Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, ATA!

Once upon a time there was a wonderful place for Anderson Cooper fans to go and exchange information. This wonderful place was essentially the beginning point for All Things Anderson. Unfortunately, for you newer fans, places like the old Andersphere don't exist anymore. They have been attacked by trolls and ridiculed to the point that the old timers have all gone underground.

I don't know how I found the old Andersphere, but finding it really changed my life. I lurked there for a long while before having the courage to post. When I did post I really wasn't welcomed, I was slammed. I retreated and licked my wounds and came back a few weeks later to give it another try. This time I was treated a little better, which encouraged me to post more and more comments. (This rough beginning is why I am so adamant that ATA newcomers be treated with the same respect as the regular posters.) The old Andersphere was populated with people named Scarlet Termite, Kentucky Lady, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Io, ladies who really seemed to know their Anderson stuff. Either that or they were just lucky guessers. I miss those days. And you should too. It was a wonderful way to be introduced into the fandom of Anderson Cooper.

I first met Purple Tie on this message board in October of 2005. We posted back and forth and eventually exchanged email addresses. We really had an instant connection, but I think most people would say that about PT. She's just the kind of person that everybody likes. We exchanged phone numbers and talked for the first time in late December of last year. Now hardly a day goes by that we don't take a few minutes to check up on each other.
Quitty came into our lives in late December on the same QT board. She would find information that just amazed me and I must say she still does. We talk on the phone every once in a while and she is just about the sweetest person in the world.

The old Andersphere dissolved soon after Quitty joined the crowd (it wasn't her fault, honest it wasn't) and a new message board began, this time a little more closely moderated. Its name was shortened to The Sphere and it still exists, but its a shadow of it's old self. It was this new board that brought Ms. Sheryn into the group. She came to us as this bubbly enthusiastic newbie who has such a wonderful writing style. Sheryn is just about the friendliest person I've ever met and one of the smartest too. She jumped right into posting and soon we were all best of friends.

I don't know what made me think I could blog. Actually, I look back at the beginnings and it's almost painful, but I'm nothing if not persistent. Soon PT agreed to lend a hand, and then we gave Ms. Elle (The Anderchronicles) her start. She became so popular that she spun off into her own blog with much success. I couldn't believe our good fortune when Quitty, the master researcher, agreed to join the ATA team. And the final piece fell into place recently when Sheryn agreed to give up Anderations and join the gang. There are many others who send us tips and pictures on a regular basis. If I tried to name you all I'm sure I'd leave someone out, but you know how much I adore and appreciate all of you.
Well, there you have it, All Things Anderson 101. It's been a wonderful 1st year, thanks to all of you. Happy Birthday ATA, anyone what a piece of cake?

We also need to celebrate Purple Tie's birthday today. In her honor Lori, ATA's wonderful graphic artist (she's one of our unsung heroes) has made her a little present. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

yay! happy 1st birthday

Sheryn said...
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Pemberly said...

Happy Birthday ATA and PT. May you both have many, many more years filled with friendship, good health and peace.

I lurked on the old Sphere for a long time before I got the courage to post. Reading all the names tonight brought back a lot of memories. They were fun times and it's such a shame a few people had to ruin them. I do visit the (new) Sphere and post there occasionally. Somehow, it's not quite the same but there are still some very nice people there.

Thanks to all of you for the hard work you do to make ATA such a great place. The atmosphere is always respectful and the pictures and other "finds" continue to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday ATA. I started searching back in February 2006 when AHC somehow entered my life. I went from message board to blog and hither & yon trying to find the right people to discuss AHC with.

After many attemps to find something I joined one place which I still frequent today, but not as much. I did read ATA, but had a heck of a time posting to it because I couldn't remember my password.

I find the people at ATA to be among the best Anderfans mainly because they have the same respect for AHC as I do. Sure we all go fan girl once in awhile - who wouldn't. However, they don't go beyond the realms of good taste when speaking of Anderson. My one philosophy when it comes to what I post is:

What would Anderson think if he read this.

And the people at ATA make sure that everything is respectful, kind and something Anderson would want to read and not blush at, well maybe just a bit.

I've talked to Phebe, exchanged emails with Sheryn and blogged with Quitty and I'm very glad I have. These peole are great and I am glad to have them as friends. Some people who read this may think I'm being mean to other Anderson fans for what they post other places. Believe me I'm not I just want Andy to have the respect he deserves and to me ATA is the place to get it.

cactuskid said...

Happy, happy birthday All Things Anderson and Purple Tie!!!! You all have done such great things with your blog and are truly creative! Eventhough I'm new to posting I'm an "oldie" to the Anderson sites since I've lurked for over a year. I, too, remember how the old Andersphere was and my very first sighting of a blog was The Anderson Cooper Corner. I wish you all the best and appreciate all that you do and that is why I delurked because I felt safe with you ladies. You are a great team! You are the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st birthday ATA and Happy Birthday Purple Tie

I don't really remember how I discovered this site, but so glad I did. All you ladies do a great job. There are so many sites out there that disrespect Anderson and that is not where I want to be. It always amazes me all the great information that you come up with.

