Monday, November 27, 2006

What Happened to the Nth Degree? I want it back!

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you have recuperated from the long holiday weekend. And I hope that your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine! I avoided any nasty confrontations so that’s always good! That happy place really came in handy!

Okay, on to the first order of business today:

Happy Birthday, Phebe!

Our resident graphics artist, Lori, cooked up a wonderful birthday collage for Ms. Phebe, as well! Happy Birthday, Phebe! I hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy!

So What did happen to the Nth Degree Anyway?
The other day I got an email from my good friend Rachel from Acoopervision. She wrote, "HOLY CRAP!!! Um..Sheryn...Did you send in a quesition and get in read on the Paul Harris show awhile back? Did you ask about the Nth Degree?? HOLY CRAP I'm listening to it right now. You cheeky monkey you!!!!!!!" (Apparently Rachel and I had the same thought because she made a video about the Nth Degree and posted it on her blog on Saturday! Go have a look, its great!)

I laughed when I read it! I haven’t thought about that day in quite a while now! But it was really the first time I had any indirect contact with Anderson Cooper so at the time it was a big deal!!! Okay I know I’m dorky but hey, I was thrilled to have had my question answered! I remember one day in January, reading a post by my friend LindaLee that Anderson was going to be on the Paul Harris Radio Show on KMOX in St. Louis, MO. She said that we could send Paul Harris questions to ask Anderson Cooper, so I decided to do just that. Then, I drew a blank! What do I want to know from Anderson Cooper? Well, I decide to ask about why the “tone” of AC360 had changed so much with the new 2 hour format. Did it have to do with what Anderson had been thru over the past year? And then I thought, since we were all bitching and moaning about wanting the Nth Degree back (partly because we all missed the snark) that I would throw that in as well. I never thought Paul would use my question. Never! But, he did! When he got to the Q&A portion of the show, the first question he asked Anderson was from LindaLee! We were all so happy for her! Cheers arose from the Sphere! Then, I heard:

“One more question from Sheryn in NJ who wrote to Paul Harris at Hi I’m a fan of Anderson Cooper 360 please ask him if he feels going thru the tragic events of last year and now in West Virginia have changed the tone of his show and the stories he chooses to cover during the 2 hr per of the show every night. Also what happened to the Nth Degree, I want it back!”

So what was Anderson’s answer to my question?

Cooper: (giggles) Yeah, the Nth degree is the segment we did at the end of the it, and I get that a lot and maybe we’ll bring it back. We’ll see what we can do.

But, um, you know it has changed, there’s no doubt about it. You can’t go through something like Katrina where you see just the failure of officials at all levels, the state, local and federal. And, you know, I was reminded and I think we all should be reminded of the role that reporters are supposed to play and should be playing. And, you know, I felt honored to be in a spot in Waveland, MS or New Orleans where, you know, I could point out things which were not being done. And people were coming to me all the time and saying, "Look there’s a body over here and why isn’t somebody picking it up?" And, you know, to be able to put those questions to people in power, um, I was honored to be able to do that. And it was just a good reminder to me of what we are supposed to be doing. You know its not supposed to be just silly, fluff stories just to get people to watch, which is frankly what you see on cable news. You know, there are lot of stories which aren’t stores which people talk about every night, um, when there really are important things happening and I think its our job to show that.

Okay, I must say here that I couldn’t wait for the podcast to be posted because, frankly I didn’t hear a word Anderson had said! All I heard was him giggle about the Nth Degree part of my question! It threw me for a loop! OMG! First, I made the man laugh! So cool! And then it dawned on me that he was answering my question! When the podcast came out, I begged my husband to put it on my Ipod! And I proceeded to listen to that podcast every day for a week! (don’t laugh, you would too!)

So, Rachel got me to thinking about Anderson’s response to the Nth Degree part of my question. I didn’t really have a feel for how Anderson politely excuses stupid questions back then, but I do know! I went back and listened to the podcast yesterday. If ever there was a polite diss, that my friends was it!!! Anderson Cooper dissed me on talk radio!!! So funny!

Well Mr. Cooper, I’m taking you to task! Here are your words in blue and white. I bolded them so you won’t have any trouble searching for the quote! If you and your staff were wondering about how to work the Nth Degree back into AC360’s daily line-up, I have a suggestion for you! I think that you should bring the Nth Degree to the 360 Blog! That’s right, I know you are busy man but I would love to see you write one post a day in Nth Degree fashion. That would truly be awesome! I know that the 360 blog is used by all of your correspondents but there is one major thing missing from the blog lately, YOU! We Anderfans love your snark, your wit and your writing! Bringing the Nth Degree to the blog would showcase all of those things and more!

Secretly I’d love to send this idea to the 360 feedback line but I’m far too chicken to do so! So, I’ll just hope upon hope that the folks at 360 hear my plea and they love my idea! (Okay people, I do live in reality! I know that’s not going to happen! But still, it’s a great thought!)

