Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day two in Istanbul

I'm a bit gobsmaked by Reza Aslan's comments on Tuesday's 360 concerning reciprocity. He said for the Pope "to make the kind of generalization that, somehow, the Islamic world doesn't allow the propagation of Christianity or the construction of Christian churches or Jewish synagogues is just simply incorrect". Excuse my French, but what the hell is he smoking? Of course the Muslim world discourages the building of Christian sanctuaries on their soil. Don't they believe that their lands are sacred and desecrated by Christians and Jews? I listen to his segment twice because I thought I had heard him wrong.

Onto some fangurl fashion talk. Did Anderson's jacket seem familiar to you? It's not one that I ever remember seeing in the studio, but it sure did look like the one he wore in Iraq when he visited the United States Embassy. At that time we joked that he borrowed it from Nic Robertson, now I'm wondering if we were right. Looks to me like he wore it with a pair of dark jeans. All in all a very nice combination.

While we're on the fashion subject would anyone like to take a stab at what was going on with Delia's scarf? Not a great fashion statement.

Does it seem like AC always develops a cold when on these trips to the far corners of the globe? Well I think it's happening again. He needs to start taking Airborne.
I lost count of how many times Anderson has explained to us the geography of Turkey. He even called in Tom with his maps. I love Tom and his maps, by the way.So AC's fascination with Turkey being on 2 continents has got me wondering if I could interest Anderson in visiting 4 Corners? That's where New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada all meet. You can stand on a bronze marker and be in all 4 states at the same time. I think AC'd have a grand old time with that one. I can see him explaining 'well my right leg in in AZ and my left is in NM and one arm is in NV, etc" We could even bring in Tom and the maps!

Here's another entry in our video contest. This one was created and submitted
by Bookasylum with music by Amanda Marshall. Enjoy!


eliza said...

Reza was just pointing out that the Pope was generalizing. Sure there are places like Saudia Arabia that don't allow it, but there are other places that do.

Anonymous said...

You are a very creative writer and a keen observer of anderisms.

It is nice to see Anderson in something new for a change. I think we all know his entire wardrobe except what he sleeps in.

To that, I bet a tee shirt with drawstring cotton pants.

Anonymous said...

I was away for 10 days & did not see AC i saw him yesterday, looking good as always.
What's up with him always standing with his legs so far apart?? Did you guys notice when he was asking questions to the German reporter.
He is always ready for a candid shot :) after all he is a model.

Anonymous said...

Phebe how about this for an end to Thursday's show:

Mr Cooper: Class there will be a test Friday night at 11:00 PM on the geography of Turkey and Jordan. lol

I loved the suit coat and I am so glad he wore the good jeans instead of the ones he wore in NOLA.

American Tomboy said...

Good morning Phebe and happy belated birthday wishes to you. Another November baby - cool! I really enjoyed last night's AC360 and had a couple of chuckles along the way. Anderson looked great in a more casual Friday way. I wish he would just unbutton one more button on his shirt - it just looks so uptight - but he's such a good boy. He looked like he was absolutely freezing his tushy off and he wanted that Michelin man coat back in a bad way! I'm so glad you screen-capped that sly wiping of the nose thing - I was cracking up. You would think that he'd have some nice, linen, monogrammed hankie. Perhaps a Christmas gift idea. There were a couple things with JR that just didn't relay back to Turkey. Like the thing with the clerk using a machete (sp?) against the potential robbers gun. AC just ignored it - too funny. I do enjoy both Delia and Reza's insights and was a little gobsmacked by that comment as well. It seems like Delia is doing a good job checking herself and getting her expertise in there as well. A fashion note - did she have on leather pants? But they do seem to know their stuff. I'm going to be in NYC this weekend again but I will miss him again. Oh well. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Thought he looked nice last night. I like the lighter colored jacket, for a change.

Just thinking out loud here. It is in regards to a couple of comments from yesterday about AC getting restless and moving on. Didn't AC join CNN in late December 2001,early January 2002? I wonder how long his contract is for? He's about to mark his 5th year.

