Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Newsfash: Anderson Cooper will co-host Live with Regis and Kelly on Friday December 8th.
When I began this blog, almost a year ago, it was just something small that allowed me to share my feelings, my thoughts my experiences and my admiration for Anderson Cooper. All Things Anderson has become so much more than I ever expected. Hundreds of you come by everyday to check in with us and read the latest Anderson news. ATA has added some very good bloggers to the team in the last year and I know that’s a big reason for our success. If one of us isn’t your cup of tea then just check back in a few hours and there will be a new post up by someone else that you might enjoy more. So why am I telling you all this? Well just for today I want to go back to the old days and share my feelings and thoughts. I want to tell you what I’m thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day 2006.
♥ I’m thankful for each and every one of you who reads All Things Anderson everyday. I’m grateful to those of you who take a minute to agree with us in comments or to disagree. We really do want to hear all opinions that are respectful of us and of Anderson. If you’ve never had the courage to post a comment, please consider making that your New Year’s resolution. Your comments are like our paycheck.
♥I’m thankful for ATA’s wonderful team, who have filled my life with so much joy. I’m thankful for the laughs we’ve had and even the trouble we manage to get ourselves into.
♥I’m thankful for CNN and Anderson Cooper not suing us or issuing a cease and desist order against ATA. Seriously, we must annoy the hell out of him at times. I just hope he knows how much we respect him and how much he’s affected our lives. And I hope that we haven’t affected his in a negative way.

There is so much more I’m thankful for but I think you get the idea. This will be my first Thanksgiving without my mother. I’m so thankful to have my family and friends to help me through. If you’re with your mother on Thanksgiving give her an extra big hug. As crazy as mothers can make us, they truly are our best friends.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Sheryn said...

our mothers are our best friends

Amen to that honey! Big hugs to you and your beautiful family. Enjoy your day!

Cease and desist order, huh? Never thought of that! Hope he doesn't either! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you remember all the love and all the funny, everyday moments you shared with your Mom.

I never knew my grandmother, but not a day goes by that my Mom doesn't mentione her in some way, what she was like, things she said or did, and the funny things she did. I feel like I know her. In that way, she will always be with you, just like my grandma is with me.

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I am so thankful for the friends I have here... they've gotten me through a lot.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoys their family. I agree with Phebe. We've got to be grateful for our family. :)

Anonymous said...

lovely post, phebe!! i know i'm certainly thankful for the friends i've made over the past year or so...y'all have helped keep me sane ;)

and happy thanksgiving, everyone!!

cactuskid said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all! This is my first post. I have been a lurker on the Anderson Cooper sites for over a year now. I am coming out now! Ha! I just want to thank you all today for all the many hours of pleasurable reading you have given me. Life and jobs can be pretty stressful at times and ya'll have lifted my spirits everyday when I get home and turn on my laptop. I feel as I know you all from your writings. You all are so talented and creative, but I think the greatest thing is your friendship! And that's the sweetest thing! I really do appreciate all of your hard work. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for the great outlet you've given me. Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And last, but certainly not least, Happy Thanksgiving to Anderson since it's our admiration for him that brought everyone together in the first place!

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at ATA! You girls ROCK!

Thanks for you heartwarming posts and the fabulous amount of info that you share about Anderson each and every day.(not to mention the photos =) Your hard work makes our lives fuller and is so very appreciated!

I am thankful for so much, but most of all for my family, my fellow Anderfans (the best fans anywhere!) and for Anderson, who has changed my life and made me a better person.

Lastly, I am thankful to CNN for not sending Anderson to Iraq. I was so concerned. God Bless you all, here at ATA, and all the people at CNN for doing their jobs so very well. Anderson, we love ya! Stay safe, enjoy your holiday and safe travels. Say HI to Nic for us!

And Phebe, I will hug my Mom extra today for you and for me. My Mom & Dad are the biggest blessing in my life, and they are my best friends. Thanks for the reminder.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the Anderworld. Eat, drink & be merry (anf thankful for all that you have) God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Phebe, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. I will be keeping you in my prayers through this holiday season.

I, too, have so much to be thankful for.

Only recently did I get the nerve to post a comment. So many of you are much more articulate than I am.

