Thursday, November 30, 2006

Anderson in Jordan

I don't think I'm in a bad mood, really I don't, but I am sort of annoyed at CNN. I just don't see any compelling reason why AC is in the Middle East. Besides a brief tour of Istanbul's McDonalds and Starbucks on Monday night's show, all he's done is set shots for 3 nights. He could have just as easily interviewed Delia Gallagher, Reza Aslan and all from the NYC studio. In fact, tonight he did most of his talking in the first hour on the phone to people in the States. I just don't get it.

Having said that, it was great to see Anderson and Michael Ware reunited. I'm not sure what CNN's plans are for Ware, but I really wish it wouldn't involve going back to Iraq. No one has a better feel for the pulse of that nation, but damn it's just getting too dangerous.

In last night's post I mentioned that Anderson should visit 4 Corners since he's been so fascinated with the juxtaposition of Turkey on 2 continents. Frequent commenter Em emailed me a picture she found of kids enjoying just what I was talking about. Left leg in AZ, etc. I can so see Mr. Cooper straddling the monument.

Have you been enjoying our video entries? Here's another one, made by Robin. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You're not alone in the least, Phebe--I, too, was pretty disappointed that we didn't get a little bit more Anderson in normal reporting situations, but I wonder if those clips weren't bumped because of the NY Times breaking report. Did enjoy seeing Michael Ware with Anderson, however. I had no idea the man had a torso, just thought it was a densely-stubbled head and neck reporting from Iraq for all these months. ;)

P.S.-Happy Belated Birthday! And from the "leg-on-stair" pose discussion, I'm painfully curious to know what your name for it is. I won't tell. *wink*

Unknown said...

Great job on the video, Robin. It was really cute... great idea too :)

I kinda get the sense the trip isn't exactly what they were hoping for.... with the cancellation today they probably had to scramble for extra stuff. Also, I though I remember reading Anderson was gonna interview the Benedict guy in Turkey but that doesn't looked like that came to be either. Oh well, I guess the news is hard to plan sometimes!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is cynical to say, but CNN probably thought the Pope's visit would result in bloodshed (or at least rioting). It kind of fizzled out. Maybe they added Jordan, as long as Anderson was in the vicinity. xtina

Anonymous said...

I agree PT. News events are rather unpredictable. I think Anderson is doing his best turning lemons into lemonade.

Araceli Elle said...

i haven't really been catching 360 all week because it's just on way too late and i'm over come with end of term stress. but i did catch some of last nights show because today is a class-free day so i knew i could sleep in a bit.

anyway i decided something last night about michael ware [who i think is fantastic by the way]. his aussie accent is quite heavy and he sounds like he's really concentrating hard to keep his talking slow and clear so that we can all understand him. so i'd like to hear him just let go! maybe get a few "beverages" into him and really hear what he sounds like!

p.s. i'd also like it if he could get out of iraq.

Anonymous said...

Anderson out of Iraq or Michael Ware out of Iraq? I don't think Michael Ware wants to leave Iraq.
He lives for it! I think it is great that brave reporters/cameramen/sound people go to places like that to let the rest of us know what's going on.
Ware rocks.

Phebe said...

You people sure are snarky this morning.
@candy, it's the 'airing out the boys' pose.
@mara, glad you enjoyed, all credit goes to Robin. I'm trying to be impartial about these videos since we will be voting on a fav in the near future.
@xtina, I have a feeling you're right about that.
@alaceli elle, I'd pay to see an inebriated Michael Ware and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone. As Candy said it's nice to see he has a torso.
Short story, when I used to live in SE Asia the Australian Navy would dock and give their sailors shore leave. They were the best entertainment for us bored expatriates. The sailors would come to the pub we frequented and get quite drunk. It would culminate in what we lovingly termed the dance of the flaming a$$holes. The sailors would roll newspapers up, drop their drawers and put the paper where the sun don't shine, light it and dance. This wasn't a rare occurrence, it was every time a boat came into port. Actually, I should go back and look at my pictures just to see if any of them was Mic. I love Aussie men!

Unknown said...

Lmao @Phebe. OMG I would pay to see drunken Aussie Navy men. That is too much. I can't imagine anyone doing that drunk or not! lol

Anonymous said...

loved the video! the Husband heard the music, and was confused (not something i'd normally listen to) until i explained.

of course, he also told me this morning that he finally realized who anderson reminds him of. pinocchio after he'd been changed into a boy, but all grown up! so go figure.