Keep up the great work, yes work, because you can tell you all put a lot of effort into this site.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ATA and Purple Tie!
I'm new here and I really like this blog. You do such great things. Thanks for this great place!

MissAnne said...

Happy Birthday to Purple Tie & All Things Anderson!!! Great job, indeed!!! :-)

Araceli Elle said...

happy birthday ata and pt!

i agree with other posts here. this blog is amazing. definitely high quality. i check back several times a day because i enjoy the updates and reading everyone's comments. everyone who posts has such intelligent things to say. like big fan of ac, i don't remember how i stumbled upon ata, but i'm so glad i did. thanks so much for all your hard work. you definitely have a loyal fan in me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ATA and Purple Tie! Thanks for the wonderful blogs that you come up with.

Quitty said...

I want a piece of cake!!!

Phebe's leadership along with Purple Tie's insight and Sheryn's kindness make me want to be a part of ATA. Having Anderson as the subject matter is icing on the cake ;)

This is so enjoyable that it doesn't feel like work. Blogging is a great stress reliever and a way to escape from everyday life.

Happy 1st B-day ATA and Purple Tie!!!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!!! happy 1st b-day, ATA, and a very happy b-day to PT!!

y'all ROCK!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker through & through, but sometimes the urge comes over me to stop and throw my two cents in.

Like Araceli Elle said, I also check back here several times a day, because there's always something new added. Something interesting, intelligent, well's actually like a drug, and you're feeding my addiction!

So, I just wanted to say I really enjoy the blog, and happy first birthday!


Unknown said...

Awww, thanks guys. I appreciate the birthday wishes.

I'm very happy to have joined ATA at the begining part of the year and couldn't be more happy that Quitty and Sheryn joined as well. I've loved my time here.


Sheryn said...

OMG, I'm crying! That is so sweet of you! You guys are my best friends! I treasure our friendship.

It was January '06 when I started Sheryn's Anderations. I had no idea how to blog but Phebe was the first person to link me and my blog nearly doubled in size in 6 months. I too, look at my old posts and cringe.

I miss those old days when we all got together on the Sphere and had fun. But I'm so glad that we all have such a deeper friendship now! I guess Purple Tie, Phebe and I started talking on the phone in March and it was my awesome pleasure to be able to meet them in person this summer. Ms. Quitty and I have yet to meet but I definitely love talking to her and goofing off on the phone!

Some people don't understand how friendships start on the internet. I never did either, but I'm so glad that I jumped in last December. Our friendship began on that board! And I'm so glad that I've had the pleasure of getting to know everyone this year!

Coming over to ATA was the best decision I've ever made! Thank you for my new home!

Happy birthday ATA and Ms. Purple Tie

lori said...

Happy, Happy 1st Birthday to ATA!!! May you have many, many more!

Phebe, Quitty, PT, and Sheryn are a wonderful team who truly put a lot of heart and soul into this. I enjoy everything they write -- thoughtful, witty, fun, intelligent -- I could go on and on. And the ATA readers are equally special, largely because we've all been welcomed with open arms.

When phebe asked if I would like to help out as ATA's resident artist, I was so honored. It brings me great joy to be creative and have fun with the "Anderart." I hope these gals will let me stick around for awhile.

Finally, Happy Birthday, dear PT! May the year ahead bring you much love, happiness, good health, and prosperity.

Dixie Girl said...

@ Quitty,
"The icing on the cake." That's my favorite part!

Happy Birthday and a big Thank You for all of your hard work. Hardly a day goes by that I don't check in with ATA to see what you ladies have to say. Hugs to all of you.

xtina said...

Happy Birthday, Purple and "All Things Anderson" !!! May you enjoy many, many more happy Anderyears !

Unknown said...

By the way, Thank you Lori for the wallpaper! I'm gonna put it up tonight. I noticed a little birdie must have told you my favorite pictures ;)

lori said...

@purple tie: oh yes! a little birdie told me about your favorite pictures! enjoy the wallpaper! enjoy your birthday! :D :D :D

pssst ... the same little birdie told me about tomorrow being a special day as well. but we'll keep that a secret for now.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Year 1, ATA!

To all of you devoted AnderFans,
many thanks for all the daily AC
news! Your hard work is greatly

Hope you celebrate many more

Karen said...

Happy 1st B-day! I've posted here and there a few times but usually check in before and after work when I'm checking emails to keep up to date. You guys do a really great job and the time and effort you put into it is greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Icing on Anderson??!!

Happy Birthday, ATA! *throws confetti* But please: NO birthday clowns, OK? They creep me out, too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ATA!

BookAsylum said...

Happy Birthday All Things Anderson! Happy Birthday Purple Tie!

I can't believe you guys have only been doing this for a year. But I'm glad that you decided to start the blog- its a great place & I look forward to checking it at least once or twice a day.

Anonymous said...

Awww, you are heading into toddlerhood. Can we all get fussy now?

Anonymous said...

congratulation ATA.
You are so wonderful.
Keep up good work.