Anonymous said...

take two...let's see if blogger doesn't eat this one...

dunno why i wasn't taken aback by aslan's comments. i do want to read his book. he sounds like an interesting guy. (with additional links at the bottom)

they just aired one of anderson's reports on that morning show! (you know, the one that follows miles & soledad.)

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Anderson! He burns the candle at both ends and with all the travel, jet lag, diet changes, no wonder he's always got allergies or colds going on.

Take your vitamins and oh yeah...get some rest Andy!

Anonymous said...

@qag tee shirt and drawstring cotton pants in baby blue.

American Tomboy said...

Good observation of him standing with his legs far apart. I call it his "James Hetfield pose". I think it may be because of his bad back - a more comfortable position when you're standing around or walking around all day.

When he did that sleep study he was wearing what looked to be pretty traditional top and bottom pjs in baby blue.

Gracie - what's a qag tee shirt? I feel out of it!

lori said...

I missed last night's 360, so thanks Phebe for your comprehensive and insightful recaps and screen caps. Leave it to her to catch that sly nose wipe!

I was sorry to miss Reza and Delia; they really are fascinating to listen to. Here's a dumb question: is it me or does Reza remind anyone else of Mo Rocca on VH1 "I Love the 80s"?

Not sure what's up with Delia's scarf. She's either shielding herself from the cold or protecting her virtue. Don't get me wrong, she knows her stuff but comes across icier than a snowcone in the Yukon..

I love your idea about AC at 4 Corners. It's on my list of must-sees. Perhaps you host an ATA convention there and have Anderson and Tom as your guest speakers?

sydney said...

I, too, liked the outfit last night, except he had his hands stuffed down into the bottom of his pockets - maybe he needs gloves (and some body fat!).

@qag and gracie

I always pictured the same sleepwear, but for some reason in dark blue... :-) (which begs the question, *should* we be picturing this?)


I bet the pyjamas were just for show - I don't know any guy under the age of 50 who wears "traditional" jammies.

Wow, that's a lot of fangurl crap to get out of my system at once!

Phebe said...

@eliza, if he was generalizing it should have been stated differently, imo. I guess he's the yin to John Allen's yang, but it still bothered me a great deal.
@americantomboy, qag is short for the lovely queenannegirl, one of our regular commenters.
@sydney, I've had the pj discussion with Ms. Sheryn several times. It's just not right that my mind goes there!
@lori,Delia has virtue? You always make me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Hey All, I believe Anderson wear's traditional Ralph Lauren pajamas with matching tops and bottoms. He as mention this a couple of times and there usually in the blue colored. I have a pair and there really comfortable.

Unknown said...

I think we've had that convo too, Phebe. Oh well, we are all entitled to a little fangurl/fanboy at times. Speaking of that I also enjoyed the grey suit jacket. I'd like to see that with a purple tie ;)

I've seen some talking about Anderson moving on. This disucussion comes up a lot and I believe he's happy at CNN, for now. He gets to travel where ever he wants and do the stories he likes. If he were at another network I'm not sure he'd enjoy that. He is always on the go (See Monday's blog post for more info on his "on the go" life) but I think he really enjoyes it for the time being. One day maybe he'll settle down a bit more but I don't see that day coming for a while yet.

Unknown said...

By the way, the song for bookasylums video is pefect for him. Great choice!

lori said...

@phebe: LMAO! You didn't snort and scare the dog this time, did you? ;)

Let's put it this way, after getting an EYEful of Britney Spears this morning (long story), Miss Delia's lookin' like a saint.

@PT: Oh, yes! Purple tie with that jacket would look sharp. I second the motion about that song in bookasylum's video. Very powerful.

OK, I'm off to the naughty chair now. All this talk about Anderson in pajamas...*fans self*

Sheryn said...
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Sheryn said...

OOHH, PJ talk!!! Where the mind wanders!!! HEHEE!

I was IMing with my friends last night and they were not by their TVs. One of them said, what's he wearing and I said, "Boxers!" It was too funny!

