Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bye, Bye 2006!

Photo Courtesy of BCFraggle

Can you believe we are entering our 8th year of this decade? The end of 2006 is only hours away...that means its almost time for Anderson's New Years Eve show. If you didn't get to catch last year's show, here is a clip of the highlights.

Gotta love Sushi! Anywho...It is that time of year when you make your New Years Resolutions. Even Anderson wants you to send a video of your New Year's resolutions. I have the usual New Year's resolutions (eat healthy, exercise) but what are y'all's New Year's resolutions this year? Do you think Anderson makes New Year's resolutions? If so, what do you think Anderson's New Year's resolutions are?

Here is what I think should be on Anderson's resolution list:
Photo Courtesy of StillLife
- Buy & wear a new shirt in the field.
- Stay home for more than a week.
- Take a real vacation (without the Blackberry).
- Gain 5 pounds.
- Take mom to lunch more often.
- Blog more often.
- Say at least one snarky thing during every show.
- Read All Things Anderson daily and post a comment at least once.

Also for the New Year's show, Anderson wants you to send him pics and video of your New Year's Celebrations. Now keep it clean!

If you can't wait until 11PM ET for Anderson, you can start watching some of his specials from 2006 starting at 1PM ET. Here is the AC360 special schedule:

1:00PM Breaking the Code: Davinci
2:00PM A Death in Belmont
3:00PM Beyond the Frontlines
4:00PM Afghanistan: The Unfinished War
5:00PM Homicide in Hollenbeck
6:00PM What is a Christian?
7:00PM Polygamy Special
8:00PM Inside the Sago Mine
9:00PM Unforgettable Stories of 2006
10:00PM Angelina Jolie: Her Mission and Motherhood
11:00PM Anderson Cooper LIVE from Times Square
1:00AM Angelina Jolie: Her Mission and Motherhood

I hope each and every one of you have a safe and fabulous 2007 with all of your dreams coming true.


MissAnne said...

Happy New Year!!!!!

Sheryn said...

Happy New Year, Ms. Quitty! That is one of my favorite pictures that you've posted!

I think my main resolution this year is to get more organized! I'm such a pack rat. I want to organize the house, the finances, everything! Okay so this is documented right? I'll have to come back next year and laugh at myself!!!

Dixie Girl said...

I like all of the New Year resolutions for Anderson, especially the gaining 5 pounds. I gained 5 pounds this year without even trying! Surely that boy could fatten up a little.
Like Sheryn, I am a pack rat. I would like one of those teams from HGTV to come in and organize for me. I have a really hard time getting rid of things that bring back so many memories of the kids when they were little. My daughter is 23 and I still have all of her dolls and stuffed animals. I don't think there is any hope for me.
I will be watching CNN New Years Eve, as the safest place to be is on my sofa with a bottle of champagne. Cheers to every one of you great ladies!

Anonymous said...

That New Years Eve video is great and Anderson looks so handsome in the black coat and gloves, with the stylish mouth piece microphone.

I hope 2007 is better than this year has been for me. One of my new goals is moving back to the South for a slower lifestyle than the west coast.

One of the best parts of 2006 was seeing and talking to Anderson on two separate occasions. I made a promise to myself after Katrina that one day I would meet him and it came uncannily true very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! I am SO ready for the new year!

Here is to another big year for ATA! *cheers*

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Quitty. I'm with Sheryn my NY resolution is also to get organized, then maybe I can find time for myself and not feel guilty. I also want to:

1 Join a gym and go work out. 2. Learn Arabic. 3. Keep my blog up. 4. Quit yelling at the TV during 360, lol.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ms. Quitty! The video was great and it was so good to see James Brown again. I just love him and planned on playing him tonight. Until....

Get this, my mom, age 70, came over to raid all my CD's. Her condo is having a big NYE party and they wanted James Brown CD's to play among others. They had a band lined up and one of the lead guys had a heart attack and another guy had a death in his family. How do you get a replacement band or DJ 5 days before NYE?? So I convinced them to line up some great music and rent a big screen TV so they could watch Anderson at midnight. They are taking all their "band" money and funneling into a massive big screen projection system and sound system. I am sure the club house will be rocking.

But when it comes to dancing, she is all fired up! See even the 70,80, and 90 year olds will be rocking with Anderson! One of the guys at the condo is 101 and I swear to you he looks 60. He swims every day and runs 3 days a week. He is a real old hottie. Last month the condo gave him the honor of Condo magazine, "Sexiest Man at the Condo." He has won like 10 times in the last 20 years. He will be the first one on the dance floor with my mother.

sydney said...

