Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What I’m Thankful For: The Anderson Cooper Edition

**UPDATE: CNN Pressroom is reporting that Anderson will be broadcasting from Turkey all next week. Here is the link to the press release.**

Well, here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving. That wonderful day spent with family and friends while chowing down on delicious turkey and all the dressings. And while this sounds like such a heartwarming picture, it ain’t always that sweet!

This year I look forward to spending turkey day with my in-laws whom I love immensely. They are wonderful people. I get along swimmingly with them all. I even tolerate the one whom I’m not so thrilled with as not to spoil the day. And after dinner with the in-laws, I travel to my parents house. The house in which I grew up. I love spending the holidays there. Well, that is until this year. I will not bore you with the whole sordid story but I will tell you that I have not spoken with my brother and his wife in 8 months. (mind you I live in the same development as my brother) Most of us Italians have their family spats. Its tradition. Without fail, someone is not talking to someone at the holidays! And this year its my turn. So dinner will be lovely but I’ll be choking down my dessert.

When I protested going to my parents' house this year, my husband told me that I should go to my "happy place" as soon as we arrive so that I don't start an argument. So that got me thinking. “Go to my happy place. Hmmm, what could possibly make this situation even bearable?” I started thinking of everything I’m grateful for this year. Well that is an easy list: My husband, my beautiful daughter, and our wonderful family (even the ones I’m not liking so much right now!)

And then I thought of all of the new friends I’ve made this year. I’ve told you before how much you all mean to me and I’m so grateful that you have come into my life! You have made this year so wonderful!

And that brings me to the reason why I’m here at all, Anderson Cooper! Ahhhh, my happy place! That’s it!!!! I’ll concentrate on All Things Anderson tomorrow night. That will definitely make me happy. Now here’s how that list will go in my mind as I’m trying to keep my composure:

-I’m thankful for steely blue eyes
-I’m thankful for perfectly-combed silver hair
-I’m thankful for those infectious smiles

-I'm thankful for those gorgeous dimples
-I’m thankful for all those cute freckles (oh, I miss that mole!)
-I’m thankful for Prada and Ralph Lauren tailored suits
-I’m thankful for crisp white shirts
-I’m thankful for that Young Republican tie
-I’m thankful for that long shot in the studio where you can just how nice that suit, shirt and tie look on any given day!
-I’m thankful for that laugh (its so cute!)
-I’m thankful for the 10pm – 12midnight hours every weekday!
-I’m thankful for that soothing voice every night!
-I’m thankful that Dispatches is on my IPod so I can ignore everyone tomorrow night more thoroughly!
-And last but not least, I’m thankful for Anderson Cooper! Wherever you are celebrating this year Anderson, I hope you are surrounded by happiness! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

And here is my Thanksgiving gift to everyone! I found these pictures on the AP Photo website. I've never seen them before! Aren't they cool? (photo #1 is Anderson filming in the Lower Ninth Ward on 8/28/06; photo #2: Anderson getting ready to depart the US Embassy in Lebanon for Cyprus taken on 7/26/06)

I hope all of our US readers have a very joyful Thanksgiving Day!
Please travel safe!


Phebe said...

Go to your happy place, I'll have to remember that when I meet up with my sister-in-law in a few weeks. I hope that tomorrow goes better than expected.

xtina said...

I hate waiting in lines, but I'll wait in line if I can be behind that guy in the blue tshirt and jeans

Anonymous said...

y'all have a good time in your happy places. i'll be home with the hubby and the cats!

happy turkey day!!

Quitty said...

That 2nd pic is a great find. Is that a parachute on his back? I see the same straps on all of them. I wonder if he has ever sky dived before.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Anderson at the house was taken in New Orleans 9th Ward on 08/29/2006.

I saw him several hours later with the same outfit on!

I love the other one! He has cheap luggage I see, which is impressive.

Sheryn said...

Hi QAG! This is the blurb from the AP site:

CNN's Anderson Cooper does some taping in the doorway of a house in the Lower Ninth Ward that was damaged by Hurricane Katrina nearly one year ago in New Orleans on Monday, Aug. 28, 2006. The national and international media have come to the region for the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, however Cooper has returned to the region repeatedly.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Maybe he shot there twice.

Anonymous said...


You've seen my pictures!

Could he have worn the same outfit two days in a row?

Dixie Girl said...


I can identify with the family get-togethers. Thanksgiving is at my house and by 3 pm I am usually ready to kick three or four family members out of the house. Thank goodness for football-that at least keeps the men quiet.

Have a great day tomorrow and go to your happy place when you need to.

Sheryn said...

HEHEHE, QAG! Are you really asking me that! He lives in that shirt! Lord, that shirt could report from the Lower Ninth Ward all on its own!

Enjoy your day tomorrow, all!

Anonymous said...


You are right. How could I forget!

He sometimes wears the same suit 2-3 nights in a row on the program. DUH

Anonymous said...

from sheryn: He lives in that shirt! Lord, that shirt could report from the Lower Ninth Ward all on its own!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Unknown said...

@qagirl same outfit 2 days in a row - yes and more. He did tell me he only wore that shirt in the field(and at an awards ceremony - sweat stains and all)

xtina said...

Thank goodness for football-that at least keeps the men quiet.

Lord, that shirt could report from the Lower Ninth Ward all on its own!


MissAnne said...

Happy Thanksgiving,everyone!!!