But seriously people, that just could not be his jacket! I'm telling you! Anderson's jackets are always so tailored. That jacket was too big for him! And those pants just did not match!

And Oh lets take out the naughty sofa because I really do love the way he's standing in that shot. My my my! Fangurl in me has just taken over my entire body!!!

Cooper1 said...

That report on Honor Killing was so disturbing. It is inexcusable. I remember a particularly horrible one in Berlin in 2005. You would think this crazy "tradition" would have been abolished a long time ago.

Someone in today's "360" blog on the subject made a rather nasty comment about Anderson and his coverage of this story. If anyone can enlighten me on the positive side of Honor Killing let me know, because I don't see one.

For some reason I remember a comment by Anderson about "grandpa pajamas."

Anonymous said...

Okay, I think we are going to have to make it the naughty sectional!

I thought he stood that way for 2 reasons, one is that it steadies him so he is still on camera, or the other thought is that he is leveling himself to the camera lens so that the interviewee will naturally look at Anderson, but it will look like he is looking at the camera.

Wasn't he in his underwear in one of the early war videos, when he ducks down to the floor as shots ring out. Not sure if that is for real...or the way I want to remember it.

I couldn't figure out what was going on with Delia's outfit. It looked like a scarf drapped over the front of her pants. The background was broken up, so it made her look like a size 2.

I think someone at AC360 read your blog about the jacket so Anderson tried to tough it out with a suit jacket, kinda looked like he borrowed it from Ahmadinejad. He was cold, he would take those beautiful big hands out to make a point and then slide them back into his pockets. I even heard him sniffing a couple of times while the camera was onto someone else.

Maybe we should just put naughty cushions on the floor so we can all visit while we are there!

Anonymous said...

But Sheryn compaired to the way he was dressed in NOLA when I saw him he looked stylish last night.

Quitty said...

So maybe the jacket is his formal Middle East attire?

"I believe Anderson wear's traditional Ralph Lauren pajamas with matching tops and bottoms. He as mention this a couple of times and there usually in the blue colored." Didn't he wear blue pajamas in the sleep segment?

"well my right leg in in AZ and my left is in NM and one arm is in NV, etc" OK, I have to ask. What body part of Anderson's is in Colorado? ;)

BookAsylum said...

@PT & Lori- thanks!

Anonymous said...

I only got to watch AC on the Pope's Visit to Turkey last Saturday. And it was a summary of the entire week of what has happened there. It was a good summary and I enjoyed the issue covered but AC looked haggard.

I couldn't help but find Reza Aslan taking the limelight from AC!!! Sorry ladies & AC for the disloyalty there for a bit ... hee hee ...

But seriously, living in a Muslim country, I find Reza's views refreshing. I'm trying to multitask here ... working, reading one of Reza's old interview April 2005 and trying to write a little blog here to share with you ... he was commenting on the question about women wearing head gear (the hijab).

The link, for those who would like to read up on that interview:

In M'sia it is not mandatory but it is strongly encouraged by the Muslim community here for holy reasons that some more modern Muslim women find that they'd rather do without but there are some who feel strongly that they should. There's a bit more "freedom" for Malaysian Muslim women on whether to wear it or not as compared to those in certain countries in the Middle East. Reza's opinion is that is should be a choice made by the individual rather than a patronising authoritative figure. I so agree with that.

I'm now thinking about getting Reza's book "No god but God" to read. I hope to find a book that explains the religion in a fair and as concise a manner as it can be for a non-Muslim to try to grasp a hold of. I hope his book will be able to do just that. I truly believe that having an understanding of the differences and similarities in religion will disspell ignorances we have of one another's religion and hopefully, friendship and trusts develops for a better future.

I was writing a comment to AC's blog the other day and shared that there is a motto by a lay Buddhist organisation in the UK that says, "Peace through Trust, Trust through Friendship". I guess, what better way to make friends is to learn about what they hold close to their hearts and try to understand it.

Well ... that's it from me ... take care ladies and have a great week ahead ...