For those of you who are are not familiar with the Nth Degree segments from the old 360, you can click here and here for some really great memories!

I’ll leave you with another entry in the ATA Video Contest. This one comes from my friend Rachel (see above)!

Have a great day, everyone!


Anonymous said...

this is so awesome, I read this for all my anderson cooper info. (haha)
but anyways, I made an Anderbanner. I suppose you could call it that.

and I do miss the Nth Degree.

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PHEBE!! Woo Hoo. 3 major birthday's in 2 days. Hope you have a great day.

I miss the Nth degree too but I think he's dumped it for good :(

Anonymous said...

Phebe, hope happiness marks your birthday and all the days of your year. Happy Birthday!

Sheryn, great blog and congratulations on having your question answered. I would still be listening to it if it were me. Also, if he can't blog a new Nth Degree everyday, how about one of the old ones every day? A trip down memory lane for those who've seen it and something new for the newbies.

Wow, word verification for me is SX; how appropriate!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea to have Nth. Degree on the 360 blog. I believe someone already posted a comment on his blog suggesting this. There were a lot of people making requests via the 360 Blog to bring back the Nth. Degree. Maybe they will listen. Afterall, he does do the "shot" for the day and they have now brought that to the AC360 blog and that is most of the time nothing but "fluff" reporting. I think we need some "fluff" every once in a while. I think we learned from Comic Relief that you can be serious about a topic and yet still's good medicine. BTW...Happy B-Day!

Araceli Elle said...

happy birthday phebe!!
i hope you have a beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

I tell everybody - CELEBRATE ALL WEEK! It is YOUR special time!

I too miss the nth degree. I really wish they would put it back in the show, but I seriously doubt it. I really miss it.

Anonymous said...

Sheryn you're right Mr Cooper hasn't blogged in awhile and the most recent entries have been so lame. Maybe if he would do an Nth Degree segment before he leaves us on Friday night it would make the weekend easier. I say email them I've sent worse suggestions and they've been used.

PS to Mr Cooper - It's Monday You owe us a blog entry we promise our responses will be nice and polite.

Rachel said...

What did I tell you? CHESSE!!!!! The video is so cheesy and I'm lactose intolerant. My stomach hurts I have to go now.

Great post Sheryn and I agree, I miss the Nth degree but I know it is gone and never to return. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!! happy b-day, phebe!!

i miss the nth degree, too.

they just played an audioclip from him on "cnn newsroom" (or whatever it's called after miles & soledad). i was so happy to hear his voice that i didn't really concentrate on what he was saying. i know, i know. bad bookfaerie, no biscuit!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post Sheryn. Since I only discovered AC back in June I never saw any of the Nth degree segments. I enjoy reading the ones y'all have posted.

Happy Birthday, Phebe!

Cooper1 said...

Sheryn, you would be surprised at the comments I have sent to the "360" blog and the email feedback (on second thought, maybe not). Isn't that what it's there for? I have been posted to the blog a number of times (I have even let Anderson have it a few times), but the only responses I ever received from the emails were slightly rude computer generated form letters.

I think Anderson has been neglecting the blog recently. Sometimes I can't blame him because lately some of the comments have been more about how he looks than about the stories.

Early this morning (1:00AM), Anderson spoke to Carol Lin by phone from Turkey. He sounded unusually "quiet."

lori said...

Happy Birthday Phebe!!! I like van's idea of weeklong celebrations.

What a great story about the radio show, Sheryn! I miss the Nth Degree, too. pink panther brings up a very valid argument about "The Shot," and I think you'd have nothing to lose if you submit your suggestions. Thanks for the links!

@rachel: LOL! Life would be so boring without a little fluff and cheese! Your videos always make me smile and giggle.

xtina said...

*Happy *Birthday* Phebe* ! I took the day off for your birthday

Rachel said...

*singing really, really loud and off key*





*flows confetti*

Pemberly said...

Happy birthday, Phebe. I hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead.

Sheryn, Anderson must have heard your plea. He blogged this morning! And I don't think he "dissed" you at all. It was a legitimate question.

I recall signing a petition (something I don't usually do) to bring back the Nth Degree. I wonder what happened to it.

Anonymous said...

The 360 blog now has an Anderson entry. Great to hear from him directly. I like the way he aways ends by telling his audience he would like to hear their opinions! Happy Birthday to everyone I missed over the weekend. Unfortunately, I came down with the flu on Thanksgiving Day and my heads is just getting clear enough to read and write. It is kind of funny, I listened to the podcast of that radio show and remember Sheryn's questions. The ironic thing is that I had never heard of ATA at that time and the day before the podcast had sent an email to 360 asking them to bring back the Nth Degree! Guess great minds think alike. I know Anderson is very concerned about being a serious journalist however, his humor is refreshing and I hope he knows we don't think it diminishes his credibility in anyway. In fact, it makes him more human and approachable and that is the type of person I want to listen to. Looking forward to the seeing Anderson in Turkey tonight. Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Phebe !

