asked if I was sharing my age and I said (stupidly) 'why don't you give it your best guess'. He was off by 16 years and now you know why I love my jeweler. Of course he was lying, but I really don't care!

•Here's the cartoon of AC and Larry King that is in this week's Time Magazine supplement. It's oddly cute.
•I received a tip from Peace Kwiyamba that a small picture of Anderson is on the cover of People Extra, the Dec Issue. She goes on to mention that there is a picture in the magazine of Anderson, Carter and Gloria, taken in 1976. AC is quoted under the heading ,"In their Own words, their best memories, worst days, and the moments that changed their lives".
•Another of the Lee's Christmas cards has surfaced on eBay. This one had no date, but the seller is estimating that Anderson is 8 in the picture.

•Do you remember a while back when we found the blogger who mentioned that Anderson was heading to Brazil for a vacation? This was the same guy who mentioned Anderson bought Gloria a burka, which oddly proved to be true. Anyway, there was a mention in today's online New York Post that Anderson was spotted in Brazilian airport on Friday. I'm actually not convinced this is a true sighting. Time will tell and eventually so will Anderson.
•And the saga continues. I just found this on a blog, I'll leave it up to you to decide which, if either, is true. "I saw this in the Post today and was quite surprised as my daughter was on the same flight to London as Mr. Cooper and the CNN crew on Friday. She was going back to school and was thrilled to see him and get his autograph. "
Posted by Marie on November 27 at 02:17pm

•One last thing and I hope it's not too mean, but when I did the screencap of JR tonight my mind was thinking of the little kids song...
"One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Any guesses to which picture just doesn't belong?


xtina said...

LOL at that first screen cap - what does Anderson wear when it's REALLY cold?! It's 60 degrees in day, 45 at night in Istanbul- that's t-shirt weather in Chicago! hee hee

Unknown said...

LMAO @ at the "one of the things is not like the other". Those pictures side by side are too funny. AND, yes, JR's doesn't fit!

Love that LK and AC picture too.

Also, I agree with what you said about Muslims. It's very important that we don't put that radical label on the majority of them. Sometimes I think about how hard it must be for them in this country. We have a Temple not too far from my house and there are quit a few very faithful Muslims in our area. I just always hope that people treat them just like everyone else and not differently. They, unfortunatly, probably have to deal with ignorant idoits that don't know the difference between Al Queda and a true Muslim.

cactuskid said...

Glad you had a good birthday yesterday, Phebe. I was very impressed with the interviews with Reza Aslan last night. Very smart man and he kept my interest. Hope he's on again. I believe there are good Muslims, too, and try to keep an open mind since there can be good and bad with anything. The pictures and writings the Lee family have are very sweet and endearing and wonder why they are selling. Think Anderson should have them. I think Anderson's hair was a little too tight on the sides last night! Ha!

Unknown said...

Glad you had a great birthday. And I agree about understanding that there are different types of people who are muslims. I have spoken to people at the local Islamic Organization and they are so happy when you ask them about their group and the people who belong. We are getting a mosque in the city I live and people are very afraid about the type of people it will bring in. I don't think I'll ever understand it.

I love the picture of Andy and Carter. When I first saw it my first thhought was cue Brady Bunch theme music. In the New Year card of Larry and Anderson it seems Larry is not in too good of a mood, so watch him Baby New Year.

Is Andy insecure about his future at CNN or is he just restless. I wish I knew, but going to places where anyone can be a target is not a good idea. According to my calendar it will be 3 months tomorrow since he made his last CNN visit to the Gulf Coast, which is quite unusual. Come on Anderson get back to the states and visit the bar, in NOLA that remained open during Katrina, we want to know what's going on. Or are you getting amnesia.

Finally JR is not my favorite by any means. Trying to emulate someone who is popular is not a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I found it amusing that AC was bundled up in his huge North Face jacket and gloves and Reza Aslan was standing there in only a shirt and jacket. What a contrast.

Was AC wearing a new shirt?

Anonymous said...

@joanie yeah the contrast between Reza and Anderson's outerwear was too funny. As for the shirt it's not a new one, but he hasn't worn it a lot. Maybe he finally put the AF field shirt out to pasture. He could have auctioned it off and given the money to Comic Relief.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I'm living thru you guys these 2 weeks as CNNi only has 1 hour of 360 and it's on at 4am, sorry but the love doesn't extend that far!!LOL Happy belated birthday to you Phebe and Purple Tie and of course ATA! You all get some Swiss chocolate when I return, party time!

Anonymous said...

@xtina LOL. Where I'm from 60 degree's is laying out to get a suntan weather for the college kids..great tanning lying on a snow bank!! I don't know though, my thermostat is always a little weird when I travel..I get cold on the plane and it takes me a few days to warm up! @Joanie, I was actually thinking that was the old blue shirt lurking under that Northface jacket! I totally agree with your comments on Muslims. I have lived in a number of places where one religion was predominant and found that most of the people were pretty moderate in their views. However, the extremists get most of the attention. The old Pareto Principle - 80% of the attention focused on 20% of the problem or should I say people in this case. Big News, Mr Em finally gets it! He walked into my TV room last night and actually said, "Hey, Anderson's back!" Amazing, I never thought he would notice anything on TV that didn't involve a baseball, basketball, or football so as the story goes...and all is happy in Muddville!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you that Anderson looked great (even with his buzz cut) and that Reza was not only interesting to listen but able to provide information that made sense when talking about the multi-facted sides of the religious divides - I do however have a beef with Delia - she is so arrogant and frankly very annoying

cactuskid said...

Just received the new People Extra magazine in the mail today and Anderson is on the cover. He's on page 37 and talks about his brother's suicide; is taken from his book. Has two nice pictures.

Cooper1 said...

Gracie, I had the same thoughts about Anderson and CNN a few months ago; I think I even blogged about it when the rumors about the CBS morning show were circulating. Last time he felt "restless" he took the "Mole" job.

Phebe, glad you were able to come up with the "cartoon." When I saw Anderson's haircut yesterday I realized he looks even more like "Baby New Year" than I first thought, especially the ears. Excuse my unusual reference to "looks," but this was just too tempting!

Anonymous said...

Stop the press, uh-uh! John Roberts, take that leg off of that step this instant. You know good and well that you can't work that pose like Anderson does. King comes close, but you...no. Just no. I'd better not see that tonight! *lol*

Wow, that comparison really, really made me appreciate just how much I love that pose...

Phebe said...

@candy, I have a name for that pose, but if I blog it my reputation would be down the tube. When I saw JR with his foot up on the step last night I immediately called Sheryn and said Ewwww. Glad you agree.

Anonymous said...

"But if anyone else (translation: normal weight) would have worn it, they would have looked like the Michelin Man"

Thanks for the laugh Phebe...I needed that! So true...so true. Besides that is there anything that man wears that he doesn't look good in?