Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I've Got Nuttin'!

Hi Everyone! How are you doing tonight? I have to say how wonderful it was to read your responses to my post yesterday. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I normally don't get that personal in my posts because well, to be honest, you don't want to hear about my boring life! And hey, we come here for Anderson Cooper right? The trials and tribulations of a stay-at-home mom, wannabe writer is just not as interesting as that of the dreamy anchorman we all know and love!

An Olive Branch and a Fig Leaf
I have to say that Anderson made me laugh last night. In his opening statement he said, "Benedict began by offering an olive leaf. " Okay, my first thought was, oh Anderson, honey, olive leaf? No, that's Olive Branch! But I'd love to see you in a Fig Leaf one day! (Lord, I'm in the Naughty Chair and its only my second paragraph!) Yup, I got a big chuckle out of that. For the next couple of minutes I amused myself (and annoyed my husband) with all sorts of fangurly thoughts!

And for those of you who are going to start screaming at me that I should google 'Olive Leaf' to find out what he meant, chill! I did just that and found this site! Apparently, the Olive Leaf is a site for People of Peace, A lay Catholic's perspective. But come on, you know it was a typo, too!

Anyway, I think I'm in a silly little mood today because I just can't think of anything intelligent to post! I wore myself out yesterday and now I've got nothing to give you! Sorry! LOL! And, I'm completely bummed because someone within this administration who doesn't like President Bush too much, leaked that memo about the Prime Minister of Iraq this morning and now they've postponed the summit! Darnnit all! I was hoping for good political talk with Reza and David Gergen maybe! I mean I don't like Bush either but don't ruin my fun people! Okay, so I'm a total geek but now I have to wait until tomorrow! But, I guess this means we get to speculate on just who this Mole within the administration really is ! Okay, I'm just a little too exicted about this stuff, arent' I?

I Had A Dream!
I had a dream the other night that I worked for AC360. Yup, little ol' me! I was Anderson's administrative assistant. Needless to say, I don't think I'd want that job. I have worked for some high-powered executives before but I just don't think I could deal with Anderson's travel schedule and expense reports! Can you imagine how long it takes for that poor girl/guy to input his expenses? And, that's if he's a good employee and remembers all of his receipts. My boss was so forgetful I'd have to call all over the globe to retrieve receipts, I kid you not! I hated when he went on extensive trips. And handling Anderson's calendar must be maddening! The way he makes plans and then changes them last minute. Can you just imagine the outstanding airline tickets he has? GOSH, I just wouldn't be able to deal! Imagine having to call those poor people in NOLA to cancel a luncheon that people paid $150/ticket for. OY, the super-sized bottle of Advil that poor assistant must need! Nope, I love that man to death but I could NEVER work for him!

But in my travels around the net, I have seen that job for Freelance Writer for AC360. Now that is my dream job! I'd love to write for his show. I'd love to sit in a production meeting where they are kicking around stories. That must be so much fun. Annoying at times I'm sure, but still from story concept to teleprompter, I'd love to be a part of it! I often think of stories that would interest his audience and have sent them to feedback on occassion. It is so cool when you see your ideas make it onto the show. It happened for me during his 6 month anniversary trip to NOLA. I was thrilled!

Have you ever sent a story tip to AC360 that they have used on the show? Or, what are some of the stories you would like to see Anderson cover in the new year? I'd love to know!

Friends In Deed!
Our friend Em sent me these beautiful pictures of Anderson at the Friends In Deed benefit in NYC on October 19th. Thanks so much, Em! We really appreciate your contributions!

Alright, isn't funny that I had nothing to say today? Imagine what its like in my head when I have a lot on my mind! Its a scary thing!!! LOL!

Have a peaceful evening! I'll see you tomorrow!


Quitty said...

Nothing to write about?! I wish I had that much to write about when I have nothing to write about :)

Dixie Girl said...

Hi Everyone,

I just got home from the luncheon for the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation. Anderson was scheduled to receive an award from the NOLA Police for all of the positive work he did during Katrina. Susan Roesgen accepted the award on his behalf.

It was said that with all of the negative reporting that went on about the NOLA Police during the storm, that Anderson was one of the few reporters that embedded with the police and tried to put a positive spin on his reporting. And apparently they appreciated it so much that they gave him an award for his reporting. I thought he was scheduled to give a speech at the luncheon, but they really wanted to give him an award.

