Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Odds and Ends part 2

It's a strange picture to lead off an Anderson Cooper blog, yes? Bear with me and I'll explain. Remember last night I mentioned the Gloria Vanderbilt craft magazine that I purchased? This is a picture from it, of an heirloom coverlet that was more than 100 years old when the magazine was published in 1975. But what really caught my eye is the wallpaper. The magazine says most of the pictures were taken in 'Ms. Vanderbilt's New York apartment'. Do you think the photographer 'borrowed' Anderson and Carter's bedroom to stage the quilt shot? With all AC's talk of toy soldiers and childhood recreations of great battles, the soldier theme seems a natural choice for their bedroom.

Were in the second week of ATA's video contest and since Anderson is on vacation I thought it a good time to share an entry with you. This one is sent to us by palyaphoto. Enjoy!

I'm on the search for the creators of a few wallpaper's I have in my stash. If this is yours or you know who it created it please let me know in comments.


Anonymous said...

i'll bet you're right about that, phebe (the bedroom thing). and nice video!

MissAnne said...

Wow, the lyrics are timed so well to key photos!!! Great Job!!

Anonymous said...

great video, nice job.hope all you have a great thanksgiving.


Sheryn said...

The video was really good. I love that song! and any time you get to see those dimples, I'm a happy camper!

Hmmm, please tell me that if that is Anderson's bedroom that she took that quilt and doll off that bed immediately after the shoot! Somehow I can't see Anderson standing for that! Poor kid!

Anonymous said...

I thought that was his bedroom when he was little? Didn't the experts decide that there's nothing wrong with little boys having a doll or stuffed animals to cuddle; it teaches them nurturing and caring as well as offering comfort when they are scared or sad or upset.?

xtina said...

Maybe Gloria feminized the room after Anderson left home. But she couldn't part with the "soldier" wallpaper !