I don't know you but I have to thank you: I searched for a good reason to eat a piece of chocolate cake today. And "Oh! It's the Phebe's birthday, a nice Anderfan who writes for a great blog. I have to celebrate it!". Can't miss that !

Happy birthday

Sheryn said...

@Lucy, thanks for the wallpaper. Its gorgeous!

@PinkPanther, i wasn't aware of the comments on his blog about the Nth Degree. Heehe, great minds think alike I guess! I know he won't bring it back but it was fun to revisit all the old Nth's this weekend!

CNN Pipeline has a ton of them!

Chocolate cake? Count me in!

Anonymous said...

@Sheryn - How do you find them on Pipeline? I bought a one day pass to check it out and had a terrible time with it. I couldn't get to the AC360 archives, just a bunch of very random clips.

Did I miss somethign really obvious like an "old episodes of 360" button or something? (Not sure what to call old 360s. . . 'episodes' makes it feel like Leave it to Beaver reruns. . .back issues maybe? Previously aired shows?


Anonymous said...

Sheryn said "Cake"!
Did I miss cake AGAIN??


Anonymous said...



OMG! Sheryn! I'm so happy for you!!! I'm catching up on stuff at ATA, me been away, so I hope to see and hear all the stuff that's been put up recently. And I think, you should just try to put in your suggestion at AC360 Blog. You've made a cool step with the Q&A, why not take it to AC's blog?

I'm so tempted to copy and paste your suggestion with credits to you but I'd rather not do that. It would be great for you to post it.

I was touched by AC's coverage on the Veterans and I got me writing in to just share a thought. It got posted! I was thrilled. So, I hope your suggestion for the Nth Degree's return will materialise in one form or another! :o)

cactuskid said...

Happy Birthday, Phebe!!! Hope you are having a great one! Good blogging today, Sheryn. I do love Anderson's humor. I must say it is a little wicked, isn't it? Looking forward to having Anderson back on tonight!

Cooper1 said...

Of course right after I accused Anderson of neglecting the "360" blog, he posts something! Mea Culpa. I even was able to squeeze in among the other 56 or so posts! Actually, I shouldn't complain, Wolf, Jack Cafferty, and even MSNBC's Ron Reagan have read my letters on air.

I hope everyone has seen the cartoon of Anderson as the "Baby New Year" in Time Magazine's Winter Supplemental. Even as a portrait artist I am forced to admit it is REALLY cute! It looks exactly like him; especially the tiny wings.

BookAsylum said...

Happy Birthday Phebe!

@lucy- I like the Anderbanner.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it has taken me 2 hours to get through all the links (and new photos of those blue eyes) of your post! Now it is almost time for AC360.

Happy Birthday, Phebe!

I'm restricted from shopping online this year. Since I've been out of a paying job for 3 years, I have to "confer". I did have a job interview this morning, so those that want to help, please keep me in your prayers.

BUT, I did go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. My birthday was the 22nd, so I had birthday money. Even better than shopping with gift money...dropping 3 dress sizes since I last shopped!

I actually have been checking the blog every day, as CNN comes up when I start the internet. But I went right to this site without checking today because it has been sans Anderson for so long. When I saw your post I jumped there to read it and started to read some of the responses. It sounded like people a lot more knowledgeable than me have already posted some good information.

I only vaguely remember the Nth Degree, and now I don't remember if it was from his show or from the internet.

@Sheryn, since I didn't post to the blog, I sent your recommendation about the Nth Degree on the instant feedback. I told them it was actually my friend, Sheryn's, suggestion--from ATA. Hope you don't mind.

I agree with em, humor is a nice change of pace after 2 hours of serious coverage. And, as we have all commented before, a few times the 2 hours are filled with questionable news (e.g., OJ, Karr, small plane crash.) The Nth Degree had its own intro, etc. so it wouldn't be confused with the traditional news.

Anonymous said...

I was searching the Time website trying to find the photo that Cooper1 noted.

I found this humorous statement as Cooper was a speaker at a Yale commencement:

"If Osama bin Laden was a Yale graduate, [the Yale University fund raisers] would know what cave he was in, exactly."

Anonymous said...

glad you guys like the anderbanner. lol :P

oh and happy [belated] bday to phebe!

Unknown said...

Cassie- Once Pipeline comes up you'll see a box that says "browse". If you type in Anderson Cooper hundreds will come up. You have to go back a few pages to start getting to the Nth degrees but they are all there.


Anonymous said...

@Sheryn, there you go ... Pixie's done it for you :o) Hope they'll pick it up!