Thanks for ATA and your posts. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

P.S. There's a whole bunch of us getting together today and some of my folks (in-laws) are a combustible lot. I pray for no drama!!!

Araceli Elle said...

that was a great post phebe.

happy thanksgiving to you all!

Anonymous said...

Dear ATA team,

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Anderson feels all that more special because of your wonderful blogs and the latest information about the great anchor. Thanks so much for making my life less boring. Thanks again for your wonderful, sincere efforts on this great endeavor.

robin said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Anderfan friends. Now don't gorge yourself on the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie!

Anonymous said...

First of all, a BIG LOL at
I’m thankful for CNN and Anderson Cooper not suing us or issuing a cease and desist order against ATA. Seriously, we must annoy the hell out of him at times.
(I'll send you the bill for the computer monitor wipes that I needed to get rid of the tea-spray!)

Second, bravo to you, Purple Tie, Sheryn, Quitty and Lori for your tireless committment and creativity, every day, every week -- including holidays! -- making us think, laugh, smile and squee with your observations, commentary and unearthed media gems.

*throws roses*

Cooper1 said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Phebe thank you for the lovely post. Although some of my comments about Anderson have been less than “adoring,” I appreciate that ATA has allowed me to express my “Devil’s Advocate” point of view. That is probably the artist/perfectionist part of me (surprisingly I have had many comments posted on the “360” blog).

Like many others, I visited your site a number of times before deciding to leave a comment, mostly because I felt I might not fit in (everyone seems to be married). I like ATA because although it is a somewhat serious blog, unlike some others, it also allows for some good-hearted playfulness, and yes, even criticism.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Anonymous said...

I too, would like to wish everyone a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

I also appreciate all the work you ladies do on this blog. It is nice after a stressful day of work and come home and read all of the things you have written or have found to post about Anderson. It is always interesting and sometimes funny. Love the pictures.

I am glad that CNN is not sending him to Iraq. I just don't think that was a wise thing to do at this time.

Again everyone have a great Thankgiving

Quitty said...

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!! Man, I'm stuffed to the gills.

Where did y'all read Anderson wasn't going to Iraq? I figured Turkey was just a pitstop before Iraq. Or he'll leave for Iraq the week after his Regis and Kelly gig.

Welcome cactuskid...we were all lurkers at one point and time... "Life and jobs can be pretty stressful at times" This is a great outlet just to forget for a moment the stresses of life.

@cooper1...We are a very diverse bunch so if you admire Anderson then of course you fit in.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. It means a lot to me personally, and I'm sure to the other ladies. We all work very hard especially Phebe and It's nice to know people appreciate what you do :)

I do think Anderson will be going to Iraq after Turkey. He'll be in the region it kinda makes sense. I hope he doesn't go but he seems to really like reporting this kind of story so we just all have to go along for the ride :)

Unknown said...

Jinx, Quitty :p

I bought these rolls this year that were frozen and I thought you'd just pop them in the oven but then when it was the last minute we read you had to let them rise for 2 hours! So, now, we are eating rolls!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your site. For awhile, I've just been "lurking" but enjoying the information and comments from the site and I've made a few "anon" comments in the past. Since I read Anderson's book, I'm looking at the world with a different point of view now and admire him for his passion and determination to get us the stories from all angles. So, I'm very thankful for that. Looking forward to sharing with you some of my thoughts and comments about our favorite topic...Mr. Cooper!

Phebe said...

Thanks to everybody for your holiday good wishes. It's nice to see some new posters, hope you'll keep giving us your opinions.

@ruby slippers, paybacks are hell. I've had to clean my monitor many a time due to your snark!

It's 5AM and I'm off to do Black Friday. Don't know which will give out first my wallet or my knee. ♥

lori said...

@phebe: The first holiday without Mom is really difficult. It's been almost 7 years without my mom and 11 without my dad, and we still wish they could be with us for Thanksgiving dinner. Especially since they never had an opportunity to meet their beautiful grandchildren. I send you lots and lots of hugs (you know I'm a "hugger.")

As a relative ATA "newbie," I am so thankful that I found this amazing blog and the fabulous women behind it. My being asked to contribute to this is just a dream come true.