Anonymous said...

I'm at a loss to understand Anderson's trip too. Although Fox news sent that Shep guy so I guess they figured it was newsworthy.

lori said...

I agree with everyone about this trip not living up to their expectations. Let's hope tonight's show goes more smoothly! Anonymous was right about turning lemons into lemonade. Anderson has shown lots of grace under pressure thus far.

What a fun video by Rachel. Voting is going to be tough. The submissions have been outstanding.

LMAO! "airing out the boys," and Aussie sailors with their tailpipes ablaze! I learn something new every day when I read ATA. :D

Anonymous said...

Reason for Anderson's Trip

CIA Observer

Anonymous said...

Oh and I loved Robin's video. Anderson is cool enough to have been the new

Anonymous said...

I agree with the coverage, I even let AC go to tape and watched Medium.

Now for the Naughty Chair--the first photo of the video, wow. What is it they say, "big hands, big feet, big..."

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Loved the video, it really made me laugh! Good job Robin!

@Phebe "airing out the boys" OMG! LMAO! =) *wipes tears from face, catches breath*

Michael Ware: Just read an article on the train today in the latest New Yorker mag - "MAD AS HELL" all about Lou Dobbs. I know, I know, but it stated in the article that Michael Ware was Time Magazine's Baghdad chief before CNN hired him.

So there ya go, he is used to the place and I honestly think that he lives there. Still, he needs to get out before something horrible happens. Ii think Michael is awesome! And just now on CNN, Nic Robertson is back in Baghdad too. Oh Lordy, I sure hope that Anderson doesn't end up there, but somehow I have a feeling... =(

Okay, I am still laughing about "airing out the boys" Heh heh! That is a classic Phebe!

Anonymous said...

When Faiths Collide...When I saw
the title to this week's AC 360, I
knew what CNN was up to. It's all
about the ratings, for sure!

I bet they were hoping to see
violence during Pope Benedict's
visit to Turkey, but it didn't happen. The Vatican selects journa-
lists to travel with the Pope. Why
Anderson wasn't among them is a mystery to me.

Besides, Anderson seems to really do better with "action" news
such as hurricanes and wars. Last night from Amman, Jordan he looked
tired and seemed to have speech
problems. He simply wasn't himself.

I hope he returns home safely and that he gets the rest he needs. AC 360 should be lots better
next week!

Anonymous said...

Robin--loved the video. It was such a great idea.

I too, didn't think the shows were as great this week. Maybe they were over my head some. I see he is already advertising special for tomorrow night and at 11:00 is something on Aids. Probably Christians report from several weeks ago. I hope that means he will be on his way back to the United States and not on his way to Iraq.

I wonder if the second hour last night was taped, as they had so many technical difficulties this week and things didn't pan out with the Pope and the President.

sydney said...

I first read this post at work; big mistake! "Airing out the boys pose" - I almost lost it. I spent all morning trying not to laugh while talking to clients.

Finally watched the video after I got home. Make room on the naughty chair, Pixie: the first thing I noticed was.. the feet... wow!

cactuskid said...

Ya'll have me keeling over laughing at all of your comments from today! Flaming a$$holes, airing out the boys, and noticing Michael's torso! Too much!! I like Robin's 007 video very much. Very creative. I, also, liked that "old" TV show Secret Agent Man and the song sung by Johnny Rivers.

Cyn said...

Phebe, I assume Mick is about to go on holiday for a bit, with Nic (and others) covering the Baghdad beat for him while he's away. I doubt he'd make that horrendous trip to Amman for anything other than his normal rotation out.

And he was Army, not Navy. Which, judging from the antics of the Navy boys, I am extremely happy about! (Although somehow, I imagine they had their own fun entertainment! LOL)

@patti, yes, he was Time's bureau chief until May. I will now shamelessly point you to Wikipedia to check out his bio (which I shamelessly wrote. LOL)

I'm just hoping Anderson talked him into staying another night or two in Amman before leaving for Brisbane, so we can see him again before the long dry spell. I guess my website will be getting some time off, too!

Anonymous said...

I would pay good money to see a video of Michael, Anderson, Charlie, et al. getting drunk over there.

Anonymous said...

@ phebe: Wow. I'll never view that pose in *quite* the same way ever, ever again. Marching off to the naughty chair...

@ robin: Great video!