It was a great time. My friend and I shared a table with six police officers from NOLA and I think they greatly appreciated being treated to lunch. A great deal of money was raised for the Police Foundation. Even though Anderson wasn't there, it was made apparent the admiration that the police feel toward CNN and Anderson.

Way To Go Anderson!

Unknown said...


Olive leaf, olive branch I heard it to o and almost wrote into say YOU'RE WRONG, but decided I'd be nice and just sit and watch the show. Working for Anderson would give me migraines 365 days a year, I'd probably keep trying to interrupt, bedsides I'm too bossy and like things perfect, thus we'd never get along.

Sending story ideas to 360 is something I've done a couple times and one was used, don't know if it actually came from me but I'd like to think so. I suggested that they take a look at a doctumentary called
Banking on Heaven, it's about polygamy and the FDLS. Several months after I wrote in about it they did a segment on it. Also I feed them stories I hear about NOLA - it's been awhile since we had a real live update, so if they won't do the research I will. lol

My dream 360 job Molly's dog sitter while AC is on assignment.

Anonymous said...

Oh ... that latter dream job ... not the administrative assistant one - absolutely agree with you about the madness of those little items on AC's plate. Total respect for whoever is handling that for him.

But the latter is indeed a dream that I share with you too. I'm also looking to be a writer some day ...

Anyway, I had a meeting with my boss yesterday at a Broadcasting Institute in Kuala Lumpur. Of course, it is nothing like CNN's posh studios. This one has a 30 year history behind it and it sits in a really old square-rectangle buildings (the kinds that you get to see in India, only the inside's of the building is air-conditioned). We were there trying to get a publication job - assist the institute in producing their newsletter sort of thing.

I am amazed at the amount of projects that one programme manager has on their plate!!! The Institute has loads of events (they come in all sizes) large annual summits of at least 500 people to workshops; awards for media excellence; development goal awards for print, radio, television etc.

Print is just one little aspect of media. Broadcasting covers a whole load of stuff! It's enlightening and exciting coz I'm not familiar with the inside workings of the broadcasting industry. So, this is just one little eye opening trip. I hope we get the job! So I'd get a chance to learn even more about what goes on in broadcasting!! A little closer to understanding AC's industry. :o)

Anonymous said...

I love how Anderson takes the time to pose with people.

I have heard Anderson say that he does his own expense reports.

Anonymous said...

Sheryn, you crack me up! Tell me, just what is Anderson wearing when you have to come in on a Saturday? you ever have to deliver papers to his home?...what if he is in the shower and just throws a towel on to answer the door?

And, I would love to hear that phone conference! Anderson, can you wear a certain tie tonight, and get a haircut before the broadcast? Maybe on your next trip you could wear a tight-fitting BLUE t-shirt! And maybe that trip should be to investigate what really goes on at those nude beaches...then the blue t-shirt is optional, but only the t-shirt. Naughty ROOM, here I come!

Is EM in one of those photos? If so, which one? Did you notice that the 3rd screen cap from the previous post--it looks like Anderson is holding up the flag!

I have sent a lot of suggestions to AC360 feedback. Usually when he is wasting time with what I perceive as fluff pieces or too much on a low-news or non-news issue. The only one he hasn't addressed yet is the plight of the American Indians (I'm 1/4 Cherokee). I chuckle when he covers a suggestion I have made, wondering how many other have made the same suggestion—he certainly wouldn’t take a single suggestion from one unknown person. It’s kind of nice to think that there are others out there thinking along the same lines as you…kind of like this site and our admiration of Mr. Cooper.


Oh my goodness. Maj. Troy Gilbert, the fighter pilot that crashed and was missing, they just found human remains at the crash site. What a good looking young man. His poor family, he had young children. My heart breaks. We have got to get out of there!

Cooper1 said...

I am an animal advocate so I always send feedback encouraging Anderson to talk about animal issues, especially to revisit the plight of the animal victims of disasters like Katrina. You can imagine how thrilled I was (and a little bit jealous) about his many visits to the Mountain Gorillas.

He was on Paula tonight, better looking jacket, blue shirt. Talked about postponed meeting between Bush and Al Maliki. Even though I took classes in fashion design I never paid that much attention to Anderson's attire until I started reading ATA. I haven't decided yet whether this is good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Sheryn - Over the weekend I saw an ad for Vandermint ice cream. Yummm. I guess that means it's very rich.