An Anderson marathon? Bestill my heart! Of course, I'll miss a few hours for football, but otherwise I'll be glued to CNN all day.

I guess my resolution should be to get a life.

Anonymous said...

@Quitty: Great suggestions for AC's 2007 resolutions! I'd wish he'd "blog" more too!

My resolutions are 1) Keep exercising and eating healthy; 2) Get involved with my community more; 3) Plan and actually take a long vacation somewhere exotic; and 4) Make at least one new friend.

Hope y'all have fun tonight ringing in the new year!!!! Let's hope for a great 2007!!!!

Quitty said...

@anna...Your mom's condo party sounds like more fun than the one I'm going to.

@sheryn & @barbara...I can get organized but it is staying organized that is my problem.

@qagrl...It is definitely slower here in the South. It can be too slow at times so my advice is to live in a suburb of a bigger city.

QuotidianEditorialist said...


*throws confetti*
*blows noisemaker*

Quitty, you sure picked some great resolutions for Anderson. I heartily agree with them all. I feel certain that he will resolve to maybe have a little more down time (yeah, right!) and to keep in touch with his Mom more. A guy who loves his Mom, now that is a good man!

I began early on my resolutions this year, I am eating right and joined a gym, the pounds are coming off! Wish I had Anderson's problem of being too thin! LOL!

Other than the above, I hope to learn more, travel more, and most importantly find more ways to help those in need in this country and around the world. There are so many good causes that need all of our attention. (KATRINA)

Also, I am thankful for this Andercommunity and the friends that I have made. I am also deeply thankful for Anderson and all that he does to make this world a better place and all of us better, more informed people. He is such a rare person.

All the Best to all you ladies! You sure are a special bunch! Enjoy and be safe! Looking forward to 2007 and all of the Anderadventures to come! Cheers!

lori said...

Happy New Year, Quitty! Thanks for posting that video. I'm excited to get rid of 2006 ... it has been an up and down year. The highlight has been joining the ATA family!

My main resolutions for 2007 are to take better care of myself and to stop trying to please others.

I wish all of you a happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year!

Roonie said...

Happy almost-New Year ATA!!

I must say, this blog is awesome and I'm so glad I came upon it this year and am so happy there are fellow Anderfans out there who are classy and care about the news :-)

I will definitely be experiencing the new year with Anderson on CNN and probably playing Scrabble with my parents, and while initially I was bummed out, it's not so bad. It's a nice way to reflect on everything that's gone on this year on a personal level.

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Good post. I'm glad CNN took Kelly Ripa's advice and gave us non-stop AC. He's been on my tv all evening while getting ready for our New Year's Eve Party.

My resolution for last year was to get in shape and lose weight. (I actually kept it). This year, I will concentrate on helping others.

Anonymous said...


I was reading Sheryn's blog from yesterday and wanting to know how to get the transcript from the NARSAD organization event in March 2006. So I started looking on the net and couldn't find anything. Can you send us the link?

Anyway, FYI Larry King will be the FL NARSAD award winner for March 2007 in Palm Beach. Once again the event will be held at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Private Club.

When I was doing my reserach earlier, I thought, do you think Anderson likes going to these Black Tie events we aring his Ralph Lauren Black Label Tux or is he more comfortable in his jeans and a t-shirt barefoot?

Really, I could write an article in Details magazine myself. It would be titled, "Just Say No to Black Tie." It would be a spoof to "Just Say No to New Years Eve." I could talk about the ladies and the sequins, the drunks, the old men petting and pawing on their wives/lovers/others. Then I would discuss the "rubber chicken" and the live auction that goes on and on too long. The best part about a Black Tie is the silent auction..great vacations/art/stuff for a cause.

Sorry, I have just been to enough Black Tie affairs myself for my lifetime. I really would rather just donate the funds directly to charity which I try to do anyway or go to a polo or personal home fundraiser. They just tend to be more fun and less stuffy.

Does anyone know what charities benefitted from Anderson's $1 million book deal? If so, would you let us know?

If I went on and on, sorry, I haven't had any power for nearly 2 hours so I opened a bottle of Diet Coke and I am having some Myers to go with it. I was going to head to the James Brown/Anderson condo party; but I couldn't get the car out of the garage. The door is just too heavy with no power!

Best wishes for 11 PM EST!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great shot of Anderson, I love his expression.

I really dont' make resolutions because it's just one more think to feel guilty about not doing. If I had to come up with one, it would be:
To get a waistline as small as Paris Hilton's
And to have a heart as big and pure as Anderson's!

Happy New Year to all!