Pixie - I noticed the flag Anderson is "holding" too. There's a photo of AC sitting on a box in front of a mural and it looks like the knife thrower is tweaking AC's ear. It always cracks me up.


Anonymous said...

@Pixie, Unfortunately I have not and probably won't get an opportunity to meet Anderson in the near future. I do however have a fixation with all things New York (including Anderson!!) and receive a number of newsletters via the internet. The pictures are c/o The New York Social Diary (NYSD). Anderson was a cohost at the benefit. In the pictures he is with Cynthia O'Neal (a founder), Elie and Rory Tahari (who were being recognized for their contributions), and Cindy Leive. The organization was founded about 15 years ago and provides crisis services for anyone suffering from aids, cancer, or other life-threateing physical illnesses. There had been some mention of the benefit on the blog and I thought people might enjoy the pictures. Here's to wishing I was there ;) Thanks Sheryn for the always entertaining Blog!!

Anonymous said...


NOLA loves him. When he got his award last summer he was so humble and so cute trying not to let the spotlight get on him too much. He deserves all the praise coming his way even if he says no. Our guy is all heart as we all know and the blue eyes don't hurt him either.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be Anderson's assistant! Managing his schedule would be a challenge I'd like to tackle. However, if CNN is anything like the global company I work for, my guess is that Anderson makes his own arrangements and submits his own expense reports. In today's world of computers and wireless connections, it is just so much easier to do it yourself.

As far as potential stories for Anderson to cover. I've never suggested anything directly but I sometimes make suggestions via the 360 Blog....that's only when my comment gets posted which most of the time it doesn't. I actually enjoy when Anderson does the field reporting, especially when he visits other countries. Those places that I would never think of visiting. I get the opportunity to learn about these places through his eyes.

Claire said...

I'd love to see them cover the misperceptions we have of Islam. I took a Politics of Islamic Countries this past semester. My teacher is from Pakistan and it offers an entirely different perspective—and a bit of a bias- on the conflict. I've learned a lot about Islam; (i.e. we hear a lot about Sunni and Shiites, but how many people actually know what they are? I know I didn’t a few months ago! It’s weird to hear a lot about something but have no idea what it actually is. Sunni and Shiites are actually about 98% or so the same.)

That said, Anderson is the only cable news anchor/reporter I've seen talk about the danger of 'painting this with a very broad brush'. I think that’s being really under emphasized. That and the militias in Iraq; the militias have infiltrated the army. The army is fighting the militias, but in some cases- maybe many cases the militia is the army... strange right? Or at least a very complicated problem to solve.

I think it would be really good for America and the ‘Islamiphoiba’ in the West if they did a special on Islam, and educated people to what it really is and what the average Muslims believe. At least that’s what I would do if I were in their shoes!

President Bush gets reports on how the war is going but I keep wondering if he gets reports on how the culture actually works. Many many times I’ve wanted to ask him if he knows just what many things are, the Umma, the different types of Jihad… etc. If he did get reports many times I think the war would have been fought very differently. And the whole thing Bush uses to dodge questions; “You’re forgetting that the world changed on September the eleventh 2001!” I want to say back, “Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to forget what came before it.”
Sorry to get on a soapbox!

Anonymous said...


I wrote to Anderson in February asking him to report on the Annual Commercial Seal Hunt which takes place every March. Although he did report on it himself, Larry King devoted an entire show to the issue and had Paul McCartney and Heather Mills (devoted animal advocates) on as guests.

Anonymous said...


My computer was acting up while I was typing my previous comment. Anderson did not personally report on the Annual Canadian Seal Hunt. But Larry King devoted a show to it.

ceramicbaby said...

I'm actually going to be interning on 360 this spring (can't wait for Jan 22!), and I've been informed that the interns not only sit in on the production meetings, but that they also get to pitch stories and that intern-pitched stories have been produced in the past. Since I'd love to go in there sounding intelligent and useful and could use all the help I can get, do please LMK if there's something you'd like to see! I have no idea how much influence I might have over the process, but I suspect it'll carry more weight than an email.

Phebe said...

So how do we get these story ideas to you? And how did you get the job, I want details!